TOTI_ND19.indd 1 10219 209 PM 2 3 34 46 features TRANSITIONS TASTY Seven Southwest Florida family businesses-- restaurants and food purveyors--pass the torch to next generation. Find out whos taking reins, stepping back, what innovations are coming. THE FRESH Take another look at Fort Lauderdale. This South city blends its well-known beachy vibe with a new cosmopolitan flair, making it hipper edgier than ever. FACE OF FORT LAUDERDALE 50 DRESSING A When comes creating clothes wow power, Punta Gorda fashion designer Helen Gerro is top of her game artsy couture ready-to-wear styles that will definitely get you noticed. FASHIONISTA SPECIAL SECTION 56 58 62 66 68 Periwinkle Place Whats Cooking More Than Just Show Serve Up Southern Pie Mind Your Wine 4 TOTI.COM NOVEMBERDECEMBER 2019 423 5 departments 22 10 PUBLISHERS LETTER 12 GULF COAST ZEITGEIST Snowbirds Feather 14 MAKING WAVES Marathon Mission 16 HISTORY Gifts From Bay 20 BEAUTY Beauty Trends FASHION Party Time COASTAL COMMERCE 26 Sewn With Love 30 Adding Curb Appeal 33 ARTS Simply Stunning 54 WHATS IN STORE Hot in 70 CHEERS I Bar 76 RECIPES WE LOVE SWFL 78 EPICURIOUS Dining Guide 100 98 CROSSWORD FOR KIDS Passing Down Holiday Traditions 102 PETS Pet Sitters Rescue 104 NATURES NOTEBOOK House Finch 106 OUT ABOUT Tree Life 112 108 EXPLORER Alluring Alys Beach FLYAWAYS Sightseeing Adventures 114 BETWEEN LINES Another Sanibel Sunset Detective Classic 116 CALENDAR Where Go What Do 122 STAY TUNED Finding Voice 124 TO YOUR HEALTH Medication Safety 125 COMMUNITY 127 SERVICES AND PROFESSIONALS Coming up JanFeb 128 JOURNAL ers om offer. t s cu cial ue tBl spe e j or 1f ift f g age p See The issue all about enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle. Well help find ways enjoy natural wonders for which this area famous, whether choose hiking nearby trails paddling kayak our waterways. Plus, well give lowdown on sports from interactive work spectator variety, where watch action field court. 6 7 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger MANAGING EDITOR Patricia Letakis CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones PROOFREADER CONTRIBUTING Elizabeth Grimm SENIOR CONSULTING Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL Beth Luberecki VIDEO JOURNALIST, FITNESS WRITER Klaudia Balogh DIGITAL CONTENT WRITERS Balogh, Nina Barbero, Gina Birch, William R. Cox, Erik Entwistle, Dayna Harpster, Libby McMillan Henson, Brian Holaway, Jan Holly, Letakis, Luberecki, Jeff Lytle, Randall H. Niehoff, Ann Marie OPhelan PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Nick Adams, Dave Drotleff, ADVERTISING SALES Friedrich N. 239-472-0205, ext. 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It was Premiere Issue, reached public throughout communities November-- just time Thanksgiving. marked beginning Media. Little did know then several other magazines would follow Gulf Main, Estero, Living, along numerous custom publications websites. As wrap 2019, realize how quickly passes. For sure, can say there never dull moment. Oftentimes lean back reflect accomplished years. We dive into past, turning memorable moments seem distant foggy, but truly etched minds bring smiles faces. If havent taken deep past lately, try it. Youll surprised pleasant thoughts come mind. Over years have been fortune enough meet so many lovely people. Our gratitude goes them--for order successful, one depends others. In publishing business, people involved producing each timely manner. Therefore, want thank everyone who family. Many them us since start, almost 25 years, absolutely wonderful. loyal subscribers, advertising partners, contributing writers, photographers, editors, proofreaders, designers, printers, distributors IT specialists. such list thank, clearly evident requires abundance talent produce quality products. Even though these days often considered free source many, someone has put everything together, make happen. And thanks support receive serve, team able do also express members, especially sons. wish best them. only your children graduate college, establish themselves jobs they dreamed successfully living their own, must done something right. higher guides protects every person day. Founder Media PHOTO COURTESY MEDIA, INC. highlight young entrepreneurs, members generation reins successful businesses members. You read got today bond. Tasty Transitions page 34. families blessed holiday season promises healthy prosperous future--another grateful. 11 gulf coast zeitgeist BY DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF ... Flocking together Coast islands Clothes as text, narration, story--the story lives. --Linda Grant, Thoughtful Dresser species. These numbers were down 2017 count 17,566 birds, 105 species, result residual effects 2018 late-summers red tide a.m. high morning. Grateful always Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Audubon anticipating normal crowd flockers perhaps even record number species identified. Meanwhile, folks here grouped population posts average above most states listed far end spectrum millennials. Despite unique personal clothing, casual observers tempted categorize visible signs physical maturity white hair lack thereof-- gives rise names Q-tip, coot, geezer more politically correct elder, senior citizen, retiree. Today, says dont grow old, live long time--and are. So, should called According Maureen Conners, leader technology, right word older customers perennials. Why Because still alive year, blossom again again, breaks starting over repeatedly. Put census book Dr. Niehoff determined bloom he planted 1991. hese insightful words English journalistauthor Linda Grant happy spirit during islands. During warm, sunny cool, clear nights, locals winter visitors alike found gathering places dine--whether two-legged primates two-winged avians. Both groups lot shopping humans search presents exchange, while bird neighbors primarily hunt food. distance individuals identify flocks outward appearance People rely distinctive birds cloaked colorful feathers. tells suggests name. Before turn 20th century grim annual flocking together. tradition Christmas Side Hunt launched effort largest pile feathered, furred, quarry win prize. Concerned alarmed, Frank Chapman ornithologist early officer Society proposed Bird Census rather kill 1900, volunteer hunts across country resulted 90 being documented. December marks 120th anniversary census, San-Cap Audubons Annual Count place around North America. Last 15 islands, 117 volunteers counted 9,582 101 different 13 Running raise funds Hope Kids Care C harles Idelson, chairman board directors Healthcare, plans celebrate his 70th birthday unusual way. He lace sneakers run New York City Nov. least 70,000--matching thousand times--for Care, program Healthcare. Although last Idelson ran NYC marathon 2009, says, Im excited challenge myself ambitious goal. Charles Chairman Board Directors Healthcare Advertise First click QR code resource focused keeping Floridas happy, Magazine filled helpful advice local expertise. Complimentary provided 239.472.0205 PHOTOS BOTH PAGES HOPE HEALTHCARE extend you. --Charles donation provide supplies art music therapy programs, 250 secure counseling tools, 500 essential medical supplies, 1,000 send child Rainbow Trails Bereavement Camp. Donations any size efforts offer comfort tiniest hearts affected serious illness. donations tax-deductible acknowledged writing records. gift donate.hopehcs.orgidelson. trains marathon. DAYNA HARPSTER Mound museum--its adventure An underground exhibit contains cutaway shell mound landmark sits, exposing layers shells. guide trips, Dexter Norris block--or rather, bay. environmental educator House, led excursions year. gets seeing delighted kayakers trips. Held year-round, launch House--on Register Historic Places arguably best-kept secret Myers Beach--regularly yield gifts While writer Anne Morrow Lindbergh famously extolled Sea, Mexicos stepsister waterway Boulevard charms. About half Ive trips comment knew here, no matter theyre Indiana Springs, says. visit shallow, 15-square-mile inlet Mexico sits nearly three acres landscaped grounds atop 2,000-year-old mound, surrounded Bay. yields clues lives extinct Calusa, On native plants grow. Ancient trees Caloosa Carvers 4,000-pound pine tree authentic Calusan dugout canoe. MOUND HOUSE wood talented carvers replicas items used original shows shells inhabitants needed daily propertys restored 1920s-style mansion--the oldest structure Beach--is museum objects representing history Calusa settlers Cuban rancheros. Out bay, manatees, dolphins, sea turtles rays regular appearances, ospreys, herons, brown pelicans, anhingas depending day, conditions and, probably all, chance. Some days, wildlife abundant youd swear Discovery Channel theme playing background, loves wildlife, favorite aspect trip Artifacts housed House. might navigating through narrow channels mangroves Preserve. group, single file, cant see anyone else, feel like youre wild yourself, scheduled various twilight full moon sunset, afternoon cooler months summer. Family 17 Restored 1920s glory, offers pottery painting workshop style Calusa. Motorized boat tours Fish-Tale Marina kids others IF YOU GO older. Beginners welMound come, limited 451 Connecticut St., paddlers. 239-765-0865 motorized FishTale dock Key, archaeological dig capital generally held January April, participants immersive experience way 40-foot Sunseeker tour boat, Express II. staff including Norris, plus Katy Culp Penny Jarrett, knowledgeable naturalists educators present programs topics ranging weapons gardens property, guided more. workshops open ages up. Painters use themes designs inspired plant life pots take home. Like workshops, costs 5. Other artisans property third Tuesday month April. regularly demonstrate woodworking skills tools. project involves huge log canoe navigate Participants booklet illustrate project, start finish. Theres much see, learn, do, Alison Giesen, director archaeologist. land here--and Tuesday, Wednesday Saturday, p.m., May December. same hours Saturday. Museum admission adults, students college ID 12. Harpster contributor Kayak naturalist paddlers, onto 18 19 BETH LUBERECKI Every issue, fabulous fragrances luxurious products, beauty must-haves between SPRAY AWAY Looking special guy maybe yourself Check Mens Fragrance Cigar Coffret Set Tommy Bahama 50. Packaged attractive cigar box, set halfounce spray bottles laidback companys popular mens tropical Him, ocean-inspired Maritime woodsy Deep Blue. Pick store Coconut Point 239-947-2203, 210 RESPECTIVE VENDORS BARE MINIMUM wearing makeup, makeup... Urban Decays Stay Naked Weightless Liquid 39 available shades match skin tone, options intensity undertone. vegan formula breathable, waterproof matte coverage 24 hours. blemishes dark circles need extra covering up, add Correcting Concealer 29, demi-matte shades. Sephora 239-390-9889, Ulta stores Bell Tower Shops 239-334-0659,, 239-992-0361 Coralwood Center 239-458-3522. FRINGE BENEFITS lashes arent looking lush reach LOral Paris Lash Serum Solution 14.99. ophthalmologist-tested product thats suitable contact lens wearers sensitive eyes helps strengthen, reinforce, nourish repair lashes. After four weeks use, fringe go feeble fab. Head mass-market drug retailers try. JUST RELAX pretty stressful. So calm down, some EO products soothing French lavender scent. Hand Sanitizer 4.99 both peaceful aroma germ-fighting ingredients, alcohol derived non-GMO sugar cane. Body Lotion 8.99 relaxing moisturization combination botanical extracts organic jojoba sesame oils. sulfate-free Soap leaves hands clean smelling lovely. variety scents Market Earth 239-226-0006, 21 PATRICIA LETAKIS UP HOLIDAY FUN festive parties celebrations, sparkling. style--mini, maxi romper--we covered fashions big sequins, lame fringe, stay subtle soft velvet. Christina Gold Pleated Halter Midi Dress 92 arrived styles. Its shiny, textured gold knit fabric glimmers iridescent sheen, halter neckline drawstring easy fit. However, noticeable feature full-pleated skirt designed twirling on--and off--the dance floor. Infinite Dreams Burgundy Rose Ombre Sequin Maxi mermaid shape simply alluring. Shiny rose transitions shimmering light sense elegance. sparkling pink don My Strapless Lace-Up Skater 91. flirty box-pleated hidden layer tulle look, princess-style bodice boasts sexy lace-up back. Give party shot glamour Once Lifetime Off-the-Shoulder Mini 74. sequins let sparkle, details side slit show off little leg. 23 Bare leg Wow Factor Purple Metallic Surplice Romper 47. plunging sheer flounce sleeves fluttering shorts onepiece outfit, holidays introduces collection Velvet Sands. exclusive laundering process silk viscose velvet washed, vintage feel, added definition surface interest. Easy, yet luxurious, Cowl Neck Hoodie Sea Teal 195 Wide Leg Pant black 85 meaning sportswear separates. deco-inspired pattern fringed scalloped hemline, Full Glam Fringe looks if belongs speakeasy. Rows beads stunner good dose glam power. NINA BARBERO Rita Dascioriene works sewing machine Alterations shop Kelly Road Myers. celebrates R ita calls alterations That nickname isnt testament shops warm reception clients, acknowledgment why she opened spend daughter, Daisy Steele, 2001 watching Dasciorienes 6-month-old granddaughter, Gabriella. had separate room my grandchild place, laugh. Two later, welcomed second shop. She Steele grandchildren played alongside tailoring world mystery Dascioriene, went design school Lithuania focus experience, speedy aboveand-beyond approach customer service helped business thrive base. suits coats continued after graduation career industry. moved United States husband daughter late 90s visiting friend falling love area. worked Rita--Dascioriene focusing altering clothing scratch, jewelry--for before husbands business. Now appointment weekdays excluding Thursdays. clothes, sure fit perfectly. above-and-beyond resident Sandy Grogman client 2001, showed simple act kindness left impression. mother airport pants hem hanging recalls. saw sign thinking pin something. explained situation, asked could pant told mother, recently stroke, move very slowly car rush airport. color wearing. outside thread needle sewed 27 211 creates Daisys wedding dress. moms there--and money it, Now, needs recommended friends. people, act. Cheryl Fleming recommends network lived Florida, best, exclusively now appreciate works. forward going place. Shes creative, shes does, name, enjoys scratch. made daughters dress makes request. teaches small group classes Saturdays. because really teach them, am whatever know. 17, genuine interest sewing, parents go. They asking skills, fourth four-hour class, struggling hand-stitch own tote bags, pillow covers machine. April smaller unit building, busy upholstery work, retire. doing, ready quit, 239437-7482 11595 Barbero freelance journalist based Florida. 28 FROM TOP BARRY MILLIGAN RITA DASCIORIENE 29 home welcoming touch decorative brackets H ave noticed homeowners expressing creativity mailboxes Nowadays boring metal postal box extinct. Drive neighborhood youll replaced animated representative Sunshine State--rotund shapely seahorses, open-mouth fish, feathery palm cartoonist Horton, mailbox outlet creativity. One day looked Nature Brackets thought, spot under produces calling fun. ornamental workshop, cut accessories mounted mailbox. soon colFlorida lifestyle, lection brackets--and address plaques, wife Diane named hooks porch company Brackets. brackets. Besides adding artistic boosting homes curb appeal, 212 NATURE BRACKETS frame entrance plaque complements door, exterior. porches pool decks shelving. sells shelf kits, include properly sized board. door hook, hang towel robe mermaids tail starfishs arm. wood, actually weather-resistant PVC hold weather, northern climates. crisp painted latex acrylic paint. Installing takes minutes. 90-degree angle, mailbox, deck, stainless steel screws 31 Cartoonist Horton brackets, PVC, range fish snowflakes. buy several, changing season. turtle managing editor 32 created clever designs, classics turtle, heron, seahorse. fishing enthusiast tarpon, marlin, sailfish, bass tuna, horticulturist hibiscus, paradise pineapple shapes. Twice seasonal featuring snowflake tree. options, hardest deciding favorite. sell 57.95 9.95-12.95, hardware install. To collections kits Ace Hardware online KL AUDIA BALOGH SIMPLY STUNNING Adams Photography captures milestone images videos W ith behind camera lens, knows angles, lighting precise capture true essence event. Top photographers earned reputation professionalism quality. think, difference photographer circumstances, experienced adverse situations. key success photography thinking, finding angles portray couple familys personality. most. photography, Seeing wedding--and photos--is rewarding part. Adamss began London. 1993. working cruise ships, met Lori, vacationing Delaware, Ohio. England, married Photography. 1998, expanded videography. His studio behind-the-scenes work--editing, framing post-wedding production--but photo shoots. Everything happens in-house, Adam develop fully functioning here. clients mother-of-the-bride, Susie Phelps Kellys photos sent me sneak peek jaw dropped Downright perfect Each shared say, couldnt agree moment you, chosen correctly. fun bill. last, booth 239-395-7671, Taking advantage beautiful beaches sunsets Captiva portraits. NICK ADAMS PHOTOGRAPHY culinary scene percolates energy ideas steps family-owned ever-changing food-centric STORY GINA BIRCH DANIEL JAEGER DANIELA alk owns likely tell dream keep family, eventually handing keys unique. theres kind responsibility. email concerns out-of-state corporate offices grocery store, gas station itself. Families unapologetically beliefs, principals philosophies workplace culture filters better worse, employees. They, turn, pass customers--producing environment unlike There point elder wants step transitioning question becomes accomplish maintaining integrity relationships formed talked areas best-known restaurateurs purveyors transition. Generations tandem, youthful hopes fresh times. thing common generations certainly away. Calli Johnson manages wine Baileys. Mead Richard Baileys General S tore Mead, Richard, Calli, Bailie Dane took 2008, radar, quietly buying Meads father. generation, G-4s, house mark Store Island. program, office manager facilities engineer. jokes, majority scenes, pressured join wanted hoped tools success. tried decisions theyd prepared life. think advantage--and ours well, explains. 35 son, Dane, engineer 36 notes excel completely things model. important is, instrumental parallel technology. dad embrace technology catching table maintain competitive presence market. Her father agrees, adding, five ago. LEFT coming months, redeveloped, according experiential. explains, strongly significant contribution future community pleased few adds, siblings recognize fortunate honor heritage bringing current Flavors Savor Smoked meats fish. Powered cherry smoker cooks ribs chicken famous dips. 37 Marty Harrity Doc Fords Rum Grille Martys Meliss Alleva Joe Harrity, restaurant invested Beached Whale 1977. Today ownership Dixie Fish Company, St. Pete. finally son leave Atlanta time. marketing materials. whole Atlanta, Dad throw light-hearted jabs guilt-trip home, laughing. addition helping expansion plans, bottling selling sauce wildly Yucatan Shrimp. Joes sister Philadelphia when, ago, wooed manage Fish. dad, Hes wisdom. listening knowledge applying 38 great pride going. --Marty grows, focus. employees guests, intangible element believe leads greater taught treat growing Meliss. anything didnt daughter. cares employee treats thing. restaurants, saying, stepped job world. charge momentum fired court ball hoop. Pound steamed shrimp, tossed spicy butter, garlic, lime juice, sambal chilis. crusty bread dipping. Nicholas Alves aunt, Harriette Mattson, Eve Jac Island Pork Belly. Rubbed complex blend herbs citrus, meat smoked Finished oven, sliced served pickled vegetables. dish demand runs out, wait two 40 grew continuing Grille. Not pastry chef Nicholas, general manager. husband, Alex, Congress Jewelers night mayor restaurant. mothers near-perfect SAT score, pursue biomedical engineering. enjoyed gut, right, restaurateur switched either. like, Moms Five bulb on. clicked. feels exception cooking--until now. spent trenches, line, saying important. charge, fill facets. lead understand things. hard owner mother. doesnt setting him until walks shoes Aha traditional employee-employer relationship--so certain actions bad. laughing, Greek Gemini spirited woman. puts perspective first. foundation, else comes, Dan Billheimer uncle, Mike L ight Cafe decades helm iconic Lighthouse east paying passing nephew, Billheimer. 1988, bought dentist originally purchased children. But older, time, Mike. papers offering golden opportunity entrepreneur. Mikes nephew Dan, chef, coveted kitchens Colorado City. track bigger jobs, holding else. Then uncle called--with opportunity. driving pull freaking out. thought shot--not mention job. wondered, Am worthy given shot. buys alter legendary breakfast lunch offerings. longtime patrons sat jokingly warn change anything, theyll straighten piece wire, Dont worry wont. elements elevating dinner background composing dishes entre-oriented. seven grandchildren, committed lifelong consultant--maintaining hundreds hes formed. regulars quite liking having synergy great. cool with. ever had. Toast. Features thick, dense slices dipped custard batter, grilled. drizzled real Vermont maple syrup sprinkled powdered sugar. 41 213 Malia Samson father, Samson, Spoondrift Bowls Kathy Restaurant Spoondrif establishment Michigan Malia, toddler. Growing eponymous returned weekend help. Samsons vacationed planned relocate island begin life, Jeff. locate state, packed faith. Without brick-and-mortar restaurant, secured space Farmers Market, poke bowls. bowls headline menu establishment, Shopping Center. finger pulse patiently waiting happened--a location Golf Club, name resurrected. anniversary. OG Original Poke Bowl. Sushi rice base, topped diced tuna--raw seared. Add cucumber, onion, edamame, nori, pineapple, flying row cilantro. 42 obsessed trends. Laughing, constantly toes. ahead curve has, dimension, trends social media side. hands-on, I, same, imagine chimes learned baton. creative getting younger, too, timing. luckiest Ill granted--ever. Sal Basile Alex Saucy Meatball bittersweet, Sal. decades, comforting Italian owned boy, bused tables pizza 28, space, Gateway. Offering classic recipes, modern twists newer, younger vibe. travel internationally, exploring roots inspiration menu. traveling, mentor call micro-managing. biggest changes brand Laughing lights lights, music, AC--it phone. notes, pays bills assists daughters, Maria Alaina, Meatball, Rise Grind Cafe. double-edged sword. love. Were blood. proud Alex. want. Red Sauce item Basiles pride. foundation cuisine, Meatballs best-selling dishes. 43 Jack, Dennis Chris Shin Jack Shins foray concession stand Skatium--to sons, Dennis, traveling ice hockey teams. entrepreneur relocated City, liked lacking Asian dining experiences, hibachi. Toyko Japanese Steakhouse Springs Marines, joined Id hospitality sometimes happen expecting Ember Korean teakhouse Father Tokyo manager, Paul Haynes 44 --Dennis tiki bar, branding Coy Lounge, major remolding California surf himself. sitting bar night, chefs changed hungry chef-driven, customer-oriented curated--from plating, ingredients staff, sold brought Jennifer, kitchen, cooking heart soul, recipes handed generations. role largely finances. sons freedom ideas. Chris, returning fulfill full-circle Everyone job, money--it passion. AYCE Can Eat BBQ. Choose pork shoulder, belly, chicken, bulgogi, calamari meats. Seared tabletop grill, multiple banchan, savory experience. Birch personality lover wine, contributes 45 Fresh Face Lauderdale Hip, edgy ever, laid-back beach attitude Tour water taxi. FATVillage ArtWalk ALL GREATER CONVENTION VISITORS BUREAU Las Olas andwiched intense urban Miami sophisticated wealth Palm Beach, relaxed destination defined boat. quintessential bright skies breezy rediscover citys vibe, base resort. fact, located smack center boulevard skirts Atlantic Ocean. Here traffic--cars cruising asphalt bikini-clad pedestrians parading sands--is bustling. upscale properties, Ritz-Carlton Four Seasons opening fall 2020, claimed spots seaside stretch well. lay land, bicyclists pedaling comfy cruisers oversize baskets, compliments hotel, sandy shore. sharp Sunrise speeding drawbridge, constructed Intracoastal Waterway connect mainland tall boats passage. Arriving George Park, canary-yellow kayaks grassy bank Middle River. quick lesson Blue Moon Outdoor guide, Lauren Ridley, towering million-dollar yachts dwarf glide by. river widens, narrows turns low-rise condominiums boast spacious patios pools private watery maze canals known. At point, Ridley stops Look, W. Notice resemble ship. enough, lines, curves slants ocean liner hotels architecture. continues, explaining intentional plan promote ports Back mix see-and-be-seen congregating WET, resorts Bold geometric tiles classy deck surrounding square pool, picture-window walls stairway allow bathers swimming underwater sun-tanned legs wade sipping cocktails. Mingling WET experience--whether perch adjacent grill soaking sun lounger. 47 214 El Vez known Mexican tequila selection views. scene, Anna MacDiarmid described arrival. lifestyle said, elaborating guests expect wont luxury properties. latest--and next--great design, fashion, plenty Lauderdales beachfront strip, Steak 954 newer Vez. Dinner starts stroll corridor wall transformed illuminated royal blue aquarium. jellyfish distinguished floral-like markings translucent bodies. Watching gracefully float hypnotic, spell broken laugh waiter, Maxwell. Tall salt-and-pepper well-trimmed beard, ushers showers meticulous attention. baby beet salad toasted pistachios goat cheese, prime 40-day dry-aged strip competes miso broiled maitake mushrooms bok choy entre. Sides roasted cauliflower rich creamy mac cheese arrive. finale chocolate cake Maxwell lavishly describes milk crumble, passion fruit malted vanilla bean cream, mouths watering. morning openair patio elevated street level seated clear, unobstructed view sand studded swaying against sky. huevos rancheros--fried eggs salsa, chorizo, beans guacamole--while revolves emphasis Baja-style seafood. Sipping coffee, study top-shelf tequilas prominently displayed. Beyond brightly colored murals depicting Day Dead holiday. perks staying participate complimentary boot camp session--or yoga class--on sands. Alvaro Figares cones unpacking battle ropes. Fit toned envy most, greets friendly smile shy first-timer ease. Dressed fitted dark-gray T-shirt shorts, trainer stands barefoot workout jumping jacks rate stretches, squats, sprints building upper body strength pulling elastic bands anchored tree, heels dug sand. beats gym. Diners Brew Caf arts district 48 ANDREW HEKTOR fascinating aquarium raw platter steak dining-entertainment slated Sistrunk Marketplace Brewery, district. hall, aims eat drink. classes, installations musical performances among sampling kiosks includes Osom Crepes, Lime Craft Tacos Ceviche Bar, Empanada Bodega, Khoffner Shady Distillery. boating destination, doubt dynamic character worth exploring. Guests swim, drink stylish evening discover percolating Intracoastal. Rhythm Vine, garden-like blocks north downtown hub, start. silver Airstream trailer, cocktail slingers serving drinks Tequila Me Softly tequila, lime, Aperol grapefruit Beets Dre Jameson Whiskey, beets, lemon, ginger thyme. Folks dressed flip-flops--along dogs--congregate picnic sprawling shade drink, joke play Jenga. Leaving crowd, newfound friends fashionable Boulevard, lined boutiques, galleries, eateries Louie Bossis Ristorante. impress buzzing. Shouldering crowd-- women form-fitting paired low-cut tops men collared shirts expensive jeans--I patio. Loud laughter conversation raised voices waiters describe Fridays Lobster Fra Diavolo diners. servers carrying trays plates heaping pasta snake room. hot spot, judging line second. dinner, head seems quieter west elevator floors Rooftop. dimly lit lounge views city--office towers twinkling pitch-black disc jockey spins flames fire drama clubs atmosphere, ladies skinny jeans off-the-shoulder balance latest stilettos mingle guys bar. learn Wharf Lauderdale, brand-new entertainment venue, roll welcome mat later 1.25 edge River tenants reasons linger. 401 Blvd. 954-414-8200 Vine NE 5th Terrace 954-533-3734 Rooftop 954-523-1956 Brewery 115 NW 6th 954-414-8333 PLAY 954-781-0073 EAT DRINK 954-414-8336 Ristorante 1032 E. 954-356-6699 49 GERRO COUTURE HELEN GERROS STATEMENTMAKING CLOTHES PUT WOW WARDROBES Gerros Gorda, assemblage sexy, greet curvy mermaids, divas sensual lips dying Most adorned colors, wear slinky dresses glasses party. girls. Truth told, paintings--artwork label Couture. creations twofold canvases clothing. hand-painted lime-green flowing blonde matches curls, statement-making gowns, pop art-inspired designs--and, course, paintings cover space. DESIGNER school, explains Gerro, town Minnesota. 16, Minneapolis shows. 51 wondered wore, clothes. 21, Manhattan landed herself model receptionist Connection, garment Eventually Minnesota indeed line. Among lam parka motion. States, evolved, artwork. 1981. gallery sketches paintings. doing watercolor 80s, notebook appear larger oil COMING FLORIDA Roya Ghaznavi carpet Cannes Film Festival gown. designers sketchbook painters canvas. 52 ASSEFI AMIR INFLUENCED FLORIDAS COLORS LIFESTYLE, ART APPAREL FLOURISHED. reasons, 2002, Influenced colors apparel flourished. Minnesota, neutral colors. totally change. popped endeavors jeans. hundred period. paint dresses, attempt canvas, turned too heavy stiff. Soon discovered Dupion silk, beautifully jumped canvas referring adorn gowns studio. weddings over-the-top designs. whopping yards parachute coverworthy creation, tribute Andy Warhol Campbells Soup styling. signature 1,956 labels sewn rows--the born. belong stage carpet. somebody outrageously unique, 2006 2014, invited paraded catwalks Pete Art Fashion Week Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Naples Gorda. became Walks Runway event Sidney Berne Davis curator, Melissa Tschari DeHaven, recalls contributions show. transferred grand, bold, couture. DeHaven performance show, using glow-in-the-dark collaborating painters. appeared Vogue Italia, events Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive, benefits recently, Riviera. admit dreams, goals, Festival. Earlier festival Ghaznavi, walking Emails flew received request dresses. picked one, size, hemline photographed designer. fly France Ghaznavis villa Cannes, fitting adjustments festival. airline strike prevented plane race ship message her. said shed could. straps bit, that, tweaks, long, silence assume dresses-- save thought. wrapped texted outcome reply wore paparazzi followed. nice, concludes, smile. artwork, fun, whimsical art. ships paintings, purchase online. vivid statement-making, girls COLLECTIONS CUSTOMER carpets spotlighting fashions, customer. 75, whom Playful, comfortable, adjectives uses. broad people--which doubt, one-of-a-kind attention getters, mainstream--in comparison. denim skirts, converted seller, T-shirts printed front touched hand painting. introducing corset-style worn T-shirt, either below bust adjusting straps. reversible leaf peacock-feather tones bit corset way--with pairs skirts. currently shorter, resort-like bohemian-inspired gauze digitally fabrics. branching printing fabric--my fabric, print license artwork fabric. want, citing Dillards, Target Bealls brands happens, Artisans Atelier, Herald Court Centre 53 BOOK wanderlust, Atlas Obscura, 2nd Edition Explorers Worlds Hidden Wonders additional 120 unusual, curious, bizarre mysterious earth, full-color road-trip map. paints delightful picture exciting strange in. 37.50, booksellers KITCHEN CUTLERY Based Tarpon F.N. Sharp brings cutlery striking 67 VG-10 hassle-free sharpening subscription allows maximum control cutting. Knife owners preships identical yours dull. Starting 880 three-knife set, INTERNATIONAL GIFT BOX Universal Yums foodies, travelers families. smorgasbord international guidebook celebrations. Get one-time explore goodies long. 13.75-35.75, COPPER LAZY SUSAN Impress stunning, hand-hammered copper Lazy Native Trails. Ideal entertaining, sizes. Made recycled copper, heavy-duty, smooth-turning feet protect surfaces. 195-495, Ferguson Plumbing Broedell Supply Myers, Kitchens Clay COQUITO Coquito homemade, Caribbean. Similar eggnog, celebratory rum, coconut cinnamon. Bacardi easier hosts edition ready-to-serve recipe. poor enjoy. 17.99, ABC Fine Spirits DUAL-PURPOSE BANGLE stretchy tie wrist unfortunate accessory hair. Girl Designs bangle-style bracelets integrate ties design. Ties heart-shaped charms conveniently within bangle, pony bun travelling run. 15-70, FLYING EMBERS Introducing Flying Embers Organic Hard Kombucha fermented tea kombucha probiotics. Try flavors Berry, Lemon Orchard Ginger Oak. profits firefighters California. 7.99-13.99, Store, WINE CHOCOLATE happiness. Clif Winerys library sustainable bean-to-bar chocolates shipped wines. Dark Chocolate Cabernet Salt Espresso Cabernet. Spanish Pimenton Almonds White Ginger. five, FINICKY FOODIES Is foods intermingle Keep Food Cubby, suctioned, BPA-free plate divider. Suited picky eaters, developmental disabilities, motor skills. portable dishwasher safe. two, GOURMET ON MISSION LUGGAGE gourmet baskets stocking stuffers delicious bags Chili Spiced Mango, Thai Curry Cashews Zing Trail Mix Womens Bean Project. organization hires incarceration manufacturing snacks multifaceted pick-me-up. 2.95 bag, Safely transport checked bag toiletries. Dense foam cutouts sizes configured break-free transit cargo holds rough taxi rides, spare shoes. 299-349, Total HEART SAND memories eye-catching Heart Sand pendant Dune Jewelry, sentimental artists create piece. engraved. 120, Suncatchers Dream HOME COCKTAILS Cocktail hour Bartesian, worlds single-serve pod-based Select spirit, recyclable capsules containing juices, bitters extracts. Press button voil Bartesian combines perfectly balanced cocktail. 299, andor affiliates cannot responsible changes, mistakes stock. 55 JAN HOLLY plaza, shop, dine relax garden P eriwinkle Place, island, reputedly Sanibels No. elegant. Situated seven-acre parcel upholds sanctuary ethos large lavish nativeplant landscaping. tranquility perambulator. fountains grace grounds, virtual waterfall, streaming tiered rock formation. slyly vegetation dolphin topiary sculptured seahorse--but observant. citrus trees--a kumquat--bear ripe picking. Gardenia centers walkways. Innumerable varieties punctuate landscape, anchoring giant, old-growth ficus trees. Shoppers lushly pathways, indie boutiques alfresco. 10319 255 THIS OPPOSITE PAGE PERIWINKLE PLACE Benches dot playground, equipped slide swings climbing things, provides shady temporary relaxation. pick newspaper central kiosk, butterfly garden. Twenty-six exceptional merchandise center. shopper tropical-themed, womens accessories, costume fine jewelry, art, childrens toys, beachwear specialty items. Chicos boutique, founded 1983. trademark brilliantly easycare fabrics exclusive, coordinating jewelry. style. storied Peach Republic, dates beginnings. founding stores, continuous operation 1970s. apparel, boutique truest sense. hand-picked gathered finest available. Pursuit, Produce, Butterfly Glass Lane. loved ones, Classical Collections, Company Style. Have appetite seat, indoors alfresco award-winning Giraffe Restaurant. entres epicurean pleasure. Enjoy Polynesian Grouper entre, saffron veggies. Open per week, breakfast, best. Ready rest Spa, full-service spa salon Spa wellness services tissue massage, treatments, nail manicures pedicures. flair. possibilities endless foods, wind chimes, Florida- island-themed prints hangings, decorations garden, charming birdfeeders planters, furniture, furnishings luxuriant soaps fragrances, now-famous Perfume. til drop, knowing stress free--and guarantee. extensively foliage elegant delight. 57 Special Section JEFF LY TLE Hone kitchen East Lee High effort. Pastry incredible sweets Norman Confections. Chef Jarred Harris Culinary Education Preparing demo Shell retirement Playing OK Chefs Training. residents snowbirds tastier healthier meals. closest university-level curriculum professional Sarasota Keiser University campus, abound locally amateurs entry-level professionals. following educational opportunities. suit taste. fun--like date kitchen. Aptly Kitchen Social hands-on homey atmosphere conducted chefs, team-building events. mostly cost 70. disappointing Charlie Rangle. decided mouth hired incredibly entertaining chefs. schedules registration, check sweet idea. consists bake pies, pastries, cookies, cakes, confections fresh-baked 215 CLOCKWISE LEE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS, NORMAN CONFECTIONS LAUREN DANIELS SHELL POINT SANIBEL MYERS artisan exquisite desserts share families, Love. Classes March September. class 630 p.m. Confections Dessert Salon. Cost 95 person, tax, class. reservations, 866-515-2121 Daniels Training combining smarter eating. lives, opportunities cook, increase chances wide inviting. baking weekends, array weekly summer camps. Birthday Scout hit. Parent Child once month. Cook-off theme. Prices full-time week 350--including apron. info, education. Resident David interviews specific recipe TV Today. Academy Lifelong Learning. academy 80 semester, subjects finances, computer travel, Healthy Eating Group meets monthly Health stages venue--a commercial Winkler Avenue serves regional depot LeeSar distribution network. FARMacy RX Series teaching knife safety techniques sauting, roasting, steaming simmering nutrientdense, unprocessed foods. herbs, spices flavor diets proteins animal vegetable sources carbohydrates types fats. Students savor results demos. Call 239-468-0050 info. BONITA SPRINGS Nearly century-old Shangri-La resort celebrating extensive remodeling lodging Executive Allen Fisher tips fruits vegetables grown five-acre Theyre 86-seat Harvest Wisdom whose motto wisely, February Likely sessions Valentines winepairing couples basics stock preparation sauces, searing, roasting braising. Information ESTERO Ruths demonstrations prepare items, crabcakes, barbecued shrimp filet seared 59 Wattle pigs breed Rosy Tomorrows. executive Randy Partington Aleks Kunov seafood tower homemade Things County schools technical program. Children attend Community CAPE CORAL Coral, varied presented 239-424-3210 ISLAND lessons demonstrations, fine-tune profiles welcomes state-of-the-art complete high-efficiency appliances. demos nonmembers non-members. kinds Lee, Lehigh, Coast, Oasis 60 216 SHANGRI-LA ROSY TOMORROWS HERITAGE FARM RUTHS CHRIS STEAK SCHOOL SOCIAL butter. conducts Partington. occasional tutorials lunchtime. information 239-948-8888. meeting goal campus inviting accent registered dieticians nutritional meal discuss diet. cook Monday 230 530 NORTH Farm Tomorrows Heritage kicks notch. 101-acre plantation-style organically holistically raises featured 90-seat menu--or Reservations required Thursday Sunday brunches, Friday dinners. certified, 100-percent grass-fed Longhorn cows, pastured pigs, Dominique, Australorp Silver-Laced Wyandotte chickens breeds, ODell King, farm 2013. rsum former sheep farmer, Institute-trained certified sommelier, columnist. Limited offered spring announced. Beginning cheese-making, farms cow, Brie, 55. glass tasting honey-whipped ricotta. butchery 100. basic break primal cuts tasting. Charter Virtual, Adolescent Mothers Program post-secondary colleges. train 1,200 annually grades leaders graduates eagerly recruited industry, donates schools. top-to-bottom exposure real-world safe equipment handling, appetizers desserts. schools, competitions taco cook-off Successful certifications management, recognized statewide. Judy Johnson, instruction colleges year-long industry leaders-- managers--rather helpers. 4,700 fee, although access scholarship grants qualified students. July. adults--a diploma GED required--who already services. motivated. guest dish--from fruits, vegetables, baked goods. practical meals affiliated Public Service Academy, responders corrections officers. Lytle retired editorial host Daily News. Springs. 61 Broadway-style productions pair theater ee professionally trained actors straight Tony Award-winning crews, production values-- Broadway Theatre. reason value exceptional, Vogt, 26th season, Neverland, Kinky Boots Sound Music stage. main eight productions, concerts OffBroadway black-box seats popularity Vogt estimates 177,000 2018, maintains employees, performers. summers ever--did volume normally middle choreographer Amy McCleary adds stems offered, appeal audiences. plays Theatre, J.M. Barrie Peter Pan. BROADWAY PALM DINNER THEATRE Captain Hook Neverland Prather Productions family-run Will high-quality casts crews. Palm, Dutch Apple Theater Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Touring CompanyAPEX Touring. choosing enjoy, performer 2003. there, fell directing choreographing directs Productions-- Palm. toes theaters operate, collaborate thriving. rare, diners distract on-stage performing, 63 Theatre drive somewhere parking. --Amy McCleary, zone Youre whats audience there. format shifts buffet-style sit-down meal, usually Performances 730 attendees finish stigma report performances. family-owned, family-run, Especially Beast-- 2-year-olds running ages. SWFLs Dinner-and-a-Show Scene 1380 Colonial Blvd., 236-278-4422 Seminole Railways Murder Mystery Train ride murder five-course Station Depot, 2805 239-275-8487 Stage Live shows, dancing, 9144 SE, 239-405-8566 64 --Melissa Marketing Director mom myself, chaos trying ones anywhere, sit kid-friendly buffet theater. Upcoming Palms 2019-2020 Sounds Dec. 25, Grumpy Old Men Feb. 8. revue McCleary. Nice attire jackets required. Tickets 65 ANN MARIE OPHEL AN southern pie Taste magine turkey slice potato pie, ham followed cream pie. Whatever spread, please guests. Restaurant, 1952, pies for. cooks, Olivia Williams--Miss Libby--who Betsy Barnwell potatoes simple, ingredients. Christine Yelling, Flora Ellas LaBelle, 2011. bakes daily, favorite--coconut cream. revered 1900s. celebrated 8, Cream Day. strawberry brim fruit, ordered Pies centuries, berries, round corners pecan Barnwell, scoop Pecan originated Orleans 1800s. 1900s, Karo corn bottles. versions, caramel chocolate. peanut butter old mine delicious, notes. Ingredients whipping Williams-- Miss --Betsy archives state Key circa-1890s West. similar version traced 1931 Borden Milk City-- however, lemons. Sweet Melissas Ice Shoppe 4445 SW, 239-330-4559 Peanut referred mans lovers disagree lesser. occasionally combination. states, light, fluffy continues coffee hangs short--eat dessert portions doggie dinner. Misto Grill 231 Del Prado 239-673-9799 Paradise Deli 2378 Surfside 239-282-2378 3522 S., 239-471-7785 MORE IRRESISTIBLE FLAVORS SWEET MELISSAS ICE CREAM SHOPPE raspberry homemade--down hand-crushing graham crackers crust. tart filling. pure smoothly mixed inside, drizzle top. whipped implies, limes Keys. yellowish color, seeds Persian limes. City--however, hand-crushed pudding filling coconut. wonderfully creamy, Erica Williams, baker. in-house Shoppe. fresh--or frozen travels. shipped. tasty cold, wonderful memories. CAPTIVA Bistro 11509 Rosse Lane, 239-395-4000 2736 Edison Ave., 239-334-1687 Horsin Around Banana 10440 Bayshore Road, 239-567-4663 Gramma Dots 634 Yachtsman 239-472-8138 703 239-472-4453 Natural biodynamic winemaking oclock heres buzz total U.S. Drug Administration-approved legal additives allowed wine. credit grapes sip white, ros, lots it--including sugar, preservatives few. Wineries emerging, that. transparent wines, natural, biodynamic, organic, low-sugar keto. premise harmful chemicals worsen hangovers, calories Walking aisles groceries unlikely Consumers bottle Nutritionist Fitzgerald, founder SmartVine, diet, vineyard. Fitzgerald nutritionist--only soil Hence, less nutritious stick health regimes. delicious--and glass. alternative, Additives balancing loss taste twist. structure. wines grams throwing bottle, goals amounts chemicals, mean decide consumes months. sounds refreshing vintners display process, share. hits. SmartVine tests glyphosate, Low content controversial herbicide weed-killer wines--but tested Roundup. liquid infusion laboratory preservatives, stabilizers sealed. mold. Thus, Dry Wines vineyards carbs glass, gram farming, Included wildand dry farming. harvested turmeric, Muscadine grape farming cultivate skin, lemon peel chicory root. microorganism-filled nutrient-rich vines. profile drinkers digest Added means irrigation, requiring alcohol--and lessen headaches, bloating weight gain. deeper water--therefore tapping Humans 6,000 nutrient-dense parts soil. Through fermentation World yeast juice. converts Fund, amount pesticides sprayed vine fields carbon dioxide byproducts. increased 26-fold pesticides, fungicides, herbicides chemical exceed liter. fertilizers, winemakers, destroy insects practices ensure nutrient contents ecosystem smell, cloudier, juicier SMARTVINE actual naturally drier mind consumed moderation. escape, meant lift spirits, complement connections Picks DRY WINES Ros 159 syrah 11.4 alcohol, 0.2 liter Chteau Le Vieux 2012 Varietal cabernet sauvignon, merlot, petit verdot, franc 12.4 0.3 WHITE sauvignon blanc, grenache blanc 1g RED COURTESTY FARMS, SMARTVINE, FITVINE grenache, malbec CABERNET SAUVIGNON 15.99 13.9 0.06g 5-ounce CHARDONNAY 13.4 0.04g 69 What--and where--are drinking tonight Floridians patronize bars, occasion, shorts. mood, bars satisfy desires retirees, Fare Serving fare Docs Chicago-style pizza. Kane Tiki RUM BARS Aged SanibelCaptivaFort Vibe sport fishing. waterfront, locations light. Drink cocktails rule mojitos, mai tais, daiquiris brags rums world, reserved mixing. Caribbean-based, exotic spices. Cottage BEACH shoes, problem DOCS KANE TIKI BAR GRILL Marco Part Marriott Resort pristine dancers Laid-back friendly, directly upstairs Chicago Bears fans gather football craft beer fix, stocked selections breweries cans, tap. Crowd DOC FORDS rum pairings. flights impressive, hard-to-find selections, 75 pours. Indonesian pupu platter, yakatori, skewers, rolls wings swoon over. Found historic Gulfshore Restaurants Shuckers FMB befitting small, casual, music. underneath stilted irreverent shots Tie-Me-to-thePiling combo pia colada rumrunner lovingly Pain Ass. gooey, cheesy Bread staple. Southwestern COTTAGE suit. Buddha late-night regardless started. Swirl, sniff LEVEL MERMAID LOUNGE LIQUORS decades-old gritty smoking inside picnictable seating outside. Mermaid infamous Church special. Until noon Sunday, Bloody Marys mimosas bikers breakers, smattering between. find, DIVE Come BUDDHA rock-n-roll club--loud smoky floor packed. tables, darts double-sided affordable cold bigscreen concert videos, chic romantic evening. premium high-end Coravin system juice air. charcuterie boards, thick rack Zealand lamb carnivores adore. Modern crowd. dozens prolific producers EMBER KOREAN STEAKHOUSE 71 house-made falernum, pineapple-infused pisco, juices more, ablaze served. clientele professionals neighboring high-rises. eclectic luscious Corn Meal Mascarpone Dip, Crispy Duck Wings, Roasted Cauliflower Homemade Chorizo Deviled Eggs, fruity concoctions, Cabbage Creeper signature. liqueur floater. Though superb crab claws, burger. folklore, Jimmy Buffett hit, Cheeseburger Paradise. Level regions. varietals. seen nights off--always indicator worldly edge. Take, example, kimchi pancakes. Edo-style, fantastic. BARNACLES CRAFT COCKTAIL Muddle, shake stir Small cozy, city, impress. myriad tinctures lining Sabal Milagro reposado, amontillado, anise flavor. gastropub plates, Modena pancetta, ricotta, Brussels sprout garlic chips. Bevy Sitting dock, Barnacles shack inside. Order bucket longnecks--Corona Bud Light. Boaters fishermen stop Nothing conch fritters wings. GREEN FLASH BEVY TULIA tucked Third Street green contrasting chairs. Bartenders herb, garnish tincture fingertips new, smokeinfused not, hipsters ambience. Oh, dogs, too. slightly Pine Sound. Tropical hit mark. Visitors Old-timers remember site Timmys Nook, dockside watering hole. Specializing steamer sampler sharing. CROWS NEST typical marina foodie oriented. reads alchemist Blood, Sugar, Sex Magic impressive. Consisting GATHER BOAT Dock CABBAGE KEY INN RESTAURANT thousands dollar taped ceiling walls, dangling moss trees, quirky feel. dcor nautical fresh. Large windows Mexico, allowing sunset Curaao Tide Margarita color. Garnished Swedish ode beach. hermit races karaoke. 72 73 Arancini porcini pizzettes. Crows Nest CLASSIC Sophisticated VERANDA Downtown Dating 1902, Verandas piano dark, carved feeling martinis dirty eyebrow. posted occasion. specialoccasion sizable background. undergone summer-long renovation. experiment small-batch spirits grappa port Allow bartenders nod Mediterranean preparations, grouper signature, jumbo lump chili beurre blanc. IL CIELO HIP TRENDY SOCIETY THISTLE LODGE ANGELINAS old-world grand middle. liquors, staggering 4,000 bottles, priced. game, antipasti Surrounded coastal motif, beat palms immaculate Casa Ybel Resort. classics, Fashioned, torching oak plank trapping smoke overturned rocks Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Peychauds Bitters syrup. dessert. Sake uses sake vodka. Toasted flakes festive. boasting personalities, Societys draw Treehouse rooftop entertainment. Downstairs club-like rooms DJs. Real Housewives McGregor Grey Goose la Poire Vodka, lychee, pear puree lime. prosecco effect jalapeno spice. Young fashionable. big-name DJs appearing weekends partygoers Mantra MANTRA Angelinas Recently updated, polished grown-up Cosmo Drop. area, diverse Later, filter discerning. Grande Resort, hotel low sophistication. PerrierJout Flutes Frites Happy Hour Friday. Champagne decadent tapas fries dipping sauces. well-heeled flip-flop-wearing stopping observe action. 74 SUGAR CANE OLD FASHIONED batter air settle, resulting cake. assemble unmold assembled cake, apply glaze decorate. Cake Batter cups all-purpose flour cocoa powder teaspoons soda teaspoon salt cup blended brewed Nonstick pan Parchment paper Preheat oven 325 degrees F. convection fan. Use mixer whisk attachment whisk. Combine mixing bowl. wet except speed seconds, scraping sides needed. mixture speed. mesh strainer strain clumps removed. Spray 9-inch pans spray, parchment again. Divide evenly pans. Bake toothpick inserted Cool cakes temperature. Roys Serves smooth bourbon sweetness travel. dashes ounces cube cane orange rind turbinado stir. stir, Wrap thinly peeled rind, dip tip insert Promenade 26831 S. 239-498-7697 Unmold plastic wrap. Lightly sheet easily off, rolling diameter inches, 2-quart bowl mold assembly instructions Peel bottom bowl, lightly push flat Let excess remove set. aside. Repeat wrap, rolled flat. aside plastic. Filling store-bought pandoro -inch Note hard, trim discard. Lay round-shaped starshaped pieces. Coffee Soak tablespoons extract brandy Tiramisu Mousse granulated unflavored gelatin, bloomed tablespoon egg yolks measuring mascarpone pinch DARK PANDORO TIRAMISU CHOCOLATE-COVERED ESPRESSO BEANS Campiello Plan Whip medium peaks, refrigerator. gelatin microwaveable cup, rum. Microwave dissolved, seconds. whip fluffy. salt, combined on, vanillarum mixture. combined. Remove fold Glaze pound darker Heat milk. Pour incorporated. Assembly Instructions Chocolate-covered espresso garnish. already-prepared mousse bottom. Dip smallest soak. alternating soaked full. removing sheets Trim edges Cover overnight Next invert cookie tray, Evenly pour covered. Refrigerate Garnish chocolate-covered crush sprinkle Cut 1177 3rd 239-435-1166 Strain coupe Using wooden toothpick, skewer immediately JW 400 Collier 239-394-2511 ROSEMARY-AND-CHIANTI LAMB SHANKS Pasta family-style shanks pepper olive medium-sized onions, chopped carrots, cubes celery, cloves, minced cremini mushrooms, Chianti 28-ounce tomatoes tomato paste broth beef rosemary, thyme, bay Season oil. pan, shanks, minutes saut mushrooms. deglaze reduce slightly. tomatoes, paste, broths, thyme leaves. Return medium-high temperature Prepare starch polenta, risotto mashed plate. Arrange lamb. touch, Eddie removes glazes Dijon mustard honey, seasoned crumbs plating. 7050 239-887-6954, SEAFOOD PASTA Redfish Garden linguini canola preferred scallops pieces choice, blackened seasoning parsley Parmesan squeezed oil, seasoning. halfway cooked, garlic. browning Toss incorporating parsley, 1520 Lafayette 239-673-6969 CHAMBORD MANHATTAN 10K Alley Bourbon ounce Chambord Angostura Filthy Black Cherry, Fill bourbon, stirrer, gently 77 epicurious B Breakfast Lunch D SB Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Vegetarian tasteful decor impressive menus. Start Cielo-tini, gin curacao consider PEI mussels, charcuterie. Entrees osso buco, Dungeness ravioli catch topping list. after-dinner scotches, cognacs ports. Scott McDonald specials equally intriguing. cloud-like tiramisu. GRILLE Novel Cuisine. Local folk novelist Wayne fictional character, best-seller sandwiches, salads entres. skip mojito. 751 239-395-4022, COW Bovine Bounty. massive omelets pasta, joint, despite cow references. dinners unless Loaded Seafood Omelet. drinks, Mango Sangria 2500 Inn 239-472-8311, DUNES Member Problem bisque Eastern, Western burger empanadas pulled cowboy steak. 1244 Way, Sanibel. 239-472-5555, TESORO RISTORANTE Personality. A.J. feast atmosphere. Everybodys eating does inject heart, heaps antipasto. Italy Penne puttanesca capers rigatoni eggplant, ricotta short gnocchi 2163 239-472-0606, PIZZA Slice Pizza Crusty Curl Crust. Pasta, calzone 949 Castle 239-472-3355, Creative American sophistication 79 popular. bruschetta appetizer, miss hour. 1619 239-472-1581, JAC Locally Sourced, Artfully Prepared. Light airy rustic barn-style doors, appeal. Philipe Schroeder focuses seafood, chili-rubbed yellowtail snapper mussels score Jacs spiced belly drunken ribs. 1223 239-472-1771, FLAMINGO Cold Beer, Raw Bar. plumpest oysters, hot-spiced peel-andeat incendiary Parrot Wings. Buffalo bet. 6520-C 239472-5353 1036 239472-6939 12951 239-476-9000 waterfront 16501-B Stringfellow Bokeelia, 239-283-5959, LIGHTHOUSE CAF Best Breakfast. Residents why. Ocean Frittata crabmeat, sauted broccoli artichoke Alfredo sauce. Or Platter pictures lighthouse walls. Call-ahead 362 239-472-0303, MALIA Fusion spending Ownerchef handcrafted, made-from-scratch features, soups chalkboard. Expect sliders, burgers salads, entrees 1100 Par View, 239-472-9222, MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Cheese Gorgonzola, spinach wood-fired pizzas. pastas, veal 1200 239-472-1998, NORMANDIE SEASIDE Indulge Yourself. Located West Wind cozy Bananaberry Toast Omelet favorites Colombian choice whole-leaf teas. Relax cafes oldworld Chicken Salad Pressed Sandwich lunch. Tom Sisson 3345 239-472-1541, SANDBAR Welcoming. Trio, bronzed grouper, steaks grilled perfection palates. 2761 239-472-0305, FISH Tried True. all-day sandwiches fried specialties, tuna seaweed salad. salmon broiled, grilled, Jamaican jerked. Three 1523 239-472-7770 4685 239-495-5770 320 San Carlos 239-765-6766, 81 Color. pub fare--juicy burgers, wings--and often-soughtbut-never-found spot. 239-472-4453, SPROUT Goodness. Islands vegetarian take-out meals, smoothies daily. Nikki Rood gluten-free, non-GMO, farm-fresh Paprika Hummus Sprouts. Vegan Lasagna. Sprout thy medicine food, quoting Hippocrates reflected delectable offers. Center, 2463 239-472-4499 SPOONDRIFT Please. Create Hawaiian poke--seafood cubes. rice, greens, quinoa nachos protein ahi select toppings veggies crispy nuts quick, please. 2441 239-472-0875, SUNSET Floribbean Gourmet. lunch, Caesar Morning Santiva Captiva, variations Benedict BLD 6536 239-472-2333, CAFE Good Thing, Packages. Talmage prepares petite portions, giving option sample dishes, Grilled Octopus Mullet Fritter. 1625 239-472-1956, LD 82 Victorian Rendezvous. cuisine oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted mojo allure trappings, glorious table. 2255 239-472-9200, TIMBERS MARKET Dine Favorites calamari, platters lump. Be Great Food, Fun appetizers, flatbreads, alwayspopular dip. Saltimbocca, sage leaves, prosciutto-wrapped linguine. Crab Races, Thursday, hopping 15951 239-472-5161, Story Continues. Building success, chain Whites doors Seas panko-fried dry-rubbed ribeye. 239-472-2722, TRADERS Experience. Traders emporium evenings singer guitarist Danny Morgan, icon. gumbo, pan-seared macadamia-encrusted grouper. L, D, C, 5400 Plantation 239-312-4275, Rare Treasure. seat browse delightfully de specialty, Worcestershire, finished buttery herb topping. Venetian Platter, salmon, swordfish, tiger prawn polenta. Savory landlubbers, positively 1551 239-472-7242, T2 Favorite. Opened Traders, trendy tacos coastal-inspired classics. mixology Elderflower Bloom, rotating draft selection, lively Floridian dcor. seating, anytime 15183 239-472-3337, KEYLIME BISTRO Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery canopies setting, beat. walnut-crusted snapper, sausage peppers, escargots tomato. 2340 239-558-8919, CANTINA Nacho Madres Mexican. serape piatas, terra-tiled adobe-style subtly suggest weve gone south border. 239-395-4000, LATTE DA COFFEE SHOP Upon coffees, extra-strong Eye Coffee, cappuccinos lattes Those tooth indulge 14970 239-472-0248, 83 scoops Queenies milkshakes sundaes. 11508 239-472-0234, MUCKY DUCK Quack Up. pint beers pond. grub. Visit beachside gazing. 11546 239-4723434, FloridaNew American. Greg Nelsons bounty sushi menu, adventurous choices rolls, sashimi, sakes. presentations, Room breath Captiva. 239-472-5161 421, RC OTTERS Otterly multitude daunting. Steamed clams, quesadillas meatloaf cravings. 239-395-1142, SUNSHINE Inspired Bistro. charming, caf European touch. wood-grilled pecancrusted 239-472-6200, BIMINI BAIT SHACK Giant Hut. thatched roof ideal Daiquiris cocktails, freshly shucked 84 juicy smoker. 17501 Harbour Pointe Dr., 239-360-2248, BLANC Epicurean. Jenga, sauce, modeled entre robata Lamb Lollipops rosemary reduction, SS, habanero Blancs Almost Entres, entire clean, contemporary ambience Whitaker Jean Claude Roge, talents Blanc peers. Closed Sundays. 13451 Ste. 10, 239-887-3139, BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. outrageous prefer chicken. 239-4891500 2262 239-362-2843, COURTSIDE AT HARBOUR RESORT Beefed Refined brass, leaded theme, steakhouse delivers tastiest butchers Angus steaks. 17260 239-466-4000, CRAVE Cozy Contemporary. Breakfast, omelet variation Benedict. noon, bacon-wrapped cedar attract brunch packs house, wait--but 12901 239-466-4663, DARUMA Make Wish teppan style, tempura combinations lobster Nippon mignon teriyaki. 13499 Cleveland 239344-0037 241 North, Naples, 239-591-1200 5459 Fruitville 941-342-6600, EDISON Illuminati. honors namesake genius, Thomas Edison, photos. steeped tradition, potpie receiving raves 3583 239-936-9348, Authentic accompanying satisfying. pancakes, tartar edge, plant-based edostyle, 7091 College Parkway, 239-771-8818 FIRESTONE Levels Fun. Brick tires moving remind Firestone. paella Sky Martini 2224 239-334-3473, GARAGE Details. 1920s, Henry Ford walked parts, Model Carb-uretor. arugula water, Kona Big Wave 312. 2207 239-332-3673, 86 PRAWNBROKER Agent true. Salads, pleasing palates 1982. accompany dinners, days. Early deals 4-7 booths, seafaring 13451-16 239-4892226, UNIVERSITY Class. attracts martini club wellbalanced specials. Theatergoers 7790 Cypress Lake 239437-4377, 239-437-4377, Sequel. story--a sequel. Matanzas Pass banana Texas 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239765-9660, ORIGINAL SHRIMP DOCK Shrimping Shanty. shrimping fleets eatery prides itself boatto-plate shrimp. waters peel-and-eat kicked notch cilantro Havana Orleans-style barbecue. linger volleyball, hole games. 2200 Main Beach. 239-463-3043, PARROT CARIBBEAN Tucked Salty Sams Marina, open-air mingling sailors 87 dock. runners, pina coladas mojitos fritters, curry crab, avocado mango stack starters. Caribbean-inspired tango mahi crab-stuffed Meat jerk weekends. 239-4633257, BIG TAVERN SPORTS Tackle Buds. Stop amazing Belgian waffles zesty maple-honey mustard. Tens build-your-own backfield cheeses yummy melts steak, pork, bacon cod Philly cheesesteak triple BLTs. stacked Reuben, calzone, stromboli veggiemeat Capes choices, wraps icy beverages. Tavern package misses 4703 SW 16th Coral. 239-257-1081, CENO History. spanakopita--fresh spinach, feta, phyllo dough baked--or Marsala, drove Lukas Ceno Grill. gyro souvlaki Parmesan, disappointed resist cannoli Hour, M-F, 3-6pm. 1715 Parkway W., 239-549-2366, 88 89 233 diet hand. --Barbara 1719 E., 239-540-3673, LOBSTER LADY Eclectic Coastal Whether Shrimp Grits Bouf Bacon Wrapped Tail freshest landlubbers. market night. Units 3, 239-471-0136, lobsterladyseafood. com MARKER Nautically Nice. woodfired beyond Village Resorts boundaries. flatbread pizzas waterside terrace. 5951 Silver King 239-541-5600, NEVERMIND AWESOME EATERY Share Truffle Wings Volcano Spring Roll Hugo handselected Crust popular, truffle fries, Kennebec potatoes. 927 239-471-0295, Casually Sophisticated. Pulled Rolls, Gouda yellow slaw, Carolina dippin wake palate. Scallops excellent charred fennel sausage, Marconi almonds apple cider reduction. proprietor Matt 217 91 account. investments. --Bethenny Frankel Arnold expertise 239-471-7785, Home Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes bananas strawberries Carbons accompanied freshground breakfast. Pop cheesesteak, down. 25091 Bernwood 239-948-4123, PINCHERS CRAB Table. Fresh, cut-to-order made-fromscratch slaw decadently rich, cheese-and-crab full-on fruity, coast. Multiple 28580 Crossings 239-948-1313 18100 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 2360 239-245-7049 10029 239-415-4040 5991 33914, 239540-7939 Fifth Ave. South, 239-434-6616, 239-4955770 239-4727770 TOKYO BAY JAPANESE Upscale Unpretentious. satisfies cravings 93 experiences. hibachi shabu shabu, individual built cooking. katsu, soba, udon, teriyaki, comfortable beautiful, Lounge. 24880 Tamiami Trail, 239-495-5044, Miromar Outlets, 10801 Corkscrew Estero. 239-495-3673, RODIZIO Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience Brazil, dozen rotisserie-grilled meats, tableside Rodizio gauchos feijoada, black-bean stew, abacaxi, glazed-and-grilled pineapple. forget Friday-Sunday. 8017 Plaza del Lago Suite 101, 239-498-0018, Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted trey ceilings meticulously white-linen-covered mood. filets cowboy-sized rib eyes, tender juicy. creamed sweet-potato casserole. Point, 23151 239-948-8888, STRAIGHT NEW YORK Bagel Shop. Disgruntled kettle-boiled bagel Yorker Kurt Sexton 94 happiness leisurely --John Gunther bagels versions cheese. deli-style piled beef, pastrami lunchtime 24830 239-676-9184, TARPON New-Fashioned Classic. Hyatt RegencyCoconut pay homage fishhouse. ceviche cooked marinades. entres, Divers Spear, ponzu cilantro-ginger rice. 5001 239- 444-1234, 239-344-0037 Sarasota. . NAPLES Upscale, Casual. informal freshness, firecracker grits. tempting margaritas, mules, 1130 a.m.-5 1355 N., Naples. 239-514-4414, date. encourage readers detailed reservations establishments. 96 97 SAVE OFF COVER PRICE ONLINE Year Years SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN RECEIVE exp. 123119 FAVORITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION ADDITIONAL YEAR INSULATED LUNCH BAG. Word Reading Pleasure Bag Online rates Internet orders only. website TOLL-FREE fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions Across seabird Speedy low, e.g. Skin Non-meat eater Regulated cost, Egg beater Celebs teenage 31Below Half woman rider blink ___ beasts Green-light Relaxed, Paintings, Certain triathlete Oh song Stephen Foster van Gogh Night Game purchase, Cheers Type truck Voiced sigh Baby Ronstadt Car tankful knots expertly Afro-Cuban Technophiles magazine 27Picture anchor 30Concerning BBQ SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 99 CAPT. BRIANOPHEL HOL Parks Recreation. one--with tasks undertaken preparations. COOKIE BAKING TREE DECORATING Helping decorate task youngsters ages, idea string popcorn cranberries. embroidery lengths manage. Tie knot end, cranberry kernel. stringing popcorn, kernels harden. Decorating ornaments enhanced glued-on paint, glit- Santa, crafts games Rec 14, 930 2000 Recreation Park 239-533-7200 leegov.comparks Continental-style Mr. Mrs. Kringle, Veterans Homestead Lehigh Acres adult 239-369-1521 leegov .comparks PARKS RECREATION Bess Charles, co-owner LadyCakes bakery fond holidays, cookies. Katelyne. today, cookies Charles. invite gingerbread houses, finished, proudly displayed bakery, 2924 ter scraps. Photos pets great, cut-outs Tied bows, grandparents. enhance ornaments, glitter, pictures, scraps ribbon. hangers ornaments. Squirt glue glitter glue. upside EVENTS CHILDREN Santa Fest activities Wa-Ke Hatchee 7, 16760 Bass toy 239-432-2154 containers dry. dry, replace hangers. ribbon, bows tops. WRAPPING gifts. assisting folding taping, colorful, water-soluble markers paints. drawings childs handwritten factor packages. paper, markers. tape corners. Paint PLACEMATS placemats decorating sealed Kathryn Knowles asks keeps occupied, adds. placemats, construction surface. markers, paper. encouraging pitch importance passed peace Gulfside G oing away grandmother Georgia, brother Boston Ukraine pets, undoubtedly Thanks local--and loving--pet sitters, traumatic furry not-so-furry treated visits, nice scratch two. away, assured happily ensconced homes. pet sitters town, trip. Samantha Hullstrung Sitters, herself, Bachelor Science degree ecology conservation veterinarians veterinarian family--who immediate concerns. dogs cats, pet-sitting care turtles, rabbits, rodents special-needs insulin, subcutaneous fluids medications. ease remain checking software visits journals visit. GULFSIDE PET SITTERS delivery service, accept positions. member International Association Professional Sitters. Michelle Manta, Michelles Sitting, providing in-home dog specialize needs, seniors behavioral issues, rescue groups. needed, Manta administer medications injections. communicates sending updating caring animals, mammals reptiles. Visits insured bonded Sitter Associates. Pets n Homes Owned Lesley Staples Ray Asper, licensed insured. perform household mail, garbage Asper groomer, obedience supplies. sitter research, found, pet. INFORMATION 239-666-4557 347-622-6157 239-945-2434 pets-n-homes Still directory petsit.comlocate. EMILY PARISH TIPS FINDING RIGHT SITTER Look licensed, reviews. Review ask references familiar administering medicine. type pet--such rabbits Meet Compare prices quoted contract. 103 NATUREs WILLIAM COX recognizable finch Haemorhous mexicanus adapted suburban habitats. attracted seed feeders. western semiarid environments. habitats included chaparral, brush country, streamside woodland semi-open areas. introduced Long York, 1940 released department store. million 1990s, populating Canada. habitats, farmland, cities towns buildings, lawns, weedy avoids unbroken farmland forest. Human modifications feeders east, greatly benefit population. appears populations migrating winter. officially observed near Pensacola breeding documented Tallahassee 1988-89. reported 2006. possibly extended farther November male crown forehead, throat, breast reddish rump. face, heavily streaked underparts. males red, females pigment acquired difficulty obtaining assimilating pigment. female resembles unpatterned head. sexes notched. purple purpureus. rare winters rump overall. bold face ear patch mustache notched tail. Courtship behavior singing female, drooped wings, crest raised, raised. sing shorter song. series warbling zeeee. canary trills. feeds courtship incubation. Nests placed settings artificial cavities houses. nests reuse nest broods ivy conifers, cactus, palms, holes manmade structures planters. ground. shaped grass, feathers, hair, twigs, rootlets, debris. pale bluish-green bluish-white laid clutch. incubates 12-14 altricial immobile, downless, closed, fed sexes. 11-19 hatching. forages shrubs, weeds finches cluster riding weed grass stem ground, picks seeds. predominantly sap flower buds fruits. Rarely feed insects, aphids. regurgitated feeding sparrows, highly insectivorous breeding. feeders, oiled sunflower seeds, hummingbird water. pleasure birders yard. Cox nature ecologist BRIAN tolerant resistant frost. freeze sabal centuries. earliest cordage hairlike fibers rope digs dating A.D. 800. Seminoles shelter buffalo Plains Indians. fronds thatch chickee huts. roofing material, folded direction, fold. brooms, brushes hats--and hen talking vegetation, parent child. Right list, cabbage palm, scientifically palmetto. 1953. distinction Carolina. overlooked palms--perhaps stately trees--the widespread interior areas, regions ubiquitous subdivisions. 200 300 canopy diameter, fan-shaped leaf, frond, across. palm. replica artifact 1897. lightning whelk shell, fibers. HOLAWAY ropelike berries eaten tasty. appetizing terminal bud. swamp kills amber honey. frond attached boot. boots remaining habitat frogs, raccoons, possums snake. Virginia creeper, strangler fig ferns. By shelter, stories tell. wonder Capt. Holaway master shelling eco-tour 1995. charters Sound, Cayo Costa State Northwest surprises stunning architecture Twenty-foot-high butteries tree-lined section highway 30A, signaling arrival departure. gem Panama Destin, Panhandle. exception, glow skies. category Urbanism, movement reestablish community. Towns interaction spaces, needs. Andrs Duany, modern-day planner 150 firm, Duany Plater-Zyberk Co. Miami, came prominence 1980s designing Seaside, miles 2002 breathe 2003, completing Rosemary Duanys travels Bermuda British Virgin entrances ALYS fountain, courtyard. Alyssa Walker. entrance, minaret-shaped refrigeration preserve perishable impossible, succinctly become. Mediterranean, modern, minimalistic, Moorish, overlooks, spires, terraces deal facing pedestrian paths interact traffic, Parking behind. direction flow breeze picture-postcard, Common spaces intersect paths, peaceful, tranquil freedom, approval architects. streetlights, lanterns exteriors homes, emitting low-wattage glows. require fortified, codes, withstand severe weather. deal, become projection Photon Bombing Projection. GRAFFITI FESTIVAL leading Digital Graffiti stark buildings acting kaleidoscope May. August Hurricane Gustav blew through, knocking two-thirds projectors. Lucia Fishburne, Commissioner, judge beginning. novelty first-- educated digital art--but now, entries competitive. nothing this, Since wide-open projections curator Brett Phares. responds fools eyes. three-day sold-out meander streets Alys, mesmerized projections, interactive. Gourmet route ends rousing Caliza. Fishburnes words, magical 2020 15-16. turquoise sugar-white private. 109 Structures boundaries Highway 30A amenities Caliza Pool. Halfway 30-year plan, possible 799 sites developed. amenities. 100-foot saltwater infinity cabanas, curtains alcoves, cuisine. thriving nurtured Foundation, purchases sculptures, installations, prestigious Graffiti, Smithsonian experiences sidebar. sandwiched Seacrest choices. Inlet eastern WaterSound, Seagrove, WaterColor, Grayton Sandestin west, dotted personalities. charm, beauty, peacefulness contributor, uncover Georges all-white skyline accentuated distinctly structures. 110 FOOD GETTING THERE Driving nine 524 Airport direct connection ECP DestinFort Walton VPS. VPS 51. ACCOMMODATIONS Vacation Rentals 850-213-5555 DINING Hugely cottage Nantucket divides divine sections, Behave Mis-Behave Charlies Donuts Famous donuts Juicy healthful Pipers delivering beachgoers facebook. compiperskitchenatalysbeach. Neat Bottle bites boards neatbottleshop. ACTIVITIES Bike Shop Rent bicycle communities, 850-213-5599. Amphitheater concerts, movies 111 LIBBY MCMILL HENSON SIGHTSEEING ADVENTURES Traveling Washington, D.C. appealing destinations. JetBlue, northeast getaways. D.C., those. flight D.C.s, Reagan National, getaway lie Annapolis--only airport--is history, sailing. Average lows October, daytime temps typically pleasant, standards, magnificent Naval campus--worth own--anchors Annapolis. Settled 1649, brimming Colonial-era architecture, vibrant polite midshipmen tanned recreational weekenders locals. foot, further relaxation factor. patriotic goose-bump moments. Severn spills Chesapeake navys public, Led docent, informative glimpse midshipmen, viewing landmarks, crypt naval hero John Jones. midday Noon Formation, Yards attractions. Weather schedule permitting, academic Saturdays Plebe Summer. Clockwise Annapolis sights Middleton Maryland crabs Cantlers Riverside dining. MCMILLAN harbor front, countless powerboats sailing yachts. Days Harbor Vessels boaters mecca. five-minute Creek Carrols Chart docks. Schooner Woodwind Sailing Cruises. four-star aboard 74-foot schooners. captivating unwind sink Americas treasured cities. Boat option, aboard. Plenty 18th-century Hilton airbnbs. Henson USNA Preble Hall. chock-full treasures, handmade Revolutionary flag implored, ship, inspiring unofficial navy motto. Rising Annapolis, remains capitol legislative briefly nations capital. History buffs Washingtons momentous occasion War. national landmark, quaint shops, pubs. Galway Irish Pub, Chick Delly, Masons Rolls. supply galleries. rite passage, Inn, crabs. youve tackled meal--served tablecloth--its coaching server, lest ordered. Formation Academy. Destination originates Winter Estates wintered seashell District shopping, span Caloosahatchee March, JetBlue baseball Sox training Twins CenturyLink Sports Complex. 113 XXXXXXX Callister gotten himself death-defying predicament accidental charm escape intact. Bring Detective, 11th series, November, beloved detective mixes mobsters, FBI agent rogue assassin, Sinatra Jill mediocre 1967 film Rome. fedora-clad Sinatra, Rome, basis Callisters dreams cogent advice. Author Ron Base, established fan pages. journalist, wrote Toronto Star, screenwriting credits contagious. book, device Lady Cement, Garcia, least, Lawrence Arabia, roles story. Base witty dialog amusing plot lines. ranges Morocco location, forward. usual cast characters, Freddie, Rex Judy, ex-wife crime boss ever-suspicious police officers Cee Jay Owen. D. MacDonald grave, Rome exasperation invoking godfather fiction. Detective. proud. author calendar WHERE WHAT DO NOVDEC Nights Estates, 29-Dec. Rock BonitaFest, CULTURAL SCENE Private Stock, ambassadors Clinic Rehabilitation CROW answer questions animals. Clyde Butchers Darling, 13-Feb. 1-30 Celebrate Arts, festivals, venues. Highlights exhibition artist Muffy Clark Gill, ancient batik Arts Council Gallery opens 4. PHOTOGRAPHER EXTRAORDINAIRE Butcher 75th Anniversary Exhibition, awed Refuge waded Everglades swamps black-and-white mounting large-format tripod hours, wilderness ghost orchid. lecture Jan. 24. FAMILY DAYS HOIST SAILS 1-16 Hobie Championship, compete 22nd Championship. field, Cat competitors 16-foot catamaran sailboats. Spectators website. 7-10 Festival, Considered Corals event, Sun Splash Grounds. musicians Friday, 9, fireworks. midway, daring acrobats stage, carnival rides entertain kids. giant tent central, NFL LED screen. SAVORING offerings restaurants. tents 22-Dec. Sandsculpting Beachs sands ARTIS--NAPLES form. sculptors elaborate castles, scaly dragons Watch marvel sands, vendors drinks. Under Stars, sculptures sky, 30, 6-9 LIVIN IS EASY Cooler temperatures kick concert. Rotary BonitaFest band Iconic, Caribbean Chillers spin Buffett-style Grab margarita lawn chairs blankets. HOOPS HYPE 25-Dec. Showcase, Hertz Arena basketball tournaments. teams Drake, Ohio, Northeastern, Alabama, Weber Wright 25-27 1. Auburn, Dayton, Tennessee Gongaza schedules. DECK HALLS GARDENS Festivities ceremony 29. Mysore Fig draped choreographed Tours nightly interiors offered. Claus evenings. 118 218 119 TWINKLING LIGHTS 6-7 Luminary Stroll, thoroughfare, Ross Lane Drive. galore streets, poking radiating cheer. Stroll 530-9 GOOD TIDINGS Shows, Chorus Concert, joyful songs Band Concert fills Performance Hall chorus composed singers sell-out events, disappoint. LIGHT WATERWAYS Boat-A-Long, advantages parades. Boat-A-Long Bimini Basin Freedoms Park. watercraft decked park. performances, youngsters. movie, Vacation, DATE 4-5, Show, showcase Jetblue juried display. youth competition showcases 121 TUNed ERIK ENT WISTLE Discover joys--and benefits--of voice singular characteristics Wisconsin Radios Knowledge, July 27, episode eople speak voice, phrase connoting quest expression. apt metaphor, ironic born appreciated utilized fullest potential. youth, recall uneasy relationship voice. sound recorder me--my Hearing jarring, sounded solo sixth-grade chorus. final verse Denvers Grandmas Bed seemed particularly embarrassing nervous microphone. blood rushed beet-red, amplified auditorium alien me. occurs elementary aspects choral sonic tapestry subsumed whole. equals sharing goal, teamwork. self-consciousness anxiety performing talk choruses marvelous builders confidence, musicianship camaraderie, modes making, participation choir benefits. mood elevation cardiovascular health. searching lending voice--the instrument with--to beautiful-sounding ample age, church choirs, amateur ensembles Symphonic Mastersingers Chorale cappella barbershop Harmonizers men, Spirit Chorus. speak, us. lend ourselves, magic Pianist, instructor musicologist Entwistle undergraduate Dartmouth College. post-graduate Washington Louis. doctorate musicology California, Barbara. 123 YESENIA MARTINEZ Understanding effective defective potentially product. voluntary applies prescription over-the-counter Medicine rigorously effectiveness becoming consumer. Administration FDA happens. market, FDA, maker drug, monitor unforeseen problems. Should develop, medication question, initiated. pressure recalled federal investigators cancer-causing impurities determine exactly caused prevent SHOULD WHY DRUGS ARE RECALLED factors cause recalled. issued hazard--unfortunately, risks associated realized widely used, causing Mislabeled poorly packaged, confusing dosing instructions. Potentially contaminated nonharmful substance. Poorly manufactured, defects related quality, purity potency. continue so, doctor immediately. threat contamination drug. alternative. educated. recalls, Play notice wrapper, tampering, odd suspected contamination, notify pharmacist discard drugs. disposal medicines packages patient information. doctor. symptoms suspect linked medicine, Above panic. minor issues. Yesenia Martinez, M.D., physician Physicians Primary 5700 239-482-1010, Volunteers distribute Harry Chapin Banks Relief Campaign mobile pantries, aid impacted blue-green algae crisis 2018. Making Merrier Mobile pantries deliver cheer HARRY CHAPIN BANK approaching, money. some, harder, struggle percent population, children, from, recent data Feeding America, hunger relief organization. Bank Cooperative, hope holidays. organizations tirelessly beyond. operates trucks Fulfill Pantries distributing pounds pantry, 3,300 5,000 Collier, Charlotte, Hendry Glades counties. hunger-relief Mary Wozniak, communications Cooperative freshfrozen meat, produce, dairy, pantry clients. partners Feed Pack Humane cat encouraged donate turkeys Cooperatives Plates Project, 2,500 Jazzy Proctor, development coordinator. segments Adopt Senior programs. adopted Proctor. merrier need. information, 3760 Fowler Street, 239-334-7007, 3429 Martin Luther Jr. 239-332-7687, Glamour Fest, 26.9 top-grossing festivals country. Harmony Raise Paddle Enriching fest auction purpose Teaching instruments mission Foundation. student self-portrait, attending camp. 126 CHILDRENS CHARITIES CHRISTINA MEHTA PRENDIVILLE orking arts, camps, Instrument scholarships. camps foundations exposes rotates sponsors School Summer Scholarship awards deserving County. Recently, award conferences workshops. Landings Yacht, Tennis Club director, Ruth Christman, monetary workers appreciated. 13300-56 Avenue, PMB 214, 239-275-0057, Childrens Charities Inc.s fundraiser, healthcare Golisano Hospital pediatric education SouthWestern Raising topgrossing fests two-day themed chef-vintner Grand Tasting Auction 22, Regency sponsor 239.472.4888 SanibelCaptiva TAXI Ride Knowledgeable Friendly Staff Passenger Vans Luxury Sedans Transportation Events 239.437.6063 11200 Gladiolus CUBE SMART SELF STORAGE LOCKSMITH 239.472.2394 Way J-3 MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Publix Thru Cleaning - Laundry Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown Specialists M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Work Done Premises ALTERATIONS 239.437.7482 Rd, Quality Appointment Mon-Fri ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Of CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Recovery Management 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Trust Termite Treatment Pest Control RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Central Vac Much swfl pumpkin heat scarier scariest Halloween ghouls bridge season--while steer cart incident. Saturday bucolic freshest-of-thefresh imagine. taking. sun, breeze, beckoning. Ahhh yesterday. recover lanai read. Cant wrong MacDonald, oldie goodie. tennis players courts. Yay complaining heat. chasing orchestra Thanks, Symphony. granddaddy writers. sails lately. Championships Seas. might, fool believing wonderland. snowflakes work. OMG, suddenly upon wreaths, garland. everywhere. Please, lets Thanksgiving M hubbub via threw Didnt nap. Ahhh. Yoga ending 2019. planning chair, share--and begins. headaches supporting businesses, ILLUSTRATION DAVE DROTLEFF TOTI_Cover_ND19.indd VOL. NO. 4.95 TIMES ISLANDS DESSERTS Traditional Designer Power CULINARY CLASSES GET COOKING Published MEET BRIGHT, YOUNG INNOVATORS TAKING BUSINESSES LEVELS Display NEXT-GEN SUCCESSES

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