features 38 ADVENTURE PHOTOGRAPHY Fort Myers-based photographer Rob Hoovis likes to wander far off the beaten path capture images that no one else is likely see. 44 GO SMALL OR HOME Macro photography can reveal unexpected worlds, and when its done underwater, results be particularly, colorfully stunning. 50 AMIDST THE ANCIENT GIANTS Audubons Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary 13,000 acres of magical Florida wilderness, including largest remaining expanse virgin bald cypress forest in world. SPECIAL SECTION Art Design 56 Theater on Campus 58 More at Ringling Museum 60 Back-to-school Bedrooms 2 TOTI.COM SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2023 10 departments 8 PUBLISHERS LETTER ZEITGEIST Time Go Home, Things Unpack ON RADAR 12 Islands Vibe Ballpark 14 Harmonious MAKING WAVES 18 Inspired Jewelry 22 Its Fall Festival 24 IN COMMUNITY Let Shows Begin 28 FOR KIDS Learning with Music 32 BEAUTY Lipstick Lover or Face-Cream Fanatic NATURE NOTEBOOK 36 Limpkin 62 WHATS STORE Whats Hot Southwest 66 CHEERS Sip Your Way into 72 RECIPES WE LOVE Cooking SW BETWEEN LINES 74 Adventure Alphabet Tree 78 Natural Intelligence 79 SERVICES AND PROFESSIONALS CROSSWORD 80 PARTING SHOT Coming up NovemberDecember With NovDec issue, well give you lowdown some most interesting food travel trends. So, get ready, eat well, safely. Plus, if youre planning your next vacation, youll find inspiring ideas. 4 rs me er. o t l cus ue pecia B s et j a ift f e g A pag See GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. 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Niehoff, Ann Marie OPhelan, Glenn Ostle, Renee Wilson PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Nick Adams, Bryelle Dafeldecker, Jean Hall, Hoovis, Jaeger, Joe Knight, Mark Loren, Charlie McDonald, Rachel Pierce, Donald Sawin, Sally Stein, Anisa Stewart, Wiley 239-472-0205 adsalestoti.com OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SUBSCRIPTIONS CREDIT CARD ORDERS totimedia.comcontactus WEBMASTER Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic ENGINE Ostrovsky Ryan Frisch, Locable Publisher Network ADVERTISING SALES toti.com totimedia.com timesoftheislands.com rswliving.com gulfmainmagazine.com bonitaesteromagazine.com capecorallivingmagazine.com CONNECT WITH US facebook.comtotimediamagazines facebook.comtimesoftheislandsmagazine twitter.comtotimedia pinterest.comtotimedia instagram.comtotimedia E-MAIL INQUIRIES P.O. Box 1227, Island, FL 33957 T 239-472-0205, F 239-395-2125 Founder Friedrich N. Chairman Guy Tober President C.O.O. Times Islands, RSW LIVING, GULF MAIN, Bonita Estero Cape Coral Living ISSN 1521-1207 are published six times year by TOTI Media, Inc., Sanibel, 33957. Subscription price 24.00 for one-year domestic subscription. Copyright Inc. All rights reserved. No part this publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those Labyrinth Happiness Starting from scratch, turning old new I Group Publisher, Media PHOTO COURTESY OF MEDIA, INC. search happiness journey, how trip going Are just getting started, have been road while still looking right direction Have found along way, has it elusive For us, like walking through labyrinth We following seems end. make many twists turns--many course corrections--but feels we anywhere. see other people labyrinth, but they making any better progress. shout over walls across paths, asking advice about which travelers same questions. few look confident--like an answer. try follow them, only discover later reached dead ever walked real Some them ends others winds around until come center. There, place meditation where leave problems behind before walk leads out. Sometimes, wonder kind really resembles--the ends, peace center instead end In addition searching happiness, always ways things done. Our minds must contemplate different thoughts--paths could lead either solutions ends. choices, accept even though put our focus energy might work out as anticipated. Decision-making, too, lot labyrinth. Labyrinths frustrating, frustration often puts us bad mood. How, then, do Start acceptance. Admit yourself But also remind search--the decision-making, journey--does stop there. working solution, start, again, watch mood change toward good. my previous publishers letters, shared statement Do what do, have, are. That easier said than done, honest yourself, know possible already have. Maybe takes something new. And start maybe means time ask truly need chasing. Focusing unpleasant negative things--dead ends--will help You inspired beauty journey. At end, will for. It sitting there waiting, though. picked way. hope enjoy issue. great own life Find among ancient trees Amidst Ancient Giants, page relax local entertainment Begin, 24. Wishing best navigate lifes turns. Zeitgeist BY DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF go was, move forward The whole point evolution... way fit back world is, rather remake us. --Brian Doyle H ere Gulf Coast arrival fall marks return residents year-round locals, summer vacation trips snowbirds, their journeys sunny shores begun. Before home however, repair hurricane-damaged property, want settle coming winter season, all unpack. When home, dragging isnt necessary--or use Yiddish-derived verb Dont schlep dont schlep. This much-needed harm Hurricane Ian caused--the turmoil engulfed personal lives, wrenching changes plans habits, grief loss, physical economic hardships, worries had bear, stress long slow recovery. Weve carry pack troubles stuffed alongside kit bag weight normal gnarly emotions natural response difficult challenges. says Never trust atom--it makes everything On hand, Floridians freshly convinced decisive attitude trustworthy subscribe these wise words amount regret past. worrying future. gratitude present. Yiddish were emptying unneeded grateful baggage, why remove home. determined burdens experience reassuring Boxed-up regrets past warmth proves saying within There carefully filed folder lists Henry Thoreau went so grudges hold onto. say, Heaven under feet fears limit above heads. preoccupation ifs vs. is. intend up, down, turn around, step heightened, painful awareforward future ness fragility life--anywhere planet. universe itself complicated, risky Ran Niehoff living business life. physics lab ought sign door since 1991. Here unpack futile habit was lost. rise throbbing anger unfairness luck. unsatisfied yearning were. 11 radar DAVID BROADSTONE artist draws inspiration landmarks design jerseys L ike residents, Pierces flooded severely damaged Ian. her business, Pierce Gallery Periwinkle Way. After storm, form therapy, resumed painting, creating works art depicting she knows loves. kept mind mold remediation, parade contractors, daily battles insurers adjusters. spring, Myers Mighty Mussels approached intriguing idea Night, 30-year ballpark tradition islanders Hammond Stadium night celebration camaraderie minor-league baseball game. players wear beach-themed night, recalls president Chris Peters, thought, Why deeper meaning given endured during Rather paint canvas, though, jersey design. jumped opportunity. team uses iridescent color palette mimicking shifting colors sunshine hits seashell Purple, Sunset Lavender, Twins Navy, Sky Blue, Golden Sun, Yellow Sand. From there, Pierce-- models designed Night. shirt Lighthouse front back, shrimp boats sleeves nod Beach. pitcher Jose Olivares delivers fastball first inning teams annual Night game wearing custom Pierce. PHOTOS BOTH PAGES FORT MYERS MIGHTY MUSSELS acclaimed whose paintings depict regions coastal habitat--drew define Florida. historic Lighthouse, built 1884 lost four legs Ian, back. Shrimp boats, capsized catapulted onto land graced recognize icons Beach Pier ever, says. full bright because represents sunrise dawn day. As tough stronger horizon. 2023, established Mussel Up charitable fund raise money causes supporting children, youth sports, animal welfare, environment, cancer research, education, others. created online auction sell game-worn jerseys, immediately drawing bids fashionistas fans island. 35 drew multiple bids, raising more 3,000 support two organizations Captiva Kiwanis Club Chamber Commerce. 4,000 Stadium, used occasion celebrate held May 3 testament community resilience. strength resiliency community, helping recovery, Peters individuals who won Rachels arent fashion theyre beautiful grown adversity. Broadstone experienced writer former journalist lived 1999. 13 exterior Bank America building, soon renovated Trust Company office. KATHY MONTGOMERY Architect Joyce Owens creates distinctive offices W hen woman awarded Gold Medal, highest recognition bestowed American Institute Architects AIA 2022, hoped honor would public understand value architects bring communities designing harmony environment climate. Owens, FAIA, RIBA, owner Architecture LLC Studio AJO, interior division. She known award-winning designs contemporary style sustainable materials. islands 2001. grew space needed, S. Albert D. Hanser, founder chairman, Terence M. Igo, now chief executive officer, acquainted talents create spaces functional, comfortable, unique. Al Hanser counted produce ideal setting members clients company selected manage Palm Ridge Road office 2008. person amazing talent, maximize announces location SANIBEL CAPTIVA TRUST CO. RENDERINGS ARCHITECTURE JOYCE OWENS taking cues Singapore Bali, climate similar Sanibel. live nature, using materials appropriate are, repurposed bank drive-thru zen garden gathering clients, staff. finishings feel someones sought again after purchased building 2450 late 2021, goal redesigning companys building. Damage slowed projects progress increased desire unique community. Jeffrey Muddell 15 conference room overlook covered spacious lobby office, very inviting, giving visitors comfortable pleasurable possible, Muddell, market company. effects heightened mission swiftly complete open familiar feeling aware faces meet take residence islands. bit head worked 1988. good bones maintained, My open, respond vegetation. anything Her ambience. island feel, played Asian influence, says, noting tropical, beachy. Instead rid existing drive-through, said, Lets cool staff break client functions held. While transforms Sanibel-Captiva company, Myers. Located Daniels Parkway Bell Tower Shops, 10,520-square-foot expected year. Mediterranean quite grand, cant architecture, big arches ceilings. took interiors classical, yet slightly modern. Again, role development talked several years having never thinking showplace, simple neighborhood guests, storm changed able impressive poised regional operations hub companywide. Also, both generous meeting available nonprofits host gatherings groups provided throughout footprint. centrally located between Lee County, Naples, Tampa. projects, stayed true vision providing pleasant locations important another level, welcoming, warm, professionals offer tailored them. Montgomery writing 30 region. 16 REFLECTING NATURAL WORLD Stewart ANN MARIE OPHELAN Working studio, jewelry lost-wax casting method. starts carving original wax model high-temperature plaster mold, burns wax, then pours molten metal void. process allows detail piece, controls finish. Lost-wax oldest metal-forming techniques, dating 6,000 years. believes should every day last lifetime, sure exceptionally substantial weight. international awards originality attention detail. Mermaid pendant Octopus cuff bracelet lapis eyes ANISA STEWART ith soaring seabirds, jumping marine life, vegetation, scenery rife inspiration. Indeed, artists vibrant, sounds stimulating, settings mesmerizing. Area designers reflects paradise here. ocean-inspired sterling silver, bronze, semi-precious gemstones. International award-winner Loren pushes limits raw materials, fine gems, metals. wearable featuring colorful motifs. necklace Sea Oats collection carved dolphin fossilized mammoth Ivory gold sea oats dangle. piece donated charity biscuit northern million old, accented Cambodian blue zircons, amethyst, pav diamond. fossil coated vapor technique developed NASA. diamond frame eye turtles mastodon ivory, excavated Alaskan tundra Bali. rare, large Tahitian rainbow black pearl Druzy agate wedge cut. born raised wholeheartedly love rolling waves, intense sunsets, incredible wildlife, Those elements jewelry. How exclaims. finds watching children nature area much has. express helps creations big, bold, funky, fun Island Visions Timeless downtown outdoor show nearly weekend October April. schedule posted website anisajewelry.com. Early on, learned designer, jeweler, goldsmith gallery McGregor Blvd. Originally Chicago, attended Gem City College Quincy, Illinois, studying advanced design, watchmaking, repair. Many Lorens oneof-a-kind pieces beyond, such his one-of-a-kind draw ivory sizable Im continually sea-themed usually run beaches dawn, Loren. fresh turtle tracks, treat mystery time. pick shells intrigue work. Their shape fuel imagination. Vegetation handcrafted collection. pendants earrings rendered 14K yellow gold, 100 percent profits sale CROW Clinic Rehabilitation Wildlife. includes MARK LOREN --Mark 19 featured pendant, handmade 22k leaf 17- 30-inch goldplated chains. Two-inch teardrop flecked leaf. single, milky-white conch against ocean hand-gilded leaf, adorns two-inch-wide cuff. 20 RACHEL PIERCE His marklorendesigns.com. Not ago, lifelong long-time TV left anchor desk artwork. moved Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, Florida, continued television career finding artistic her, began side paints bright, modern oil acrylic reflecRachel tive tropical themes loggerhead turtles, manatees, jellyfish, sharks, seahorses, octopuses, shorebirds, flamingos, palm trees, florals, mermaids. artwork, skilled artisans Connecticut studio vocateur, art-driven individually crafts each wraps 22K silver gilds burnishes hand. five days. result fun, beachy wear, byrachelpierce.com. They shops galleries, boutiques nationwide. daily, envisions creative collaboration innovative investors. herself limited edition collections high-end galleries art, homewares, accessories select department stores. Commerce recently named New Business Year, thanks efforts keep small businesses alive devastation OPhelan resident regular contributor Media. MORE INFO Designs 239-340-5644 anisajewelry.com 13351 Blvd., 239-482-4664 marklorendesigns.com 1571 Way, 239-292-3327 byrachelpierce.com 21 Making waves Oktoberfest Halloween Flamingos, theres plenty Gallerys yearly attic highly anticipated event. event art-lovers United States. offers hundreds discounted prices. N TOP TOWER GALLERY BOTTOM GERMAN AMERICAN SOCIAL CLUB CAPE CORAL CLOCKWISE VINTAGE MARKET DAYS ALLIANCE ARTS ow days festivals, events, exhibits. favorites family. Corals 38th German Social weekends 2022 2729. runs 4pm-midnight Fridays, noon-midnight Saturdays, noon-9pm Sundays. biergarten, specialty potato salad bratwurst, sit-down dinners, kids carnival area, vendors, crafts, souvenirs, exhibitions. three stages dance floors, Susie Zimmer, publicity advertising manager. If little early holiday shopping, three-day Vintage Market Days start. Civic Center North upscale vintagevintage-inspired shopping vendors space. Falling Back September 15-17 10am-4pm owners appreciate support, include furnishings, antiques, decor, boutique jewelry, clothing, accessories, items, delicious treats, music, more. Ticket prices range valid reentry selfie photo wall. Theres charge under, parking free. One Sanibels favorite events Attic sale. 17th popular sale, scheduled 20-22 10am 4pm Hundreds displayed gallerys deck porch, tents set lot. creating, artwork incredibly low prices, manager Seguin. food, lovers country entertainment. printed book purchase AFTA September, Radomski. time, visual asked experiences contain objects recycled collected hurricane. Original paintings, collages, photos, drawings, prints, sculptures memorable show. Center. filled chance buy vintage vintage-inspired goods. FLAMINGO ISLAND FLEA coincide once-a-year dontmiss kickoff adds eighth Flamingo Festival, benefiting Humane Society Flea Springs. kid-focused costume contests pets kids. games, raffle, face dunk tank, trucks, snow cones, squeezed lemonade, general Booth. pumpkin painting shell painting. free, admission. display Alliance Arts resilience, trauma, loss. juried exhibit called Storm Stories, conjunction oral history project launched Writers Association. AFTA, believe healing power Emily project, anyone submit story These stories compiled strives connect culture education events. IF YOU 751 Tarpon Bay Road, 239-579-0659 towergallery.netevents-1art-from-theattic-sale-2 2101 Pine 239-283-1400 capecoraloktoberfest.com 11902 SE, Springs 239-948-7799 flamingoisland.com Stories 10091 239-939-2787 artinlee.org 11831 Bayshore 239-543-8368 vintagemarketdays.commarket south-gulf-coast-floridaindex.php Fest free 23 lineup music theater Myers, Rep begins 26th season plays musical theater. S outhwest menu top-notch performances. gathered whats happening fall--from Captiva--so fun. Broadway Dinner Theatre professional performers, dazzling sets costumes, orchestra year-round. Furthermore, buffet provides meal accompany stage. main stage 380 seats, 85-seat Off Palm. bar, gift shop, gallery. perfect high-caliber productions scrumptious price, sales marketing Elizabeth Collins. performances Murder Orient Express Hairspray. presenting comedy Popcorn Falls 11-November 18. childrens theater, special served concert series shows Rat Pack Live, Stardust Memories--Big Band shows, Elf--The Musical. kicks ArtStage Beguiled beloved songwriting Rodgers Hart. glamorous, romantic, nostalgic salute famous duo, songs including, Bewitched Funny Valentine. NICK ADAMS BRYELLE DAFELDECKER BROADWAY PALM DINNER THEATRE pairs dinner buffet. Historic Arcade opens 27 Legend Georgia McBride, music-filled comedy. upcoming family-friendly thriller, Sherlock Carol, beginning November 28. HEIDI SHUMANN Hertz Arena brings big-name Everblades hockey. venue national touring concerts shows. Were committed bringing sports family entertainment, everyone Arena, Adam Winslow, vice marketing, PR, relations. Since 1998, arena hosted Cirque du Soleil, Stars Ice, Harlem Globetrotters. Headline included Elton John, Bad Bunny, Guns Roses. Septembers acts singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett, RB group 98, Colombian singer rapper Maluma, Breakaway Sports Pub, ticketed overlooks arena. number 61 Cultural Park Coral, comedy, Boeing, Boeing. Reiko Friends, seven-piece classical orchestra, performs 23. Upcoming Beware House Haunted Hill, 18-22, Little Town Christmas, December 13-17. Three Hopper Songwriter wrapped venues devastated stopped returning Beginning 22, 10-day festival Nashville songwriters - ISLANDS, BEACHES NEIGHBORHOODS 1 venues. 25 Ezra, fuses folk rock, performers Hopper. Repertory 2268 Street, 239-332-4488 floridarep.org 11000 Parkway, 239-948-7825 hertzarena.com island-hopperfest.visitfortmyers.com 26 Floridas perform intimate settings, Jackie Parker County Visitor Convention Bureau. opportunity interact musicians, close personal. Among appear Essex trio British brothers Nate, Mark, Kieran Bass, presents tight, harmonies sweeping rock influences Sonia Leigh, blend hip-hop, country, pop, Clint Daniels, performed George Strait, Alan Jackson, Brooks Dunn, Clay Walker, Brandy Clark, fan Ezra band, fusing rock. occurs various area. Westin Resort Marina Village, 25-26. 22-24 27-28 Beach, 29-October 1. hosts performances, cruises, songwriter brunches, chefs wine pairings, Mound pool parties singer-songwriters. Country Janson headliner play closing Pink Shell ticket information, visit islandhopperfest.com download app, tickets, coupons, updates alerts. Fest. 1380 Colonial 239-278-4422 broadwaypalm.com 528 239-772-5862 facebook.comculturalparktheater Family classes infants old. Classes offered Estero, Coral. FAMILY MUSIC TIME P piano lessons orchestras, benefits wide-ranging laying instrument affords self-expression builds discipline, rewards creativity, ones pianist, composer, musicologist Erik Entwistle, taught privately challenge teaching student different. Entwistle tailors individual student, regardless age experience. students accomplish goals, explains teaches complimentary consultations. playing multisensory task strengthen muscles, increase span, improve reading ability, math, science, English test scores. daughter Margaret. He rewarding skills character thrive whole, frequently director St. Michael Angels Episcopal Church Building foundation Time, Spanish immersion class, Canta y Baila Conmigo 0-5 45-minute weekly weeks semester. week. mommy-and-me sing, dance, instruments props, teacher Kim Setser, ownerdirector Time. Each semester Together songbook, code app tuition. Free demos first-time families. Setser say enough importance childs fundamental growth development, child musical, Setser. learning sing tune, beat, creativity blossom confidence. supports overall development. refers approach learning. explains, Active music-making connections brain language, social, emotional, cognitive, too. young musicians interested flute, cello, snare drum, French horn, Symphony answer orchestra. ERIK ENTWISTLE 29 variety opportunities involved -- in-class experiencing concert. SWFL Youth Orchestra first-hand Robert Van Winkle, outreach ambassador, symphony. Rehearsals Schools calendar, least Students meet, practice, Heights practice private instruction available. Auditions, August, required participate Centers MOSAIC Musical Opportunities Supporting Community program, focused developing talent intermediate levels. Dedicated symphony students. Other initiatives Young Peoples Concert, Majors Minors, Discovery Club, Student Rush Tickets. camp Concert third fifth graders County. patrons seen heard play, Winkle. February 21, 2024, High School. Invitations schools January 2024. Minors ensembles elementary school classrooms up-close member fourth- fifth-grade Smaller learn presentation format. classroom visits hear, families substantially price. pay one-time fee join tickets SOUTHWEST FLORIDA SYMPHONY 5 each. Scholarships club available, membership graduation. Lastly, Tickets discount program high school. simply box hour performance, ID, seat 5. Numerous studies confirm participating gives advantages results, players, less stressed, develop sharper memory. Bringing critical Orchestra, 617-480-1805 erikentwistle.com 239-671-5693 familymusictime.com Locations 12995 Cleveland Avenue, Suite 158, Stoneybrook 11800 Golf Melody Lane Performing 75 Mid Terrace 7500 200, 239-418-0996 swflso.org 31 BETH LUBERECKI Beauty Trends lipstick lover face-cream fanatic Then place. Every fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup, between. GOOD VIBES ONLY Bring hair-care routine additions CHI Vibes line hair products. Hair Slay Daily Moisturizing Shampoo Split-End Mending Conditioner feature ingredients squalene avocado hydrate, protect, locks. Bodied Volumizing Foam fullness body types, Finish Balm Oil Primer Finisher So Glossy Shine Spray tame frizz smooth, shiny hair. vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free products Ulta ulta. com stores 239-334-0659, Cypress Woods Shopping 239766-4107, 239-766-4283 Coralwood 239-458-3522 Coconut Point 239-992-0361. DONT BE HEEL sandal Holler Glows Purrfect Pedi Foot Mask 4.89 foot vitamin E, kiwi extract, lactic glycolic acid. Slide sheet socks, moisturizing exfoliating magic. week, dry skin peel away, soft slip sandals. mask Target target.com. 33 SMOOTH OPERATOR Wrinkles got down Reach Dennis Gross DermInfusions Fill Repair Serum 75. Featuring hyaluronic acid hydrate plump skin, peptides firming, niacinamide brighten tone, ectoin calm soften serum powerful alternative dermatologist. Use pumps morning evening weeks. Sephora 239390-9889 sephora.com. SUPER SUNSCREENS reaching sunscreen here coast, too options. VitaSeas reef-friendly sunscreens 24, vitaseasuncare.com made potentially harmful oxybenzone octinoxate clear coverage pleasing scent. hypoallergenic, 100-percent mineral formulations suitable sensitive Ultra Sheer Mineral Sunscreen Stick SPF Hydrating Lotion 50. 34 REEF FRIENDLY Blithes Honest 26, blithecosmetic.com choice beach. chemical UVA UVB protection keeping hydrated doesnt frustrating white cast. Or ultra-lightweight Airy minimize pores sebum production control blocking suns rays. WILLIAM COX Another Sunshine State he limpkin Aramus guarauna walks slowly, flicking tail rail flies crane slight hesitation upstroke resembles wading bird. complex species reclassified scientists 1766. South West Indies. almost hunted extinction 1900s recovered protection. decline wetlands drainage, especially Everglades. Today common permanent peninsula declined unknown reasons extreme eastern Panhandle. rare panhandle Keys. returned near extirpation 5,000 pairs. listed Species Special Concern taken status 11, 2017. protected Migratory Bird Treaty Act. heronlike bird 26-28 inches wingspan 42 inches. brown streaks neck absent tail, belly, flight feathers. bill mostly culmen upper ridge beak tip. downcurved, tip bends right. black. dark. habitat freshwater lakes, ponds, creeks, rivers, marshes, broad swales, strand swamps, sloughs, impoundments, swamps. Apple snails mussels requirement limpkin. foods crustaceans, insects, frogs, lizards, worms. shallow water foraging prey, completely submerges meal. snagging prey--the apple snail--it shore mandible pound operculum. limpkins twisted horizontally sharpened maxilla. distal knifelike operculum cut attaching muscle. pounds extracts flesh. observe scattered separated opercula, mussel bank, inhabit Life information lacking seen. mysterious calls loud distinctive. Most drawn-out kreow kow. male does calling, night. During breeding female call pair duet. active observed feeding abundant, moonlit nights. long. broods per nest aquatic vegetation marsh grasses, bulrush. vine-covered shrubs, tops sabal palms, branches cavities 45 ground, abandoned raptor nests. Both parents incubate eight olive creamy buff eggs approximately precocial 4, downy, hatching, fed parents. vulnerability tied dependence snails. remain locally abundant. Fortunately, scenario associated inaccessible habitats. Several native eelgrasses forage plants snail. Exotic rapidly replacing statewide. Water hyacinth top problematic exotic plant list. floats mats shade kill submerged eelgrasses. dies frost herbicide treatment, expanses barren bottom direct impact herbicides Human disturbance limiting nesting problem. Cox ecologist Visit him williamrcoxphotography.com. 37 ROB HOOVIS FOLLOWS TRAIL LESS TAKEN PERFECT CAPT. BRIAN HOLAWAY JOE KNIGHT trails crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading views. --Edward Abbey 39 Milky Alligator Reef Light Keys U 40 nder darkest nights Atlantic Ocean, swam. 16-foot tripod clutched arm wounded bird, stroke closer Light. Hoovis. somewhere horizon, camera photographs path, remote isolated areas beyond humble, gritty, independent, street-smart photographer, Old Sparky Productions acquired league followers ability pure essence sky beauty. hand skateboard feet. passion skateboarding led filming scene. 2002 independent film skateboarding, magazine Thrasher. produced filmed longest-running contests, Tampa Pro Am, 2003 2016, span started VHS, DVD, streaming. Hong Kong, Europe, Canada, 2015 broke leg skateboarding. Needing recovering, experimenting landscape photography. photographers influenced him, reply Clyde Butcher Kolb brothers, Ellsworth Emery, opened Grand Canyon 1902. Butchers tenacity, adventurous mentality, trekking places sometimes unsafe. captured lightning photos before. 1911 boated Green Colorado documenting epic journey film. Much Hooviss perspective wild. world, become influencer. Shane Antalick, Causeway dramatic 41 captivating imagery stems adventure creatively outside norm. prestigious Basel, Useppa Sidney Berne Davis Center, Light, lighthouse miles east Indian Key friend, Knight think happy-go-lucky MacGyver, hatched plan chartered boat gear lighthouse. Once close, unloaded raftpaddleboard thousands dollars worth gear. wouldnt raft, cradled swimming wanted up. paddled flutter-kicking, pushing, pulling tall water. 2,000 balancing act successfully placed raft waves. Breaths shutters seconds seemed hour. moon wasnt shooting destination 70-foot Shark Valley observation tower, 70 Naples tower Everglades, backdrop HOOVI heart 15-mile loop trail tower. chose via bicycle dusk, carrying equipment Birds swooping orange glow gator seen, chorus frogs sang decibels, bugs varieties appeared beam flashlight blizzard. Just intrepid photographer. nighttime shoots fish houses Sound Capturing Dark, TOTI, JanuaryFebruary 2021. boat. Arriving sun out, tripods nearby jagged oyster bar. tide hours knees. shooting, unfazed sharks chased mullet outer edge came books--and tell story. Capt. Holaway Master Naturalist shelling ecotour guide 1995. charters Sound, Cayo Costa Park, Cabbage Key, Captiva. 239-822-5710 oldsparkypro.com 43 Home UNDERWATER MACRO YIELDS EXQUISITE IMAGES GLENN OSTLE Small specialties underwater photography, fascinating challenging macro close-up type silty sandy environments. ALL critters, 7,600 Philippines lush corals sponges, shown Apo Island. background tiny boxfish apper floating partner, Pam, diving together visited muck diving. Anilao Batangas region Philippines. Considered birthplaces diving, scour nudibranchs, brightly colored shrimp, weird-looking frogfish, octopus, strange critters nowhere else. To visit, signed week-long workshop sponsored Bluewater Travel Lukas Bishop. Billed seven-day boot camp, Anilaos Crystal Blue Resort, Mike Bartick, well-known name field pioneers blackwater pro. resort hillside. workshops year, dedicated left, venomous juvenile lionfish stands background, nudibranch, 1-5 mm size, fondly Shaun Sheep, appears resemble stopmotion animated series. 46 demonstrates wide aperture, narrow depth pastels foreground background. requires focusing single point, case red-barred sandperch. ONE WALL IS LARGE SIGN DESCRIBING FEW WORDS PROVEN TECHNIQUE SUCCESSFUL PHOTOGRAPHY-- NAMELY, GET LOW... G ... ET CLOSE... SHOOT UP. large, equipped. private, outfitted surge protectors lots assemble store wall describing proven successful photography--namely, Get Low... Close... Shoot Up. message impressed upon beginning, informative intense. one-hour lecture andor Erik, headed dives aboard bangkas, single-hulled double outriggers widely lunch, dives. days, participants option swap afternoon late-night dives, known. wondrous nudibranchs Essentially slugs striking extraordinary shapes. 47 Returning evening, review load flash drive. subjects critique morning. pass knowledge regarding specific techniques encourage guests images. week roughly divided assignments exposure shutter speed, ISO. Examples showed how, understanding interrelationship variables, final appearance photos. Throughout prompted shoot upward, order subabove coconut octopus carries clam quickly wrap himself ject larger plane viewer. light strobes image. fast ISO, nothing directly subject. desired, upward speed wider aperture. discussion achieve bokeh, Japanese word blurring subject stand apertures f6.7 wider, tricky narrows produces out-of-focus areas. jellyfish floated dive Xena crabs seem hide plain sight clinging blending whip coral. green highlight crab. 48 Diving outriggers, assignment closely engaged certain behaviors cleaning, mating, feeding, hunting, peak action. discussions lighting, positioning, colorizing, backlighting, encouraged snoot, separate source adjustable isolate By Pam improved takeaway remember decide composition desired result. Accompanying article illustrating workshop. Note, actually Dumaguete arrived further illustrate Ostle Ikelite Ambassador Charlotte, Carolina. Hadfield, photograph. articles publications, recognized internationally covers magazines. featherandfins.smugmug.com. Getting upwards nudibranch level red rhinophores. 49 Giants An immersive wilderness RENEE WILSON Amidstthe SALLY STEINAUDUBON estimated 535 51 stroll boardwalk forgotten painted bunting prized sighting 52 CHARLIE MCDONALD JEAN HALL M ost agree spending body, mind, soul, stepping 2-mile other. giant evokes reverence, forgotten, traffic noise replaced song. forefront conservation 20th century plume hunters decimated colonies iconic birds People paid feathers hats regard herons, egrets, spoonbills disappeared State. 1913, National Audubon assigned warden protect nested rookery. birds, decades, initial 5,680 logging, establishing sanctuary. Today, sanctuary expanded 700 acres. Standing tall, older instills sense wonder. species. heralded barred owl, cooks Who you, Barred owls old-growth forests U.S., parts Pacific Northwest tree generalist predators mammals rabbits typically dine fish, crayfish, plentiful swamp. Lucky not-so-nocturnal hunting Lettuce Lakes hear calling vocal swamp red-shouldered hawk, medium-size prey meals Visitors spot wet prairie. 53 warbler migrates spring. hawk perch. reach heights exceeding 54 B0TTOM R J WILEY snakes. Boardwalk hawks perch view ground. piercing, shrill takeoff hard miss anywhere boardwalk. crafty raptors handrails nests nearby. exciting year-round, migration prolific birding enthusiasts Warblers spectacular popping colors. May, prothonotary, warblers numerous fall, prepare south winter. MIDDLE DONALD SAWIN songbird bunting. buntings blue, green, plumage America, camouflaged olive-green yellowish below. April, migratory feeders pollinator gardens visitor center, prairie senior communications coordinator graduate University certified instructor 1986. immersed forest. perches. diet abundant Swamp. 375 West, 239-348-9151 corkscrew.audubon.org 8am 3pm, admission 1pm. exhibits, store, bird-friendly gardens, Blair serves gateway enchanting wilderness. Online recommended corkscrew.audubon.orgvisit. 55 Local colleges provide cultural outlets rt campuses fall. Bob Rauschenberg Barbara B. Mann Hall Southwestern FSW Wasmer TheatreLab FGCU schedules. 50th-anniversary tribute exhibition seminal 70s80s PunkNew Wave band Devo, running 9, according Jade Dellinger, exhibitions FSW. follow-up Postcards Democracy installation conceptual musician Beatie Wolfe Devo manlead Mothersbaugh. coincides titled Was End DEVO Ohio Akron Press, tracing band. Dellinger co-wrote Giffels. site-specific never-before-seen artifacts, handwritten lyrics bands bestknown song Whip It, stage-worn concert-used masks, instruments, multimedia newly restored films MTV videos Exhibition MondayFriday, 10am4pm Saturday, 11am3pm. Manns Aaron Lewis comedian Rodney Carrington comedian, actor, producer Gatto Christian Zach Williams 20. hosting TheatreZone actors. Luca Molnar FGCUs September. Baker-Miller Pink, linen. campus entertainers, ensembles, IMAGE LUCA MOLNAR BARBARA MANN Citrus Flux alumni. CITRUS FLUX DESIGN ANICA STURDIVANT HEATHERS COAST UNIVERSITY Wild Garden. Five artists--Jen Clay, Cynthia Mason, Molnar, Grace Ramsey, Anastasia Samoylova--drift surreal mediums methods. Monday Friday alumni completed MFAs adorn 13-November 16. Lauren Ashley Baker BA 2010 MFA 2018, University, Jessica Dehen 2014 Miami, Karri Leamon Indiana University-Purdue Indianapolis opening reception talk 5pm. Friday, 10am-4pm. productions, actors, Joanna K. Hoch, universitys Bower School Arts. collaborative performance Heathers hilarious, heartfelt, homicidal based 1989 teen name. Showtimes 12-14 730pm, 2pm matinee 14- 15. Also concerts, lectures, Hoch. Playing Heathers, 13350 239-481-4849 bbmannpah.com 8099 L, 239-489-9313 rauschenberggallery.com Complex 10501 S., 239-590-1000 fgcu.edutheatrelab fgcu.eduartgalleries 57 offerings Sarasota landmark I-75 John Mable Sarasota. 66-acre estate joy museum, the, Ca dZan mansion, Circus Museum, bayfront grounds. vast representing arts, circus history, arboretum, diverse delight engage reluctant museum-goers, Helen Zarling. Two highlights guided tours mansion Italian Baroque art. 36,000-square-foot dZan, 1926, transports Ringlings lavish Roaring Twenties lifestyle. homes quarters insight Tours culminate five-story-high Belvedere stunning views sparkling Bay, quickly, advance. Estate museums, theaters, gardens. JOHN MABLE RINGLING MUSEUM ART collection, archives, exhibitions, aficionados mark calendars exhibition, Guercinos Friar Earring Fra Bonaventura Bisi, Painter Dealer, ending 7, loans selections exceptional investigates Bisi 1601-1659, Franciscan friar dealer, printmaker, painter miniatures major figure 17th-century Bologna significant scholarship examining portrait renowned Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, Il Guercino, Bisis career, miniature Italy, men period. complementary 500 Years Drawings Princeton simultaneously. current temporary exhibits solo Lorna Bieber World Deco Lacquer Textiles Japan 22. lively interactive squeezing clown car wire. Bayfront Gardens glorious wonders, Rose Garden, Secret Dwarf Garden stone statues shipped Italy. museum grounds concession drink grill dining. experiences, exploration, discovery, respite all, short hop interstate Floridians. 5401 Shore 941-359-5700 ringling.org 59 well-designed eases pain homework MEGA NAPLES Loft beds allow study below rooms Childrens furniture size needs. Desk drawers labeled organization. splashes work, calmer Storage sort spaces, bookshelves corner cabinets. omework inescapable fact school-age quiet Styling bedrooms cozy allowing productive studies, harmonious balance chore. share clean proper tools, clutter effective toddler teen, Diane DeWald, Mega Kids adults decades. tips functional bedrooms. imperative decluttered, be. Dust, vacuum, declutter once pitch gain vested interest clean. essential placement, consider purchasing specifically children. overwhelm Sometimes loft smaller rooms, underneath. Often, patterns colors, stimulation gets bedroom. pertains blankets rugs pillows dcor. reflect personality, avoid decorating entire prints maintains comfort. workstation schoolwork stay focused. tuck-under desks, cabinets, shelving room. lamps lighting books strain eyes. chair difference. opt sturdy furniture. Consider adding bookshelves, under-bed storage, supplies. Children tidier organized labels, bins shelves. timesaver items easily away in-store presentations retail DeWald. questions, right-handed left-handed, storage sleep-study spaces. multifunctional--from sleeping spaces-- efficiently planned well. 160 9th Street S, 239-434-5437 megakidsnaples.com GINA BIRCH SHIRT DRESS Refined relaxed, Raphaela Shirt Dress Marcella transition Made soft, breathable cotton oversized fit, crisp collar, mother-of-pearl buttons, geometric pocket finishing touch. buying cause revolutionize ethics benefit women girls globally. 138 marcellanyc.comproductsraphaela-shirtdress ICE DESIGNS Impress friends designer ice cocktails. easy Ice Designer, brass plate cube pressed it. embossed thick, deep grooves conductive metal, lasts relatively drink. Cool creative. 197 theicedesigner.com GLASS, DRINK Riedel varietal-specific glasses, glassware technology bar Drink Specific Glassware Double Rocks glass, example, cubes bourbon tequila mocktails. Set riedel.com FOLDING KNIFE ZERO Folding Knife Cangshan statement. fine-grained M390 steel, blade razor-sharp corrosion resistant. cut-out handle titanium 188 stain-resistant steel locking blade. sophisticated folding knife. 249.95 cangshancutlery.com BOTANICAL CHOCOLATE Medicine chocolate YES Yes Cacaos product ultimate comfort organic herbs, teas, flowers, mushrooms, superfoods. choices--Brain Power, Endurance, Bliss Out--to brain, taste buds bars yescacao.com RETRO TOASTER 70s trending, Big Chill retro-inspired, appliances performing Newer Retro Toaster, kitchen counter. van splash color. 175 bigchill.com retro-toaster.aspx 63 FILTERED SHOWERHEAD companies, Jolie filtered showerhead removes chlorine, heavy metals, contaminants. hair, well-being. 148 jolieskinco.com COFFEE Cuisinart, 2-in-1 Coffeemaker needs coffee lover. drip pod, hot iced, cups carafe 12. faster brew bold flavor setting. 199.95 cuisinart.com CLASSY COOLER cooler Scout Bags function tote. long, detachable strap, shoulder go. zips closed molded upright ground countertop. 82 scoutbags.com 64 COUNTERTOP WINE FRIDGE cellar, high-tech, countertop trick. compact, slim, thermoelectric, compressor-free cooling systems chill bottles quietly efficiently. dual zones reds whites temps serving demand. 499.95 WATCH aficionado, radar. Swiss watchmaker Angelus timepiece partnership Bordeaux Chateau Angelus. dial freezedried lees. Only Watch, research Duchenne muscular dystrophy genetic diseases. auction, 5, watches. Talk Christmas gift. onlywatch.com 65 Tequilas mixologist ambassadorChef Meredith Ouzounian mixing Cardamom Cider Margarita. scents spice cinnamon begin fill air. crisp, air, air conditioning units that, desperate summer. Nevertheless, comes drinks, seasonal shift despite thermometer ideas entertaining beer, wine, spirits. SPIRITS Tequila boxed spirit, recipe, tequila-based cocktail Florida-based brand Weber Agave highlands lowlands HiLo Jalisco, Mexico. Costas ambassador chef cider margarita season. reposado, aged oak barrels. warm smooth undertones complement spices cardamom, fruits apples spin classic margarita. Margarita ounces pinch cardamom ounce lemon juice Marnier liqueur Reposado Garnish Salt rim, twist shaker, add ice, cider, juice, liqueur, Reposado. Shake Rim chilled glass salt cardamom. Add shaken glass. twist. Amaro well-regarded bittersweet herbaceous spirit Sicily darling mixologists country. Averna guarded secret recipe originating Capuchin abbey Caltanissetta, Sicily. enjoyed straight digestif. cocktails distinct layer flavor. Evan Wolf Burger Orleans. Marga 67 Chef relaxing Arvena Flannel Szn syrup Combine shaker shake chill. Strain rocks crushed ice. Syrup sugar honey sticks star anise pods tablespoon allspice teaspoon cloves Dissolve heat steep taste. cooled, refrigerate 68 NUMBER SEASONAL ALES DARK CRAFT BEERS BEING RELEASED NOW SUBSTANTIAL. Dos Equis BEER Beer base libations. ales dark craft beers being released substantial. Ambar Especial Vienna-style lager roasted malt flavors, caramel, burnt sugar. Perfect flavorful cider. 6 habanero infused lime reposado agave slice Make habanero-infused soaking 100g peppers gallon temperature longer Pour stir. Top Ambar. slices. 69 sangria slam Sangrias manner fruits. reserved alone. topper cocktails, sparkling. Casillero del Diablo official Halloween, bottling chardonnay cabernet margarita, Katie Stryjewski, blanco nectar cup Malbec tequila, blender. smooth. wine. Even rocks. Cheers. contributor. media personality cooking Lobster Mashed Potatoes Restaurant Ocean Prime Serves 4-6 lobster meat tablespoons paprika butter stick whipped mixer Whipped cream milk unsalted kosher chives Saut butter. pan, mix mashed potatoes, butter, cream. Put potatoes dish extra top. paprika. Idaho cold pepper Peel halve pot water, simmer. Cook fork tender throughout. Immediately drain steam minutes. steaming, saucepan melted. alone mixture continue slowly. Continue slowly go, whipping volume. liquid mix, needed. 699 5th Avenue South, Inn Fifth, 239-4300404, ocean-prime.comlocations-menusnaples ALPHABET TREE DROTLEFF 76 TO CONTINUED 77 Between Lines heartwarming novel Lego Blocks with. Astro Turf prevent roaming. Sadly, did survive devastating fans. unlike Marcellus, Remarkably Bright Creatures, debut Shelby Pelt, Marcellus inhabitant Sowell Aquarium Northwest. nine brains hearts, acute observer humans him. informs readers. plaque beside enclosure. Yes, read, tells expect. Indeed. befriended Tova Sullivan, evenings cleaning aquarium octopus. understands depths Marcelluss intelligence. escapes confines roaming treasures. manages late. couple occasions. suffering tragic inexplicable death high-school son presumed boating accident. circumstances surrounding satisfactorily explained, constant torment Tova. gotten fellow quirky charming town Bay. Into lands Cameron, hapless well-meaning soul drug-addicted mother child. father, whom reason lives boys class ring mothers belongings sprains ankle, Cameron becomes replacement aquarium, unlikely friends. meanwhile, observing conclusions truth. convey remarkably creatures smile. Bailey-Matthews visitors, lovable exhibit. RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 ronandsons.com Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Central Vac 239.939.0077 Serving Of accentbp.com ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS CopierPrinterScanners Printer Service Supplies Print Cost Recovery Management 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel claudiospestmanagement.com CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Termite Treatment Pest Control Across Down 2. 3. 4. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 17. 19. 21. 25. 26. 27. 30. 33. 36. Cascade Coffee shop 11. Cleared lawn leaves 13. Book contents 14. Police alert, abbr. ya Flower disk middle Pleasant, weather-wise Very hot, weather 21.Declare Alien film, Span gorge Be 29. Highlands hillside 31. Shelter 32. promenade 34. Slightly wet, 35. Tropical 37. However, briefly 38. Spa treatment 39. in, wood Sing, remembered Scratch Color sunsets View Important ingredient beach Cosmetic preparation Where meets Orange Cocktail mainstay Cave dweller ___ Theory, sandcastles Taking bites Soft wrong Kittens cry Walks Boat docking Conforms Luminous Cry discovery PUZZLE O E Hidden Word darkness encounter. Mother Teresa DANIELA JAEGER COVER Photographer remote, Photography, Cover image VOL. NO. U.S. 4.95 LETTING GO, MOVING FORWARD TIMES ISLANDS INSPIRED JEWELRY CAN WEAR LIBATIONS SUIT SEASON Published SIP INTO FALL STALKING PHOTOGRAPHER TRAVELED Display

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