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Niehoff, Ann Marie OPhelan, Andrea Stetson PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Nick Adams, Linda Benson, Niko Giovanni Coniglio, Samantaha Ellis, Adrienne Giles, Jaeger, James, Bill Miles, Keegan Myers, Laura Skayhan, Stetson, Nina Subin 239-472-0205 adsalestoti.com OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SUBSCRIPTIONS CREDIT CARD ORDERS totimedia.comcontactus WEBMASTER Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic ENGINE Ostrovsky Ryan Frisch, Locable Publisher Network ADVERTISING SALES toti.com totimedia.com timesoftheislands.com rswliving.com gulfmainmagazine.com bonitaesteromagazine.com capecorallivingmagazine.com CONNECT WITH US facebook.comtotimediamagazines twitter.comtotimedia pinterest.comtotimedia instagram.comtotimedia E-MAIL INQUIRIES P.O. Box 1227, Island, FL 33957 T 239-472-0205, F 239-395-2125 Founder Friedrich N. Chairman Guy Tober President C.O.O. Times Islands, RSW LIVING, GULF MAIN, Bonita Estero Living ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year TOTI Media, Inc., Sanibel, 33957. Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may be reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily Surrounded I magnitude three like near water have often questioned why. Is it my zodiac sign Cancer, represented crab Maybe is because grew grandparents, who lived wonderful lake. Back then, also learned respect water. remember one specific day when grandmother had just finished sewing pair pants me. At first was sure if should wear them, thought only boys wore pants. Until that time, usually dress skirt, especially around grandparents. They dressed nicely always dress. am how did it, but she made fit perfectly. excited ran out grandparents house into their yard, which extended lake, heart full joy. This yard peninsula surrounded sides tip, built deck bench where enjoyed sitting watch beautiful lakes soft flowing swans, ducks, kinds birds, and, course, fish. It being theater waters edge. Just as sat down enjoy spectacle, appeared asked take needed finish hems. pulled leg while slid other leg. Instead stepping completely handing them grandmother, though, let hang right foot said, Here Grandma then kicked from foot. Rather than falling grandmothers hands, went different direction, flying deep spot splashed down, wind started pick up. In days, good swimmer yet, would allow go after sinking trousers. could do stand there watching water, suddenly possessed great power, swallowed new they sank deeper disappeared. You can imagine felt. My lake stolen grandma spent hours creating. And said was, Im glad fall glad, too antic led something worse. That important well it. unconditional love, though took years understand completely. never became angry mishap concerned safety. Her love far childish games. She taught what looks like. Peninsulas remain big life. live state Florida, Gulf Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, Straits Florida. Our water--I call an island within island. ponder meanings things. While prefer think peninsulas represent Perhaps number three--like Three signifies completeness. For me, reflects past, present, future. symbolizes divine fullness working perfection. When look your own life, find ways expresses itself situations, relationships, special walk nature. forest bathing. Have heard Be read issues Getting Most Nature page 54. Also, learn slow Awe, 10. Now fully inspired things done reading, maybe short quiz following website. TAKE QUIZ intriguing way discovering attraction Enjoy stay safe, PHOTO COURTESY MEDIA Group Publisher, Media Zeitgeist BY DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF honor presence requested awesome event exhausted business, politics, conviviality, on--have found none these finally satisfy, permanently wear--what remains remains... --Walt Whitman n American culture word most associated arrival spring break. Obviously, natures springtime puts show enhanced lighting comfortable temperatures, invites us spend time outside poet suggests, really need break our inside routines. Oftspoken much-needed advice states bluntly sit nature 20 minutes unless youre busy--if hour What looking sense awe. emotional response perceptually vast stimuli transcend current habitual frames reference. How mouthful scientific jargon Put simply, awe arouses wallop wow, surprise aha, jolt no kidding, profound pondering hmmm. Yet feel nature, dont arrange extravagant, extraordinary experiences attend taking few notice vegetation waving wind, palette colors held stems, play shadows shift, variety aromas carried fresh air, sounds bird calls fish jumping waves rolling. congenial wise Alex Trebek, host TVs Jeopardy 1984 until his death 2020, gently scolded he If cant Mother Nature, theres wrong you. make space lives enriches well-being heals both research breakers demonstrate works two 1 diminishes self shifts attention away individual interests concerns. quote psychologist Yang Bai colleagues Journal Personality Social Psychology, 2017. Many studies reaffirm effect validate why prescribing exposure any source has been helpful delivering therapy military veterans, at-risk youth, bereavement, victims trauma, medical patients, etc. influence upon small accounted increases collective engagement, fitting claims promotes integration social groups taken work cited previous paragraph. Much corroborating makes clear embeds identity. We living society threatened factors weaken cohesion. 2023 four Americans trust nations institutions--with business seven, television news Congress bottom. increasing concern over political polarization, record influx immigrants, inflation, uncertainty growing violence world. public consensus disappear, Echoing Walt Whitman, Garriy Shteynberg, associate professor psychology University Tennessee, asserts same thing together creates mind bridge societal divides. Whether paying game sporting event, still exist witness together. As Shteynberg states, Scientists studying kids attending others begins human predating development language preceding notion shared beliefs several years. Human relationships begin sharing values comes Collective Mind..., Conversation, January 23, 2024. Of some people resist mixing mingling person hold opposing opinions seen wearing T-shirts read, Sometimes peopley there. surprising finding, however, experiencing physically present...Irrespective location, time--as compared solitude schedule--amplifies experience, continues. Shared amplifies experiences, bonds, even synchronizes individuals heartbeats breaths. such events precious reminder environmentalist Rachel Carson Those contemplate beauty earth reserves strength will endure long life lasts. Ran Niehoff invitations since 1991. 11 ANN MARIE OPHELAN Shell Show back G ood shell lovers. year-long hiatus Ian, 87th Annual Festival--both going locations providing plenty lovers says publicity chair Sanibel-Captiva Club. Both used concurrently Community House, continuing fallout convinced organizers move portion place Friday, March 8, Saturday, 9, 9 pm. New venue Marriott Harbour Resort, located Punta Rassa before causeway. means tolls free parking. Entry fee 5 days. annual competitive juried featuring artistic entries, marine vendors. exceptional offers exhibitors vendors world true shellers delight, Friedrich. Proceeds causes key organizations. funds donated via grants organizations Captiva communities, educational too. These awarded Bailey-Matthews National Museum Aquarium Conservation Foundation SCCF. Grants given education fields conchology malacology, conservation quality projects, primarily explains Show, presented SanibelCaptiva Club, categories. Noteworthy entries entirely shells Festival, Association Crafters, takes Thursday, 7, through Sunday, 3 pm House. exhibits, arts crafts, mollusk exhibition, local vendors, food beverages, raffle. entry donation, attendees receive bag shells. Parking free. earned support House repair damage caused Ian. OPhelan resident regular contributor Media. 89, am4 17260 Pointe Drive, Fort Myers sanibelshellclub.com6306-2 PHOTOS SANIBEL-CAPTIVA SHELL CLUB IF YOU GO 7-9, am3 2173 Periwinkle Way, 239-472-2155 sanibelcommunityhouse.net event87th-annual-sanibel-shell-festival Learn popular medium teaches watercolor classes Alliance Arts. PAINTING LINDA BENSON W atercolor painting dates primitive artists trees, leaves, natural pigments prehistoric cave paintings. Today choice. Not watercolors produce ethereal artwork, convenient use--fast-drying, odorless, easy clean Watercolor mark art include John James Audubon, brought realistic drawings birds Andrew Wyeth, created long, solitary walks Georgia OKeeffe, known her iconic, colorful flowers. tend singularly devoted paints unpredictable keeps process exciting spontaneous, say Jessica Wisdom, Art Center director. Unlike media, own, blending paper, creating unexpected effects. fluidity paint allows experiment, letting mix mingle delightful ways, resulting unique captivating compositions. portable. travel set, compact sketchbook, brush bring visions Slip backpack create visual story, Wisdom. alone cleans brushes, worry proper ventilation oils. aspiring older, although youth summer campers get chance explore art. watercolor-specific offered center Introduction Watercolor, Advanced Expressive Watercolor. basic techniques blending, mixing, adding texture, advanced skills color techniques, Mary Widmer class. SAMANTHA ELLIS, RECREATIONAL SPECIALIST 15 Naples Institute, Genie Kell beginning intermediateadvanced classes. Check websites class details register. might interested learning Society, hosts conventions, exhibitions, more. floridawatercolorsociety.org. instructor Lisa Burke Center. Milla Marshall concentrating creation. classes, run weekly weeks, Burke, specializes resin embellishments added. Students responsible purchasing supplies, included fees. on-premises store sells various supplies many including watercolor, acrylic, glass fusing, pottery, jewelry making. Arts ages 16 up, trained Institute Chicago Academy Art. commercial artist illustrator, 20-year stint Tribune. graphic designer newspapers. Benson uses hands-on technique students along her, Kleffman, director cover theory, perspective, gradients, composition. Upcoming courses April 6 May Saturdays 930-1230 bringing listed registration. Other places area League, Creative Beginner Above, Pat Ricci, Hooked WatercolorIntermediate, Donna Maves Beach beginners intermediates, Cheryl Fausel Congregational Church, 8210 College Parkway, MORE INFO 10091 McGregor Blvd., 239-939-2787 artinlee.org 4533 Coronado Pkwy., 239-574-0802 capecoral.gov Sign upcoming flcapecoralweb. myvscloud.comwebtracwebsplash.html League 516 Cultural 239-772-5657 capecoralartleague.org 239-463-3909 fortmyersbeachart.com 585 Street, 239-262-6517 naplesart.org Explore areas waterways aboard riverboat gentle Peace flows northeast Polk County Charlotte Harbor estuary provides window plentiful wildlife, abundant lush greenery banks, lined overhanging trees native grasses. Some sections reminiscent Calusa, relied river fish, called home. travelers view cruise critical 105-mile-long river. King Fisher Fleet Gorda excursions brackish inland freshwater River. On 3.5-hour cruise, youll see shoreline transition red mangroves rushes, reeds, hardwoods, Captain Ralph Allen. alligators sunning themselves banks. impressive grow 13 feet weigh 800 pounds. Lady below Fleets excursion boats, embarking heading toward state. Its cruises provide rivers-eye assorted basking bank bald eagles roseate spoonbills. ALL PAGES KING FISHER FLEET Wading encountered way, real highlight rookeries, strong during months. --Capt. Allen, Birds route. months, mixed-species colony breeding areas, wood storks, spoonbills, snowy egrets, cattle tricolor herons. Along eagles, blue herons, osprey, pelicans. tour boats views sides. There upper- lower-deck seating options. An onboard snack beverage bar available. Dont forget binoculars cameras, sunscreen, sunglasses, weather-appropriate clothing. 19 Wood storks osprey among wildlife sightings C. Cruises runs Caloosahatchee 475-person paddlewheel boat Capt. J.P. sightseeing luncheon Franklin Locks west dinner-dance events. vessels smooth ride easily maneuver fleet stable, suited purpose touring area, Cabbage Key, sunset cruises, harbor cruises. 1300 Hendry 239-334-7474 captjpfm.com 1200 West Retta Esplanade, 941-639-0969 kingfisherfleet.com Frequently, market grouper, mahi-mahi, snappers. available, cobia, amberjack, wahoo, tuna, Blust. buying seafood counter, Blust suggests guidelines Whole filets generally firm, shiny flesh whole bright, clear, eyes protruding gills bright pink. loses freshness, become cloudy sunken check darken- TIPS CHOOSING FRESH Chef Justin Timineri, chef culinary ambassador, making choices Shop market. conversation provider whats from. Ask case smell light sea-breeze scent. Look logo. Always put ice you--even trip Store bottom refrigerator. Join Club season, recipes, email Timineri followfreshfromflorida.comour-chef. FLORIDA DEPARTMENT AGRICULTURE CONSUMER Mexico bountiful mid-March late summer, Mark Blust, vice president marketing operations Prawnbroker Restaurant Group. Two properties, Timbers retail counters advantage bounty selections non-local seafood, shrimp, scallops, oysters, clams, array sauces chowder bases. grouper Coral. Hes alone. Grouper favorites. tasty complicated preparations. likes bake oven using aluminum-foil broiler pan. recipe ingredients, Jones. pounds cup melted butter tablespoons lemon juice teaspoon dried parsley garlic salt ground white pepper mayonnaise Preheat 350 degrees. Brush mixture butter, juice, parsley, salt, pepper, mayonnaise. Once baked minutes, broil five turning halfway through, blackens offer markets restaurants. PREPARING GROUPER PRAWNBROKER RESTAURANT ing brown yellowish discoloration edges steaks. fishy ammonia, adds. currently serving names favorites restaurant menus flounder, snapper, spiny lobster, mullet, stone crab. Fish appreciate refined texture delicate taste baked, sauted, broiled, steamed. Snapper sweet, mild, juicy flavor, cooking method prepare Mild-tasting served blackened, chargrilled, fried. lobster. tails broiled butter. Shrimp, similar cooked skillet grill. Stone claws subtle rich flavor boiled, steamed, baked. Mullet considered delicacy smoked. favorite business. ranked 11th U.S. 2021 production, according Department Agriculture Consumer Services. Market 703 Tarpon Bay Road, 239-395-CRAB timbersofsanibel.com 13451-16 239-489-2226 prawnbrokerfortmyers.com OTHER SEAFOOD OPTIONS Jerrys Foods 1700 239-472-9300 jerrysofsanibel.com grocery selection sustainably sourced ocean Pinchers pinchersusa.com With throughout Springs, Coral, Naples, options, 23 Professional detailers Salty Sams detailing packages thorough job parts equipment, know-how, experience. SALTY SAMS MARINA rom fishing watersports, lot fun. Florida--from Matlacha Pass Pine Sound San Carlos Bay--boating year-round. However, anyone owned knows, requires cleaning maintenance. easier having professionally cleaned detailed. know products use canvas, carpet, cushions longer value better properly. Considering effort money yourself, cost effective service. harsh environment coastal conducive barnacles, rust, pitting, mildew, oxidation, spots, stains, odors. Cleaning maintaining year-round every season boating season. service Beach, high-quality everything upholstery chrome hull. hand-washed waxed, interiors cleaned, mold eliminated, UV protectants applied. crew combined experience results Using chemicals gelcoat, upholstery, stitching, more, manager Dustin Nealeigh. DO IT YOURSELF professional team idea, yourself guidance tools remember, tasks effort, costs involved. boat-detailing boattrader.comresearchboat-detailing-and-cleaning-guide. store, Marine westmarine.com, carries boat-cleaning cleaner heavy-duty soap. 25 separates detail accessories personal items boat. example, suppose jackets, fenders, mooring lines, dock poles, gear corrosion, unwanted filth. case, clean, detail, andor condition like-new condition, levels care, power washing, barnacle removal, yellow hull stain teak restoration, mildew protection, cleaning, monthly scheduled cleanings. in-house bays accommodate depending model. includes kept vessel. Also correct application process. restoringdetailing chrome, teak. heavily oxidized perform three-step process, extreme cases, increase steps, oxidation dull leaves chalky substance sun salt--part normal tear. four-step involves wet sanding remove heavy oxidation. Next tooling compound applied machine polisher restore hulls shine luster. Then Finesse-It removes imperfections minor scratches. polish newer, protect saltwater, rays, environmental factors. By removing these, better, feels helps vessel efficiently maximizes performance. Plus, here year-round, keep maintained amplified. 2500 Main 239-463-7333, ext. 118 saltysamsmarina.comboat-detailing 26 MAGGIE GOLDSMITH Essential essential needs Thanksgiving ISH SANCAP keenly focused challenges affecting seniors, mobility, isolation, loneliness. FISHs goal feed physical seniors order healthy, independent, engaged, aging dignity. Throughout health crises, socially disconnected loved ones. cognitive Left Rosemary rides celebrate 96th birthday. Right volunteer Maryanne Daly delivers Meals-by-FISH. TOP NICK ADAMS BOTTOM concerns affect particularly crisis environment, mental counseling resources community members partnership SalusCare, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare loss--whether material loss, loss one, dramatic change community--has severe wellness. Through senior programs services, able older adults struggling cope. Requests visitation wellness checks increased steadily program available neighbors feeling lonely, family nearby, leave homes socialize. relieve isolation loneliness ensures receiving improve dedicated services helm, resources, referrals, technology, islanders connectedness education. Aging difficult well-supported friends, opportunities diminished financial stability becomes shift fixed incomes. aims assist network helping founding principle. stages, pantry hot meal delivery program. basis, foods were islanders. To extent possible, supplemental nutrition drinks, incontinence products, continues return yet abilities cook themselves. hurricane preparedness program, perhaps now ever, assists residents developing plan remaining informed meets discuss evacuation, preparation needs, connections. addition long-term recovery, health, socialization programs, place. From Friendly Faces healthIsland Helen Taylor receives Smile referrals smile boxes ensure goes unmet. grants, 29 KATIE EGAN Minnesota Twins Lee Health elevate HealthMinnesota left Malissa Wood, Philicia Douglas, Thomas Hunt, Duke Walker, Scott Nygaard, Chris Simoneau, Weber, Jennifer Higgins, Rich Macchiaroli, Michael Nachef, Victor Gonzalez L Twins, announces 10-year between Twins. BOTH LEE KEEGAN MYERS MIDDLE HARMON PHOTOGRAPHERS ee joined forces hit ultimate residents. decade-long agreement official athletes, families, chief community. renames development, marketing, facilities communications officer Sports Complex. complex Player Development Academy, Mighty Mussels Minnesotas Low-A affiliate, rookie-level Complex presenting partner Florida-based lineup baseball softball clinics league sites provided athletes 1991 claimed training gives clinics, fairs, community-enriching activities. behind scenes Countys offerings. safer, prosperous happier be, committed long-lasting positive impact Health. empower control communityenriching Simoneau models jersey specially announcement. Programs games, nongame-day activities fitness leagues, yoga nights, 5K runs. past decade, raised million Cancer Institute. worked community-focused initiatives years, combines vision enhancing wellness, says. wait next County. 2024, set games Hammond Stadium Egan media relations specialist 31 BETH LUBERECKI Are lipstick lover face-cream fanatic Every issue, give lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup, between. LATHER UP Add sustainability shower routine Evolvetogethers soap 19. woodsy-scented Exfoliating Bar Soap plant-based ingredients shea olive oil moisturize, licorice root skins barrier, coconut exfoliation cleansing. Hydrating softens skin coconut-based formula oil, rosehip oil. soaps packaged tree-free, plastic-free packaging thats 100 percent recyclable biodegradable. purchase evolvetogether.com. PLUMP Feel pick-me-up Reach Shani Darden Moisture Boost Plumping Serum 78. Ingredients snow mushroom, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, watermelon apple extracts hydration, plump soften skin, strengthen barrier against stressors. Use serum morning applying sunscreen night moisturizer dewy ready whatever way. Find Sephora Coconut Point 239-390-9889, sephora.com online shanidarden.com. COLOR HAPPY Make hair Milk_shakes toning sprays each. Launching March, leave-in dry manageability tresses. Silver Shine Toning Spray violet pigment neutralize brassy, yellowgolden tones white, gray, blonde, lightened hair, Icy Blond black counteract yellow, orangey blonde hair. darker opt Cold Brunette Spray, warm, redorangey milkshakehair.com. SOOTHING HYDRATION Help winter essentials Kinship. eco-friendly, ethical, science-backed skincare line go-to Supermello Hyaluronic Gel Cream 30, acid hydrate marshmallow vanilla planifolia extract soothe calm skin. Pamper pout Supermelt Lip Treatment 20, incorporating papaya enzyme ferment sea buckthorn berry lips pleasing scent conjures tropical Creamsicle. Kinship lovekinship.com. 33 Port Mayaca locks pleasure journey across Lake Okeechobee, Ocean St. Lucie Canal. Waterway, potential elevation changes, controlled constructed managed Army Corps Engineers. Traveling gulf River, come Olga, concrete welded steel structure W. P. Lock Dam. situated 33.2 miles Intracoastal pass approximately 15,000 annually. Almost recreational vessels, transporting manufactured goods, materials, food. Dam east side --right junction USACE lock elevator level another-- feet. complete chamber 56 wide 400 high, channel 90 deep. use. Operating 7 pm, 365 days year, otherwise noted Coast Guards Notice Mariners. Engineers 1965 flood control, prevention saltwater intrusion, navigation purposes. named Walter 1871-1967, prominent citizen mayor leading proponents Waterway. He assisted 3.8 project completion. 35 Volunteers plant pollinator wildflowers grasses reforest open field recreation W.P. Engineering Boaters crossing operators pull 20-minute change. North campground RV eight sites, pier, launch playground, picnic ramp, newly reforested 8.5-acre walking trail. result suffered docks slips, bathhouse roofs, Megan Parsons, Engineers, Jacksonville District park ranger. storm, bathhouses funding secured Parsons. Dam, upstream GET LOST 110-mile Scenic Trail, LOST, asphalt, grass, gravel trail circles travels counties--Glades, Hendry, Martin, Palm Beach. biking, fishing, walking, horseback riding. Numerous access points broken smaller segments, 8.6-mile hike north end Henry Creek 14-mile section eastern shore Creek. city wealth hotels, motels, cabins, parks, campgrounds--all 730-square-mile Okeechobee. information, visit cityofokeechobee.com. 36 integral system management Sediment sampling Only 3,000 planted Souths reforestation, initiative Despite devastating almost survivability Continuing peninsula, cement 1977 13.1 serve purposes navigation, raising moderate effects higher stages 37 reforestation field. sees 9,500 annually, 96 recreational. Annually, 18,000 tons machinery food, farm lock. lockage minutes. size operating visitors hike, bicycle, throw blanket relax, lunch ones, Robert Wiggins, daylight hours. corps reported 152-mile Mayaca, Lucie, Moore Haven, Ortona. 38 slips. Central Southern Flood Control Project, originally authorized 1948 businesses floods droughts. According Management District, regional government agency manages primary canals meant manage floodwaters rain connecting drainage districts hundreds neighborhood systems. sfwmd.govour-work flood-control. Located Canal 561-924-2858 saj.usace.army. milMissionsCivil-Works NavigationNavigation-Locks Port-Mayaca-Lock 239-694-5451 WP-Franklin-Lock 39 ANDREA STETSON Informational signs convey many-layered history Key. Exploring Key M angrove islands, thick vegetation, sprinkled Bay. sizes shapes, foliage. familiar islands special. once capital Calusa Indians later pioneers homesteaded. entrance hidden wall mangroves. glide head Big Pass, markers large mangrove islands. emerge straight ahead. slip forest, curve, muddy beach northwest smaller, shallower landing southeast section. little beaches begins. relatively tangled foliage, lost. trail, other. path wildflowers, cotton, berries. Towering gumbo limbo peeling bark scattered Vibrant green ferns rickety boardwalk guests area. Visitors slice old majestic historical artifacts shellfish gathered people. everywhere, Derrick Botana, whose property decades. history. truly gem Bay, protected forever. Pam Morton, longtime volunteer, times. naturalist standpoint, shells, standpoint history, want beauty, another thing. view, walk. treasure. enough enjoy. Morton kayak group, launching Lovers Koreshan parks. Deck pontoon mid high tide. lots bug spray, shoes, advises. barefoot. hilly. expect. stroll. understanding land. interesting. Archaeologists believe began typical flat mangrove-lined oyster bar, barely rising above But 2,000 civilization changed that. shellfish, eventually island, believed ceremonial Spaniards attempted colonize early 1500s. recorded European contact Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon landed 1513. Augustine, Pedro Menenzez Aviles married kings sister. June 1566 Father Rogel, Jesuit missionary, sent leads wet, 41 ineffective converting natives. Eventually burnt villages headed reach, sparking abandon 1569, gone, already diseases, natives immunity. diseases wars demise 1750. fascinating Early settlers houses, farmed, fished. Frank Johnson homesteaded 1891 families selling Koreshans 1905. 1911 Unity established 17 families. school, cistern freshwater, gardens fruit fences contain livestock. 1926 destroyed remained 1940s permanent left. land 1961, leaving private hands. 2019 Commissioners unanimously voted last privately 2020 860,000. 9.6 acres added Archaeological Park. boaters follow opening curve secluded landing. vibrant 42 Nikki Clifton, deputy press secretary Environmental Protection DEP, recovered informational restored, cleared. mangroves, plants, aid resilience recent storms, Clifton stresses must plants prohibited. Keys Zach Lozano posted feelings DEP website visited Park, immediately captivated raw stated. hope soon. one-of-a-kind adventurer. writing magazines newspapers 1995. Naples. co 3800 Corkscrew 239-992-0311 floridastateparks.orgparks-and-trails mound-key-archaeological-state-park 43 HEADLINE GOES HERE Ignatimod iam, peribus, tam occhuit, notem deto ponlos, utem ini cis efac facioraes se inte tereste Steve Paula couple appreciates convenience Springs. clubs hassle-free K aitlin Walls young daughters hop simply maintenance, storage, insurance parents boat, it--and kids, Kaitlin becoming popular. Customers pay initiation fee. fuel. less docking, insurance. lives, Jones, wife, Paula, ago. evaluated storing fixing docking club, nice hand keys. regret bit. us, exactly need. Koscielniak Mendoza agree. slip. gas, Nicoll member buy looked clubs, here, joined. decide join evaluate type them. Springs offshore pontoons two-story slide. Botana family--a father sons--who Nearby Freedom founded Sarasota 1989 corporate worldwide. Members United States, Canada, Europe, Australia. fewer location Water, does vessels. executive lifestyle consultant club be. 60 range poles trawling motors ranges 7,500 running specials. 399 membership orientation tank gas cooler filled ice, GPS trackers. toddlers, Thats gets excursion. 45 Joneses opted joining instead. him. Road. reservations book day. customers consecutive trips. 94,000 worldwide, types family, weekday only, weekend Jasper Nowell, operations, reveal fee, saying varies Monthly fees 300 500. session unlimited needed. reserve morning, afternoon, additional training, overnight. cost, Nowell choose club. Locally nine south Road street. 63 Marco Fish-Tale Island. boats. biggest benefit Snowbirds flock summer. travel. hospitality. Whatever beyond enjoyable, that, Andy Judy Lash 2020. Covid raging explains. checked owning deal. expensive. out, 60,000, invest toy. tow vehicle capa- 46 load ble towing storage locations, instead locations. Lashes Augustine Cocoa Savannah, Richmond, Virginia Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. towed U.S., easier, location. study maps go, blast thinking trip. 5124 SW, 239-495-0455 bwboatclub.com 5044 888-781-7363 freedomboatclub.comfranchisesfreedom-boatclubbonita-beach GINA BIRCH SENSORY PLAY Light-up pieces Glo Pals perfect sensory personalities bendable arms creative with. Pal cubes dropped magically dim out. 16-20 glopals.com SWEET-SMELLING PENCILS pencils scented Smencils. utensils delicious bubble gum, jelly bean, cotton candy, tutti frutti, sour apple, recycled tubes collectible character tops extra 7.99 scentcoinc.com SMALL BUDS, BIG SOUND Small outdoor sports, JBuds Mini wireless earbuds noise-canceling microphone communication. 39.99 jlab.com EASTER ADORNMENT Elevate dcor hanging Old World Easter ornament. collection highlights Peter Rabbit, author Beatrix Potters beloved character. handcrafted glass-blown painted. 24.99 oldworldchristmas.com HAIR-CARE BARS carbon footprint StarBars, versatile, organic shampoo conditioner bars. batches, plastic packaging, crafted salonquality products. star-bars.com WATER THIN AIR Spout gadget conservation, bad kit either. countertop device worlds smallest atmospheric generator. generate 2.5 gallons drinking air. plumbing 99 spoutwater.com MEAT CLAWS brisket, chicken, slowroasted pork pulling apart, got easier. Slash Serve barbecue meat Charcoal Companion, brand Union Square Group, stainless safely grab slab 35.99 unionsquaregroup.uspagesour-brands CIRCUS HISTORY released Ringling Circus, Sandra Gurvis, Pineapple Press, dives story Brothers familyrun circus enterprise ended transformed citys cultural scene. 24.95 pineapplepress.com VODKA CARIBBEAN VIBE small-batch distillery Richey, Caribbean flair IslandJon vodka. Hailing Trinidad Tobago, founders, father-son Levi Kevin John, legacy landscapes Caribbean. Their vodka distilled filtered reverse-osmosis purified micro pure, spirit. produces vodkas infusions. Under islandjon.com 49 Out CAPT. BRIAN HOLAWAY saw fine lettered olive. Unusual notable finds shelling, pursue fascination treasures sea, wrote shelling guide Mike Fuery 1982 Captiva, interrupted laid waste September 2022. Still, ask storm. question hear frequently. decades, fortunate tides winds, searching seashells. Looking priority. didnt months afterward. losing friend knowing ever back--and did, Helmet Lace murex Lions paw Cayo Costa hole sought-after shell, lions paw, Costa. piece deer cowrie, murex, alphabet cone. offer. predict unusual year. Happy hunting, whether not. Holaway Master Naturalist ecotour His charters Sound, Captiva. Sea whip coral mustered courage beach, welcomed wholeheartedly. walked shoreline, survived, dune Charlie earlier. smoothness right. Since winds hour, mph. south-southeast. massive amount pushed western Cuba Yucatan coast pounding away. theory uncommon shores storm-- Cuba, Keys, deep-water appearing helmet cone 51 WILLIAM COX COASTS sandpiper endlessly chasing Sandpiper sensitive beak probe invertebrates, mainstay diet. juvenile sanderling face lower body, noticeable eyes. Calidris alba probably shorebird coasts stays flocks surfline. obsessively outgoing wave retreating advancing wave. shorebird, measures 7.5-8 inches length wingspan 16-18 inches. toes lacks toe. legs bill. Nonbreeding plumage pale upperparts, underparts, shoulder patch, distinctive Breeding exhibits rusty upper breast rarely observed breeds Greenland tundra High Arctic Canadian peninsulas. adapted sandy feeds prey uncovered action beach. chases uphill, downhill receding wave, gleaning dislodged invertebrates probing sand detects extensive diet consists mollusks, amphipods, crabs, crustaceans, horseshoe eggs, worms, moths, butterflies, midges, beetles, aquatic terrestrial insects. eats buds, grass seeds, mosses, algae animal Watching shorebirds health. observe interactions behaviors. Each memorable. beachcombers surprised nonchalant sanderlings species distance stimulus boundary. learns particular harm harmless chestnut breast. long-distance migrant fly 10,000 wintering grounds, again. ignores stimulus. form habituation. approached directly, rapidly, objects thrown rest. Sanderlings excessively disturbed harassed prior migration danger surviving successfully breeding. tremendous energy nesting. population declining common shorebirds. Food vital successful dependent distantly separated staging adequate time. subject habitat destruction alteration pollution, thus threatening Cox photographer ecologist Visit him williamrcoxphotography.com. 53 Keep close Natures heart... away, while, climb mountain week woods. Wash spirit clean. --John Muir, Parks STATE PARKS highest waterfall. spectacular falls either platforms. beaches, sunshine, swamps, theme waterfalls much. fairly topography lend cascading waters. share waterfalls, tallest Panhandle. 55 refreshing dip two-acre Interstate 10, Pensacola Tallahassee, 74-foot waterfall, campground, hiking trails animals. memorable escape hustle bustle everyday waterfall formed stream drops 100-foot-deep, 20-foot-wide cylindrical sinkhole, Sink, Protection. cascades sinkhole disappears underground cave. platforms drier platform mist fern-covered sinkhole. Visiting rainfall seeing point, Clifton. air adds aroma. trails, .7-mile Wiregrass falls. hikers cypress, magnolia, sweetgum gopher tortoises, foxes, fox squirrels, deer, anhinga, ibis, woodpeckers. Colorful migrating butterfly, zebra longwing, fluttering butterfly Trail. parks sloping hiking. FURTHER. FOREST BATHING. ROOKERY BAY RESEARCH RESERVE practicing bathing, slow, guided based Japanese practice Shinrin-yoku, therapeutic approach improving spending forest. Robin DeMattia, certified bathing owner Go Forest Bathing, refers mindful career organizations, connect realized wasnt getting outdoors herself. Now, guide, relax listen calls, gaze amazing honored journeys deep-seated quiet minds DeMattia. Certified guides protocol immersed practice, woods, reason. Research shown reduce anxiety, depression, stress. immune function, cardiovascular respiratory benefits. say, prescription. BATHING AT forest-bathing conducted 2, 930 - 1130 6, Rookery Learning Tower 239-530-5972 rookerybay.orgvisit environmental-learning-center online. Private in-person Collier counties, remotely Zoom space. Contact infogoforestbathing.com. Closer intrepid swimmers revitalize, exercise. cast catch bass catfish, Picnic tables, showers, restrooms Leashed supervised dogs welcome extend camp park. Ridge Campground, campsites, state--324 level. Reservations floridastateparks.org. serene chances reflect treasure, Emily Carlton strives regularly reset so. bringwear Closed-toe hat, hydrating beverage, campingstyle Phone, camera, electronic devices Chipley 850-638-6130 floridastateparks.orgparksand-trailsfalling-waters-state-park Open sundown, per vehicle. Bathing conducts counties 57 MELISSA BAKER C elebrate reading libraries Festivals 25th anniversary. Library Systems festival authors. free, downtown Regional campus. signature hosted big-name authors, David Baldacci, Brown, Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, Debbie Macomber, writers Meg Cabot, Jeff Kinney, Lois Lowry, R.L. Stine, Wells. SOUTHWEST READING FESTIVAL 59 presentations. crafts. Highlighted authors suspense Jeffery Deaver, Heather Graham, Matthew Quirk, Charles Todd, Unger. fans happy Joe Posnanski, sportswriter latest book, Why Love Baseball, aligns tradition Attendees eye frequent presenter fan Kay Andrews. Centennial featured journalist Carl Hiaasen keynote speaker. Meeting inspiration stories Theres Mindi Simon, System. firsthand ignite passion discover library each Connecting readers aspect festival, line-up books fiction nonfiction thrillers rom-coms, adult, teen festival. Several presentations livestreamed on-demand viewing librarys YouTube channel. Beyond presentations, opportunity Admission Free Date Time Location Library, 2450 First Website readfest.org Expect Book sales signings, stage ages, child teen, storytelling pre-K activities, crafts entertainment, awards, digital resource demonstrations, merch, vendor booths, trucks 61 sponsors, bite eat participating trucks. Anniversary t-shirts, hats, tote bags, towels purchase. addition, tickets Name Character raffle, win book. Families children fun-filled stilt-walking balloon Too Tall Torrie, storytime sessions, Little Readers Zone. Designed toddlers preschoolers, Zone designated discovery STEM science, engineering, math carnival demonstrations resources. grateful continue, Simon encouraged download mobile app Illustrator Sara Varon budding ReadFest App Google Play, schedule updates. More information readfest.org. programming outreach System, coordinator Festival. 62 Featured Authors ADULT AUTHORS Andrews York bestselling novels Homewreckers, Newcomer, Hello, Summer. Petersburg, newspaper reporter journalism write fiction. BILL MILES Cara Black USA 21 Investigator Aime Leduc series War II markswoman Kate Rees. received multiple award nominations Washington Post citation. LAURA SKAYHAN Jane K. Cleland writes fiction, award-winning long-running Josie Prescott Antiques Mysteries, bestsellers Mastering Suspense, Structure Plot, Plot Twists. contributing editor Writers Digest. Deaver international numberone novels. sold 150 countries translated languages. novel Bone Collector feature release Universal Pictures, CBS airing series, Tracker, Colter Shaw series. NIKO GIOVANNI CONIGLIO Goldberg Ancestor Mentor, Runaway Train Great Gimmelmans, November 2023. Graham 250 novellas suspense, romance, vampire travel, Christmas fare. Published languages, won numerous prestigious Thriller Master. Irene Hannon bestselling, awardwinning 65 romantic contemporary romance three-time winner RITA Romance America elite Hall Fame. Katherine Howe Physick Deliverance Dane Vanderbilt Rise Fall Dynasty Anderson Cooper. newest novel, True Account Hannah Masurys Sojourn Amongst Pyrates, Written Herself, NINA SUBIN Sarah Penner internationally Lost Apothecary London Sance Society. languages debut Apothecary, optioned Fox Entertainment drama Petrie Ash recently Price Pay. debut, Drifter, ITW Barry Award Best Novel finalist Edgar Hammett awards. Posnanski books, Baseball 100, Paterno, Secret Golf, latest, Baseball. Sportswriter Quirk Inside Threat, 500, Night Agent, Netflix. previously Washington, D.C., reporting crime, terrorism prosecutions, gangs. CONTINUED Viola Shipman pen name Wade Rouse, memoirist selected Indie Michigan Notable Books. Todd Inspector Rutledge Bess Crawford author, titles stand-alone novels, anthology, stories. Unger Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six Couple 5B, release. millions copies regarded master suspense. JAMES CHILDRENS panel discussions signings. Buckley Finniverse, Sisters Grimm, N.E.R.D.S. co-creator, writer, producer Cartoon Networks Robotomy. Adrianna Cuevas Pura Belpr Total Eclipse Nestor Lopez, Pocket Mari Curse El Cocodrilo. Karina Yan Glaser writer illustrator Vanderbeekers Childrens Book, NYC Award, Duet Home, Sunshine Young list. Karen Kilpatricks picture P.I. Butterfly Pencil Met, Glitter Met Glue. 64 Martin winners Glitch Monster Missions Edge Extinction McGee chapter-book Junior Scouts, Frights, Creature Campers Peanut Butter Brains title, Haunted Mustache, winner. Jamie Michalak Dakota Crumb Bean Sparky acclaimed readers. Yaccarino children, City, Unlovable, Story. creator animated Doug Unplugs Apple TV Oswald Nickelodeon Backyardigans. YA Elise Bryant Happily Ever Afters, Loves, Reggie Delilahs Falling. Lamar Giles teens adults. Need Diverse Books, Fake ID, Endangered, Last Mirror ADRIENNE GILES Adalyn Grace Times, Today, indie Belladonna Stars Teeth duology. Lynn Painter Better Than Movies. comedies Natalia Sylvester Schneider awards adult Breathe Count Ten. Everyone Knows Chasing Sun. Maleta Full Treasures, ccess picture-perfect beaches. Amazing views. Dining options palate amenities please pickiest tell hotels resorts ideal spots getaways far. inspiration, reading. Weve highlighted escapes. WESTIN CAPE CORAL Plan Your getaway WELLNESS RESORT VILLAGE Start booking treatment Esterra Spa Salon, rooms couples Vichy room. Sip champagne, wine, fruit-infused appointment stress melting sweat, state-of-theart WestinWORKOUT Fitness Studio, Peloton bikes cardio equipment. Or clay tennis courts walkingrunning center. lap pool plus pools, Gazebo Lawn, two-hour bike rentals resort guest room suite, soak stunning sunsets balcony. complimentary twohour dolphin tour, twice day, seven week. evening, Nauti Mermaid Dockside Grill cocktails music Marker 92 Waterfront Bistro, serves introduced menus. Additional restaurants adjacent Promenade Shops. over, room, spacious bathrooms showers. Guests sleep much-loved Heavenly Beds, layers plush bedding. one-bedroom suite dining patio. pet-friendly, AAA Four Diamond deals. Current offerings credit 31, Package treatments Village, 5951 800-937-8461, marriott.comen-ushotelsrswwi-the-westin-capecoral-resort-at-marina-village Patio 67 CITY ESCAPE LUMINARY HOTEL CO. District. Rep, Sidney Berne Davis Center, Burroughs Gardens stroll right, town Music Walks downtown. 12-story, hotel, Internationals Autograph Collection, overlooks district name. stylish suites, luxe bedding, upscale bath flat-screen TVs. plentiful. restaurant, Brasserie, menu la carte steaks entres braised duck gnocchi, seared meal. refreshed rooftop Beacon Drinkery start evening cocktail accompanied sweeping casual fare, retro Ella Maes Diner, Dean Street Coffee Roastery, Chips Pub. Topgolf Swing Suites offering virtual seat pub indulgent on-site relaxation speed, fourth-floor overlooking cruise. nearby Caloosa Amphitheater anyones stay. Edison Ford Winter Estates road, one-time seasonal luminaries overall vibe. Co., 2200 Edwards 833-918-1512, luminaryhotel.com Suite reality eating FAMILY-FRIENDLY GETAWAY SOUTH SEAS two-bedroom villa swimming 330-acre, begun phased reopening major impacts 2022s embarks chapter, draw 75-year generations guests. refurbished accommodation welcoming visitors, villas, marina homes. Sunset reopened renovated main pool, roasting marshmallows smores firepit Harborside redesigned course golf Named turtles nest, Clutch undulating greens. holes designed present challenge, forefront. irrigation usage, retention ponds system, course. family-friendly Head Burgers truck for--what else--gourmet burgers Tacos nachos, ceviche, namesake handheld favorite. Nokomis, Floridabased freelance bethluberecki.com. Starbucks caffeine kicks, Farmers Tuesday mornings. Provisions grab-and-go wraps sandwiches, snacks Redfish Grille cuisine grilled mahi tacos savor selections. deals appealing--for savings rates nights longer, residents, promotion off. southseas.comoffers up-to-the-moment information. Seas, 5400 Plantation 866-565-5089, southseas.com CAMP Summer camps busy Corals Recreation appeal age interests. Among skateboard Eagle Skate Austen Youth O nce school bell rings busier pretty bored. Fortunately, occupied, educated, active. matter do--swim, skateboard--there surely desires. mine myself, Carlie Smith, mother middle schoolers Myers. enjoyable Kids likely range, Estero, Sanibel. department offers. 1,000 teenagers sessions centers county, Lakes tirelessly rebuild expected --Shannon Rivard, School Mile Cypress Slough Preserve, Veterans Recreation, Boca Grande Olga trips, Mack Young, specialty junior lifeguarding, fitness, projects. Traditional completed kindergarten fifth grade. Middle-school sixth eighth graders. 75 child. Ages vary camps. register centers, obtain visiting facilities, active calling selected. household account webtrac.leegov. com tentative 17-July 26. engaged science Freedoms skate 11, entering grade Kennedy Center--to few. ever-popular affordable, breakfast daily, Keri Rams. themes incorporate planned trips again weeks SANIBEL SEA SCHOOL 73 Dance county. from, neighborhood. Field SunSplash Waterpark, Busters, Pirate Cruise. invite speakers, puppies handlers shelter, trucks, helicopter playground see. plans add end-of-the-season Glow Party BBQ. supervisor Michelle Nave. 10-August 9. Weekly week, registering Camp, capecoral.gov. 1015 239-573-3128 capecoral.govdepartmentparks_and_ recreationhomeindex.php Terry 3410 239-533-7275 leegov.comparks 455 239-472-8585 sanibelseaschool.orgprogramscamps 74 LEEGOV option. reopen campus camp. Shannon Rivard. 3-August 23. theme. experiments, surfing, snorkeling, net schools educators counselors lead ocean-based adventures teach biology, skills, stewardship environment. small, meaningful big, Typically, camper-to-teacher ratio 1. geared 13, age-specific 17, expeditions campers. Teens participate CITs, leadership setting. CITs link counselors. leaders role models. 239-4728585 sanibelseaschool.org. early. filling there--check YMCA IMAG Science martinis petite coupes sidecar will. Decoding subtleties classic nothing quite sophisticated martini. make. simplicity, bungle cause debate aficionados. iconic simple blend gin vermouth, stirred, imbibers gin. debates gins juniper forward sipping pine tree. craft in, wider before. forward. botanicals vermouth. Vermouth fortified wine infused herbs. Picking step second Because vermouth oxidize lengthy bartenders date bottles, often, enhance ruin martini TERMINOLOGY so-called fifty-fifty equal famous dirty olives garnish. onion garnish Gibson. twist peel. oils zesty fresh. MARTINIS purists snub neutral flavors. alcohol bomb LIQUOR BRANDS 77 Choosing essential. doesnt complement gin, bartender well-stocked combination. Going option DIRTY MARTINI Martinis turn brine. martini, juice. like, mixes Ancient Olive Trees hand. boasts tree-to-table cured aged barrels. Gin Engine Gin, produced Langhe, Piedmont, region Italy, Italian automobile industry. country. balanced ounces 0.5 ounce Garnish peel Pour glass. Stir cold strain Vodka Nikka Coffey, mouthfeel touch sweetness. Coffey .5 Green liquids ice. chilled 78 SHAKEN OR STIRRED movies, Bond famously ordered shaken, stirred. method, stirring cold, followed straining coupe Shaking bruise botanicals. shards drink, strained. murky further, Flemings contained Known Vesper, typically shaken dilute potent combo considering talk bartender. afraid questions freshness purity difference elegance, sophistication, simplicity contributor. well-known personality 79 Cedar Plank Salmon Fathoms Serves salmon shallots minced artichokes roasted tomatoes squirt cream pasta Parmesan cheese Salt 375 wooden plank lime zest, taste, cooking, heat saut shallots, garlic, artichokes, tomatoes. cream, pasta. Bring boil reduce. parmesan cheese. Place top. 5785 106, 239-542-0123, fathomsrestaurant.com FATHOMS ADVENTURE ALPHABET TREE DAVID DROTLEFF JanFeb continuation pages childrens Drotleff. covering letters S, T, U. 83 84 85 Nathan Hill satirizes modern N aples-based novelist caught literary stars books. 2016 Nix, accolades Irving others, lists Post, Weeklys number-one Wellness, came fall, attention, boost bestseller all--Oprah Winfreys satirical aspects society--from gaming radicalized politics self-help movement finally, marriage. Iowa, inclination writer. disappointments success meantime, moved Jenni, bassoonist Philharmonic, University. FGCU party multi-city country, appearance Elaine Newtons Critics Choice ArtisNaples. Jack Elizabeth ups downs relationship. childhoods--he loveless Kansas plains dysfunctional petty upbringing wealthy Connecticut dynasty. struggles teacher treats troubled clinic placebos therapy. Nearing veers cogent explanation algorithms, neural networks, hyperlinks hypertext, navigate freedom wade constructing meaning constellation possible meanings, stories... reader interpret directions, analyzed chooses--as Hypertext disrupted reality, writes. actual nobody knows masquerading fiction--or reality. Whichever, himself astute chronicler society. morass, mature wiser end. RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 Parkway ronandsons.com Sales Installation Security Alarm AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Vac 239.939.0077 Serving accentbp.com ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS CopierPrinterScanners Printer Service Supplies Print Cost Recovery 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel claudiospestmanagement.com CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Know Trust Termite Pest Across Cutthroat Lobster, Seize Apalachicola, example Dock Basketball association, abbr. Alien Lawn Stocky dog breed Magazine edition beanlike pods 27 Circle Salad topper Makes enthusiastic Held Action preserving wilderness e.g. Pirates quest, words Down Beautiful blue, Clear swallows appetizer Massachusetts Beanie Babies ___-Wan Kenobi Compass Front ship Hand-held dying ___ bet Percussion instrument bars equivalent Menu Barbecue Paddle Lynx Persian, Nurses forte, Distance measurement, PUZZLE E Hidden Word pARTING preferred friends. endless Turn easy. COVER Andrews, Read Local, 58. Cover photo Miles. VOL. NO. 4.95 SEASHELLS GALORE CAREFREE BOATING storm TIMES ISLANDS Bestselling headliners Display

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