Ad_Page.indd 1 21019 608 PM features Photographer Nathan Benn documented life in the Sunshine State during 1980s for National Geographic. The Miami native resurrects his photos that tell a titillating story new book, A Peculiar Paradise Florida Photographs. FLORIDAS POLARITIES PECULIARITIES 36 PICTURING Two fishing guides take fight clean water to Washington. Find out whos listening and what these captains have accomplished make our beaches waterways better. COURAGEOUS 42 CAPTAINS 46 FORT MYERS Roy Massey has mastered kitesurfing, paddleboarding, windsurfing more. expert talks about world of sports why Southwest is best place do them all. WATERMAN WATER WORLD 54 Best Bets Boaters 58 Cleaning Ocean One Bracelet at Time 62 It Tastes Like Water 2 TOTI.COM MARAPR 2019 1_TOTI_MA19.indd 709 MARAR 3 departments 20 8 PUBLISHERS LETTER 10 GULF COAST ZEITGEIST Lifes Beach 12 Writing From Heart 16 Spy, Love War Story 18 BEAUTY FASHION 24 HOME Splish Splash House Wide Open PROFILE Products Help You Look Your 28 Mastering Outdoors 32 Spotlight on SWFL Symphony 34 TO YOUR HEALTH Drink Up THE ARTS 52 WHATS IN STORE 66 CHEERS Whats Hot Making Case Can Cooking Guide Dining SW 68 RECIPES WE LOVE 70 EPICURIOUS FOR KIDS 90 CROSSWORD 92 Whole Lotta Fun Cooling Off 95 Home Run 96 PETS Barkin Good Black-Necked Stilt Shell Appreciation Coexisting With Nature Treasures Sea Take Dip 98 NATURES NOTEBOOK 100 OUT ABOUT 102 ENVIRONMENT 103 SHELLING 104 OUTDOORS 108 EXPLORER Ding Darling 112 CALENDAR Where Go What Do Soulful Playing 120 STAY TUNED 122 BETWEEN LINES Conservation Coming up MayJune 123 COMMUNITY 127 SERVICES PROFESSIONALS 128 JOURNAL ers . om offer t s cu cial e ue tBl r sp j o f ift g age p See Friends family are all heart, so weve packed this issue with ideas tips better parentinggrand-parenting, senior care, healthy-living updates, schools learning, technology shopping, family-friendly travel, accommodations fun,4 pets much more help you achieve very those love. 4 5 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. 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Box 1227, Island, FL 33957 T F 239-395-2125 FounderChairman President Guy Tober Vice PresidentC.O.O. Times Islands, RSW LIVING, MAIN, Bonita Estero Cape Coral Living ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year by TOTI Media, Inc., Sanibel, 33957. Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may be reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily 6 7 publishers letter WHAT HAVE BECOME L ately, I look around happening United States wonder we become How did get where seem divided as people know Im only one question hovering over me every time turn news or log onto Internet. conflict chaos see caused reflect really matters. see, am an immigrant who came U.S. from Germany. truly believe country otherwise would chosen citizen last year. went through entire legal process involving government paperwork, interviews tests yes, studied endless hours required anyone applying American citizenship. happy it proud American. learned living America certain things here quite different my former homeland. grew Germany, could discuss politics friends no matter which party identified religion practiced. Respecting each others point view was understood, present own views based facts. Here observed standards etiquette when go out, say dinner friends, should never talk religion. Why case often asked myself question, quick Internet search discovered most likely rule dating back 1800s. But importantly, pondered conclusion majority dont enough other political party--or sometimes even their party--and same true relates religions. Which leads think fullest harmony, good along--and, course, world--would top list. resident author Sally Hanser, feature issue, inspired another direction. She wrote meaning gifts giving. There creative meaningful ways give others, Hanser says. Giving respect ways. So world, thought, trying put differences aside come together live peace harmony Winston Churchill said, We get. give. In end seems lives, include thinking respecting perspective--but giving others. Group Publisher, Media 9 gulf coast zeitgeist BY DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF land meets water, magic happens rapture lonely shore ..., love man less, but nature H --Lord Byron Childe Harolds Pilgrimage ere Gulf Coast there intersection catching sculptures. Sooner later, however, activity important than unique sea, sky almost everybody chooses stop, listen. Mindful birth beach. Emfolks practice meditation alert observers moved marvel bedded evolutionary awareness, grateful hearts relieved just posture reflecting sea creatures first became dwellers. Revisited insightful message poster friend once shared human culture generous, renewable supermarket food Sometimes sits thinks, sits. tools, favored vantage observAs wonderful can be, islanders ing forces connecting remind beachgoers drawbacks powers revealed there. lingering For thing, aviation began Wright wind swarms no-see-ums, whatever period brothers harnessed primordial annoying microscopic sand fleas. word seaside taking advantage four wise Many convinced invest elements--water, earth, fire--Orville Avons Skin Soft bath oil prevents little beach living, sure beasties landing your skin. Wilbur achieved powered flight 900 feet. And scope spaceAnother drawback sun spend some journeys leap scathing. Jim Toomeys cartoon strip listening. shores Canaveral. Shermans Lagoon chatting Back how many neighbors change variety modest purposes flying color blend surroundings. Then, turning kite, throwing Frisbee, spiking volleyball, tracking birds, gaze sands humans called apes spotting dolphins, shelling, fishing, exercising, sifting critters were gathered, noted they shaping into sturdy forts crenellated castles eyechanged after couple thing blended tomatoes fire trucks. This gumbolimbo tree, grows bark red peeling, nicknamed tourist tree. Be slather sunscreen. Close eyes use ears hear. E.B. White way sound time-effacing is. centuries reroll cloud earth becomes green again listen, shut, ... Dr. Niehoff been stopping listen islands since 1991. WORKING1_TOTI_MA19.indd 706 11 profile JAN HOLLY WRITING FROM HEART C Faith guide Hansers pen entral Islander faith family. Both values full fruition completion her touching childrens Christmas Mouse House. Although specifically wee ones, book speaks all--or certainly Sallys fond hope. dedicated work, 2017, great small nothing give, discover enough. route came, paradoxically, aftermath personal tragedy. having had fortunate childhood loving family, she lost father 16. hole soul, Dads death big it, fully possessions, education, jobs. needed learn real happiness comes from. confesses deep conversion experiences shaped rooted belief, ultimately changing life. found something beyond myself, greater in. Now blessed contentment, experience able it. longer soul. PHOTO House, shares Christmas. TOP COURTESY OF SALLY HANSER BOTTOM --Sally sense derives being mother four, grandmother nine great-grandmother two. Her husband 57 years, Al, beams pride instincts children needs. role model kids, he kind, sensitive selfless--and listens. Our now adults met success. Al president sorely Captiva Trust Company longtime residents, tested lived island nearly years. 2018 spent child, catastrophic routinely vacationed children. medical seemed freeing me. On island, emergency. inside outside together, town, ourselves, pretensions. loves aspects two-thirds sanctuary. street lights. buildings three stories. especially walking communing wildlife. My breathing calms reach beach, sunset. parishioners Sanibels St. Angels Episcopal Church, participated Bible study groups churchs healing ministry. Michaels years Church. read Sunday School class then gave copies listeners. 13 prayer porch open wishing moment quietude. rector, Rev. Ellen Sloan, takes pleasure watching work. foundational belief Christ informs everything does. comments quiet, purposeful thoughtful. People her, Sloan inspires aorta ruptured. actually feel rip, surgeons heart body protective sleeve aorta. Then glued wired together. devastating strengthened spiritual conviction. doctors told shouldnt alive, That today tells still do. inspiration unexpectedly. While working garden, downloaded brain, ran quickly could. took 45 minutes. Nurturing draft final form time. clueless publishing. anything before, lines poetry, says, guided straight completion. After publication, school Michaels, autographed 14 hopes will hear To me, thats behind Christmas, sharing message. property porch, available respite--for prayer, sitting nature. Its gift wishes adding, Life its precious gift, spirit. extensively islands, regular contributor Media. says living. 15 CATHY CHESTNUT SPY, WAR STORY Robert Macombers newest novel titled Honoring Enemy launch 14th title Honor series finds Macomber circle Oxford Exchange Tampa--across ends latest opens. His March opposite Henry B. Plant Museum, formerly legendary Tampa Bay Hotel. significant historic landmark plays key Army headquarters Enemy, second three-part mini-series centered SpanishAmerican decisive month 1898. goal publishing year, himself five time, various stages. unfolded ago, Macomber, readers fans know, exuberantly--with insider knowledge--as though spilled blood fresh. Thoroughly researched historical facts interwoven romance, action intrigue fictional memoirs leading protagonist, Captain Peter Wake, serving naval intelligence officer. spy story, war writer explains. PREP WORK As researcher, estimates reads 60 books month, thousand-page sleep. ALL PHOTOS ON THIS AND OPPOSITE PAGE NANCY GLICKMANROBERT MACOMBER wake war--fought sea--changed history history, 1895 Cubas struggle independence. involvement later following sinking USS Maine, ended Spanish colonial Americas acquisition Pacific Latin territories. follows beginning enlistment Navy Civil War. mini-trilogy focused Spanish-American notes saw firsts. forced labor camps long practiced Spain implemented wartime concentration corral starve suspected rebels innocent civilians. ensuing famine disease drew compassion Clara Barton, 77 old founded Red Cross. arrived uninvited care detained, elderly men, women officer suburb hell. also machine guns-- converged barbed wire gun turrets reality--and modern, steelhulled ships. Future Theodore Roosevelt formed famous Rough Riders foray, narrowly missed bullets himself. Hand-picked comrades died. dramatic sweep, Cuban cleared Americans combat well-armed Spaniards. going surprise lot people. owes army huge debt gratitude, Otherwise, bloodbath. keenly understands centuries-long connection between Cuba. Today, fourth-generation locals whose ancestors conflict, returned home. hundreds prior, populations here, fishermen, regularly traversed forth. centurieslong He immerses locales African treks, Cambodian river excursions, hikes jungles Santiago, gained entre communist nation decade agobefore travel restrictions liftedthrough Freemasons invited him access Grand Lodge archives clandestine meetings held under rule. accompanied 82-year-old local reconnoiter jungle trails battle sites. Without kind ground, understand need write such vivid detail, sites Santiago Havana early March. featuring annual shindig Pine lives Clockwise left Author sounding conch Island Reader Rendezvous stack cover signing independent bookstore. Old cottage Boathouse because bevy boats, winnowed. pram converted butterfly garden. downsized possessions simplified few 65, sailing regions barrier islands. professionally criminal investigations Lee County Sheriffs Department before embarking commercial writing--and knows two real-life mayhem courage. nice grow profoundly grown far fewer people, general small-town. opinion, similar that. Chestnut freelance frequent explores places Florida, hometown stomping grounds, unique. 17 21119 1000 beauty BETH LUBERECKI Every lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup between. Clogged pores late night Whatever Vichy face mask solve skin problems small. Get rid dead cells Double Glow Peel Mask 20. AHA fruit acids chemically exfoliate while on, volcanic rock particles provide mechanical exfoliation rinsed off. Perk tired Quenching Mineral 20, hydrates soothes thermal mineral French volcanoes vitamin B3. Battle excess impurities Pore Purifying Clay made ultra-fine white clays purify soften Pick suits needs, along products, Ulta Beauty stores Bell Tower Shops Fort Myers 239-3340659,, Coconut Point 239-992-0361 Coralwood Center 239-458-3522. Trends PUT MASK WATCH LIPS Got dry, chapped lips Reach Hyaluronic Marine Collagen Lip Cushion 30. lip product Dennis Gross Skincare line, formulated delicate skin, face. anti-aging treatment stimulates natural production chondroitin sulfate repair heal correct environmental damage. makes pucker fuller healthier ingredients like hyaluronic acid marine algae, rejuvenate surface strengthen appearance border. Sephora 239-390-9889, babies mind, theyre babying If hard forward youre dealing red, rashy unhappy try Mustelas Soothing Moisturizing Face Cream 11.50. Gentle newborn calm kinds reactions thanks 97 percent avocado perseose, moisturizes protects skins barrier, schizandra, berry extract tingling tightness improves overall appearance. Mustela products Walgreens CVS stores. BABY FACE dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly always address multiple issues. Thats Jaos Oil 49, used soothe rough patches eczema, shaving remove eye makeup. hair tame flyaways, add shine dry strands. combination plant, flower oils butters, semisolid formulation feels lighter butter, lasts standard moisturizer absorbs quickly. Pursuit carries Lipjao 8, paraben- petrochemical-free butter shea jojoba, pumpkin seed rosehip oil. 239-472-4600, ONE OVERACHIEVING OIL andor affiliates cannot responsible changes, writing mistakes stock. environment Florida. North Portbased Lolablue, handcrafts soaps, deodorants skincare products. find selection Lolablue locally Market Earth Myers, companys soap bars, essential colorants 7.50, Body Frosting Eco-Luxe Creme cross lotion cocoa butter. Also shelves Lolablues deodorant 10, Natural Bug Spray 14, uses organic keep away. Who cant pretty protect planet 239-226-0006, NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL 19 fashion PATRICIA LETAKIS wear eres shopping next swimsuit. Shades yellow spectrum season. Solids striped bands showing sporty look. High-waisted bottoms two-piece fresh appeal, if one-piece style, expect plunging necklines. Ruffles flounces popular, newer detail knot. Anyone looking protection rash guard-style fashionable ever. TAKE PLUNGE crisp black edge adds contrast Malia Ruffle V-Neck One-Piece 168 Robin Piccone. swimsuits plunge gives touch sexy styling, wide straps create interesting shoulder treatment. Lace-up ties easy fit regardless type. Available Everything Periwinkle Place SPORTY AS EVER suit Refine collection Becca Rebecca Virtue. Textured Bralette Bikini Top 78 combines basic color-block band bust adjustable straps. Pair Hipster Bottom stylish snap front design. ribbed fabric dimension EVERYTHING BUT BARE SHOULDER Sculpt One-Shoulder Flounce Swimsuit 179 Tommy Bahama showstopper, feminine, subtly sexy, adequate coverage comfort, plus hidden slimming panel tummy control. colorful Caledon black. getting Palm Party swimwear combo Bahama. Start Reversible Halter 99, 75. side blue stripes fauna print. bikini tall cups comfort. SWITCH TOMMY BAHAMA 21 VINTAGE Origami Virtue ruching slit-style cutouts origami-inspired ever-so-chic retro styling Vintage Bandeau Pant high waist 74 puts list serious fashionista. TIE KNOT Youre knot detailing seasons swimwear. Color Play Knot offers softness crochet sheer insets, peek-a-boo accented front, high-leg cut. crisscross interest fit. swimsuit merlot, navy. SAY NO SUNBURN Trina Turk brand known colorful, contemporary designs. Turk, California local, doesnt hesitate bring vibrancy Golden flower-inspired patterns. Imagine yourself paddleboard gliding across waters Shangri-La Floral Paddle Suit 166. jade isnt statement-making enough, striking orange RIGHT TRINA TURK OTHER BECCA REBECCA VIRTUE 22 23 house breathtaking spec home, Gill, successful career soothing calming landscapes service equipment industry, stranger design dream home many. Ken Gill construction. An entrepreneur, opened Karen DeWitt. searching multilocation restaurant started 2015 Realtor Valerie Tutor showed industrys dealerships. 9,000-square-foot Sanctuary Wulfert Jay Jenkins interior firm Point, coveted neighborhood tucked west Baer Associates Baltimore builder Island. Helenbrook turned focus ever bought, decision houses reverse floor plan, offered entrance, Gill. Looking in, initial vista cool. opportunities. lower level comprised stairs second-floor space, guest suites morning kitchen, upper vistas--east bay fairways--with master bedroom closet decks both sides. ideal entertaining, bath, served perfect sold. surrounding views. bought two-level floor, bedrooms baths built enhance Homes, 2.6 million removed banquette happily task making wall kitchen-and- plan fuses stunning sanctuary entrance. -- Homeowner welcoming five-bedroom blends luxury nature, utilizing landscaping frame house. dining area airy space. handsome entertainment bar, custom wood Clive Christian, furniture company England 300-year-old cabinetry building, installed spot guests easily mingle entertain seamlessly. Another outstanding element homes woodwork, evident ceilings cabinetry. rooms ceiling, skylights, created feeling outdoors, suite boasted ceiling married doors gracefully balcony framed inky mangroves distance. Next DeWitt wanted windows utilize light showcase gorgeous panorama--the shimmering pool, golf courses lush third fairway, keys dotting beyond. When finished adding enhancements cost 500,000, describes Theres Sanibel. realtor admits specific buyer. boat backyard, step door said. However, pointed appeal Naples, unhurried, laid-back setting. Plus surrounded abundance revered well preserved levels outdoor fairway remote-controlled draperies wine bonus positions space custom-made bar entertaining. 25 sight though, visiting views--something too pass up. Annapolis, Maryland, dock explains excited water. fact, hes already gone show picked beautiful boat. recently purchased Captiva, needs work build exact Captiva. information listed 3,195,000, contact managing editor Scenic enjoyed angle lower-level pool communitys course. 26 27 arts Boats maritime settings Zell opportunity art, shown painting Low Tide. DAVID ACEVEDO Plein Air artist via brushstrokes impasto smell sand, warm breeze. bright clouds forming millions shapes hues. distinctive paint turpentine, against canvas, unison, complete scene. sits--and contemplation planning-- goes motion. colors shapes, marks surface, magically produce magnificent amazing reality eyes, capturing spirit stillness expressionistic mastery. Born Riverside, California, 1947, attended parochial schools, Santa University Loyola University, earned law degree. Los Angeles County. past Before retiring 2005, art classes--following suggestion wife. completed units including drawing, painting, Californias Ana College. several weekend workshops sharpen skills. Eventually, progressed watercolors acrylics painting. moving dabbled hand-built ce- off realist, seeing realistic might win award, boring using traditional methods. ramic figures won number student awards. Zells style develop overnight. methods, artist, methodical approach. control viewer looks representational show. manipulate forms appealing, adds. well-known techniques shake up, negative scraping, smearing, wiping, drawing brush, pattern making, etc. call representationalexpressionist. Zell, considers mostly plein air above fixing studio benefit closest mentor Gordon Coughlin painter remarkable landscapes. followed strict ethic alla prima, corrections changes. Zell. PETER ZELL 29 707 representationalexpressionist paintings Sunset Grill below. works larger pieces figure studies, musical, West, baseball themes scenes. art. bigger shrimpers vessels, exaggerate order odd arresting idea small, vague composition viewer. him, docks areas clutter favors landscape, smaller lighthouses bridges. itself surprises, glare, sparkles, blues, wave action. usually horizon sky, challenge doing clouds, formations south passionate sees immediacy process. admired artists. stands Tracy Owen Cullimore Hirdie Girdie Art Gallery exceptional, unusual unique, cartoon-like humor. December 2018, featured DAAS 30 Union Station, Garden Path Fleets In. exhibiting Artists Naples Association CO-OP Myers. Hes 2019. addition Girdie, Islands Alpine Furnishings Lake Tahoe, California. visual born Arecibo, Puerto Rico. founder COOP Gifts Artist Studios degree Rico, Mayagez Campus co-founder Walk. 31 ERIK ENT WISTLE Symphony, bass section composerarranger Steve Hackmans Beethoven v. Coldplay Barbara Mann Performing Arts Hall May 4. Bringing buzz W SYMPHONY means piece music classical. start consider term classical exactly label means, shows artificial category--encompassing Western genres, innumerable disparate musical styles--so virtually meaningless. Yet also, limiting one. pointedly excludes pigeon-holed constricting categories. serves cautionary prelude considering composer Coldplay. presented Satur- day, 4, 730 p.m., podium. piece, Beethovens symphony Eroica, composed 1803-1804 British strange bedfellows. Hackman weaves Coldplays lyrics melodies trio miked vocal soloists, combining strands dialogue commentary original score. Notably, songs serve reflection struggles enduring Eroica composed. Sung Nobody said lose replace worse, speak misunderstood genius tragedy gradual hearing loss, eventually led total deafness. MIDDLE STEVE HACKMAN radical one, result undertaking essentially oratorio leaves beloved largely intact, enhanced interpolations. Indeed, unless deeply familiar symphony, notice score altered accommodate lyrics, themselves rearranged meld seamlessly original. points words hybrid, fusion synthesis distilling elements represented recordings electric guitars, keyboards drums, etc., re-transthe lating lens. Hackman, classically trained pianist, conductor, possesses popular credentials producer, arranger, songwriter, rapper disc jockey. representation journey processes disciplines. cues greats that, whether Mahler Beatles Kendrick Lamar. mean disciplines, supposedly genres artistically, combined disrupter felt against. hand revolutionary whatsoever idioms music, along. reflects longstanding traditions, seeks break boundaries artistic voice, hybrid endeavor push collective unknown. theres reason anywhere continue strategize 21st century. Pianist, instructor musicologist Entwistle received undergraduate Dartmouth post-graduate piano performance Washington Louis. doctorate musicology Barbara. teaches Symphonys oboe flute conductor action, symphonys clarinet 33 health KL AUDIA BALOGH avoid dehydration, advised drink least ounces fluids men ounces. Nine signs dehydrated--besides thirsty ts busy day. meetings, got conference jump deadline meet, grocery cooking mind glass desk realize youve hardly any today. problem. essential. person survive days--a week most--without organs, brain lungs, 80 respectively. Plus, cell depends function properly. regulates temperature, transports nutrients, supports structure tissues, preserves cardiovascular function. Research below recommended dehydrated. According Institute Medicine, fluid, require per hotter weather exercise. H2O requirement beverages foods fluid content fruits vegetables. Keep although sugary drinks sodas fall category, increase dehydration. metabolize sugar, increases forget signs. Yet, dehydrated shouts loud clear, must pay attention. sip order. FATIGUE DIZZINESS Dehydration cause drop pressure, decreasing flow and, according Association, mild dehydration loss weight weakness dizziness. CONSTIPATION lacks starts extracting parts less it--for example, stool, harder pass. Besides discomfort, exposes toxins waste INSOMNIA DISRUPTED SLEEP Going bed decrease quality sleep, snoring reduce melatonin sleep hormone levels. mouth nasal passages, irritation bother sleeping you. REDUCED COGNITIVE FUNCTION affects young drastically does healthy adults, researchers impair tasks attention, mental immediate memory HEADACHE MIGRAINE Because volume temporarily oxygen brain. Hence, vessels dilate, swelling increased pressure. DRY SKIN Lack hydration elasticity, chapped. Lotions help, hydrate too. BAD BREATH Not saliva lead growth bacteria unpleasant odor. mint symptoms, treat roots, solution bad breath LOW OR DARK-COLOR URINE Have noticed darker urine bathroom kidneys filter waste, pull extra urine. external overnight, contains concentrated. Skipping unhealthy body. KIDNEY STONES terrible stage low dark urine, sodium diet. down salt properly causing build-up minerals painful rocklike crystals. fitness affect 35 Among Benns Photographs image Charles Tipton Panama City harvesting oysters dawn Apalachicola Bay. PECULIAR PARADISE NATHAN BENN, PUBLISHED POWERHOUSE BOOKS Cuban-born Memory Mario Sanchez 1930 paper bags cedar boards. bas-relief carvings painted vibrant colors, depicting scenes Key West. Photographed International Airport, sugarcane cutters Jamaica prepare harvest hen Geographic magazine sent photographer 1981, state compelling subject photographs. engaged circumstances native. particular pivotal intellectually journalist. influx immigrants Cuba Haiti. Crime rise flourishing drug trade. drought agricultural problems. environmental, social, economic disruption, obvious trouble paradise headlines, Benn, 68. interesting. on--in extreme form--in mystic, mythical affected. months-long assignment, believed strong tell. powerful, done set photographs, peak power fast feet well, knew 37 Rocket Kennedy Space viewed visitor parking Tourists mascot CHRONICLING CHANGE Society. 1993, launched Picture International, 38 picture frame. evaluate career. superiors didnt same. grittier mold regional stories done, tended travelogues reportage. passed photos. elation defeat, recovered Benn. inquisitive, evocative thought-provoking images finally published--many time--in powerHouse Books, 49.95. photographed, continent, mash-ups polarities, Black white, English Spanish, north south, rich poor, urban rural, book. online digital asset management media licensing enterprise foundation todays stock photo industry. 2000 2003, director Magnum Photos, influential cooperative photographers Henri-Cartier Bresson, Seymour, George Rodger Capa. About archives. 2013 Kodachrome Pictures 1972-1990, contained organized geographic region. taken Geographic, focusing Vermont, upstate New York Mississippi River. These expectations magazines editors types photographic desired. social Vermont allow condos ski resorts, recalls sections devoted England, River, Pittsburgh compiling hit were. aesthetic shooting changed romantic, Norman Rockwell-esque sensibility transgressive undisciplined, subjects discomforting. devote 750 rolls film hed shot 1981--images Haitian refugees, federal agents conducting raids, booze-fueled spring breakers. organizing reached Churchward help. Vanity Fair Vogue magazines, edited, authored designed wound Fe, Mexico. agreed meet Eli Helen Fricklas Brooklyn, York, yoga Lummus Park Beach. 39 Spraying mosquitocontrol insecticide DC-3s Collier 40 desire pictures. stood Churchward. inquisitiveness matter, guerillas practicing Cuba, building Epcot Center, surreal. They selecting ideas. dismissed alligator zipping slide Gatorland Augustine. pushed inclusion-- image. forget, photo. memorable, twice. Charlie perspective things, energizing helped pictures differently. chapters topics immigration, states citizens, growing America, 1980s, appreciation offbeat plenty potential department. photograph wackiness, course driving grove wacky, celebrate peculiar, charming, unexpected element. favorite department dressed sauntering sidewalk carrying boombox. Washington, D.C., seen Fifth Avenue boombox, somebody boom box. humor, catches cant. guy strolling costume Other let wouldnt stop FINDING WEIRD WONDERFUL knack everyday retirees pilots training. Miamis Street Gym particularly boxing gyms common. somehow standing people--theyre posing. Theyre way. photographing, hang around, photography serendipity. get, days film. unexpected. among arts, predisposed. Growing impact Vizcaya Museum Gardens Miami, developed wanderlust trains East Railway station, honed skills News. comfortable travels entering peoples embarrassment, assignment 80s, since. 1950, population 84 English-speaking Caucasian 71 Hispanic, non-Hispanic white. wonderfully minority there, fun now. couldnt kid, be. conjunction release Photographs, HistoryMiami hosting exhibit April information, visit Nokomis, Floridabased Learn Epcots Spaceship Walt Disney World Orlando Drug Enforcement Administration officers raid small-time dealers Miami. rare alligators 41 HE COURSE R S E ID D FISHING GU M ATER CLEAR Capt. Chris Wittman Daniel Andrews attend Capitol urge authorization Everglades Agricultural Area Reservoir. Rep. Mast Floridas 18th District center. heyd rather bays Sound Charlotte Harbor, hunting redfish snapper, drinking memorable immersions Instead, traded cast nets, rods sunshields scientific reports, legislative briefings business jackets. natives livelihoods full-time hold brown polluted nitrates phosphates, released Okeechobee, fish belly-up Caloosahatchee River smothering seagrass beds. co-founded nonprofit organization Captains Clean concerned anglers like-minded residents advocate science-based estuarine restoration Everglades--unparalleled resources. Andrews, 27, executive director, Wittman, 42, program operate staff members. educate solutions informed angler outdoorsman, CAVIN BROTHERS GARY GILLETT do, footprint make, difference, lasting impacts. reaches State. days, civic students, policymaking South Management District--a governor-appointed board oversees O. nationally stay abreast conservation groups. halls Tallahassee familiar, partnerships organizations, Partnership, Bonefish Tarpon Foundation. Were fighting behalf. trust us system changes agenda. want generation had. group 5,000 members broad coalition supporters, 108,000 Facebook followers. More 30,000 fans, 50 states, signed petition urging Congress bill included critical project. massive number, notes. measurement size organization. commitment seeing. FIRST TIME, HAD LOT PEOPLE THAT WERE ANGRY QUALITY WANTING GET INVOLVED. IT WAS TIME INDUSTRIES WHO VICTIMS MISMANAGEMENT WANTED TALK MOVE TOWARD SOLUTION. PAST, EVERYONE TRIED KEEP QUIET BECAUSE TOURISM. --CAPT. DANIEL ANDREWS, EXECUTIVE CLEAN on-the-water meeting. SERIOUS operated Stillwater Charters 300 walked away scholarship 2011 Fishing Charters. established 501c3 mid-February 2016, cyclical Okeechobee releases fouled waters--yet again. angry wanting involved. 43 EMERGENCY DECLARED secondlargest contiguous 44 emergency declared east counties Laura Parker reported eighth 2004 toxic algae coastline. storys headline Slimy Green Beaches Normal. guiding, realized alarmed, missing demand outdoorsmen stakeholders heritage tied At public meeting Bass Pro people--including tackle shop owners, saltwater freshwater guides, recreational fishermen--showed snowball rolling downhill, recalls. worked dime guiding. happened effort dedicate day-to-day right Wittman. hastily. weight. respected guide. hitting firsthand, act. Blue-green cyanobacteria canals summer. place, dress rehearsal dual assault engulfed persistent tide Karenia brevis blue-green bloom canals. Last summer, separate orders seven thenGov. Rick Scott. Though ecosystem, concentrations conditions favor releasing neurotoxin brevotoxin kills fish, mammals turtles, causes choking respiratory humans. complex issues, scientists interacts with, impacts, tide. counts summer liter, highest Fish Wildlife Commission reports sample. Measurements Sanibel-Captiva Foundation monitoring liter higher. toll unfathomable pounds manner life, numbers manatees turtles. Shorebirds suffered, Tourism sputtered. Beaches, hotels Gulf-front tiki bars empty. disaster recovery programs owners activated. Chamber Commerce revenue 36.9 10-week alone. survey businesses 86 losses tide, 73 tallying 500,000 Nonprofit organizations stepped assist hospitality employees suffering income. touchstone November elections. hits single industry another. Weve conversation conversation. dollar policymakers politicians industries victims mismanagement move toward solution. past, everyone tried quiet tourism, By worsened discharges ignited outbreak coasts killing sickening beachgoers. Cyanobacteria occurs naturally warm, calm, lakes rivers fed nutrients runoff. link exposure ALS, Alzheimers Parkinsons disease. Yacht Club closed months cyanobacteria. LOOKING BACK AHEAD ORGANIZATION FIGHTING PEOPLES BEHALF. THEY TRUST ARE COUPLE GUIDES UNDERSTAND SYSTEM SEEN CHANGES OUR OWN EYES. HIDDEN AGENDA. JUST WANT NEXT GENERATION HAD. CHRIS WITTMAN, PROGRAM Restoring proven politically financially complicated chess match, resting hands agencies. Comprehensive Restoration Plan authorized 2000, billed 35-year projects tag 10.5 billion. delays, estimated billion--and counting. Historically, region vast miles lands Orlando, O, prairies, marshes wetlands. slowly shallow sheet flow, becoming Grass, until dredging draining ago habitable farmable. Those wetlands invaluable. Prairies, swamps store floodwaters maintain periods. acre wetland gallons allowing percolate underground aquifers, supply Floridians, seasonal O Lucie source contention downstream communities, bear brunt managed flood rural communities dictated District. decided Resources Development Act approved October. act EAA Reservoir man-made marsh southeast Clewiston Tracking project current captains. They, advocates, projected complete. represent coastal affected management. drives Hells Boatworks skiff. LINWOOD FERGUSON BROOKE MORTON 47 addictions, addictions--and definitely addiction, waterman lifestyle, which, daily fix Mexico myriad inlets bays. riding Causeway. Below Water-sports enthusiasts waves San Carlos 48 55-year-old owner operator Ace Performer, water-sports retail instruction hub feeds habit mix kayaking, depending blowing--literally. cold-front season, yesterday, gets windy kitesurfing lean blond. paddleboarders kayakers. winds. blowing mph, blown place. Either way, joins brings gear, resulting spark Hearing excitement Masseys voice invitation, gateway joining passions. curious perhaps ready hobby. pick kayak board, limitations, age. 80, older oldest windsurfs 90, kitesurfs couples Maggie Mike, 80s. Together, play tennis mornings windsurf afternoons. crazy all, sports-addicted lifestyle folks. retire. ask, golf, kitesurf answer brains body, teach soon express interest, launches can. strategically placed McGregor Boulevard, close patch Massey, causeway canoe kayak. Years 19, Causeway sports. blows shore, spot. customer colleague Page Henderson treasures location. access. blowing, causeway. causeway, right--it hour easterly wind--it berries. backsides ride windward. words, cruising. Of ventures preferred spots ones steers clientele to. bird refuges, J.N. Refuge, motor. nonmotorized boats monopoly. worry Jet Ski motoring scaring birds enjoy environment, workout finding mind. 49 fishermen Bunche Preserve, five-minute drive shop. Really, ideally inches deep, Youll Turner Beach, bridge distance paddle sail to, rest knowing cheat. powerboats protected area, explore fish. simply witness osprey paddlers boarders, stress therapy sports, begin Everybody different, persons starting Some much, typically kayaking. stand paddle, workout. paddleboard, hour. Windsurfing wind. learning kite-flying progression, clearly, decades sport teaches. Teaching constant him. teaching--getting thought kitesurf. day teaching 1986, shortly graduating Edison College Southwestern sole mastering crafting warehouse boards, skimboards surfboards. lasted 1995. money alive everything, Now, by--hes thriving sweet joy-meets-passion. benefits coming match newcomer questions confidence stick drawn Between first. Kitesurfing waiting riding. possible wider array conditions. kitesurf, swimming, laughing chuckle all--and all--but hasnt forgotten days. memories humble, reminders Oh yeah, dragged serious. stresses importance safety systems. windsurfing, riders danger, sails. kitesurfers, bit complicated. systems are, tree hard, release, referring depowers kite--releasing tension keeps kite flying. Hit youll pulled, drops biggest lesson emphasizes newbies fly. value safety, so, too, connection. community. selling boards guards. helping families bond over. Ive grandparents kids. whole cool generations once. share seeking lessons, limit recommend kids 8. age, attention span, strength stamina. concepts. Younger miss however. for-sale rental fleet, stocks lots big, floaty on. college now, younger, paddleboards helm. greatest thrill circle, meant bonding--and ospreys turtles animals God makes, joy. Learning progression kitesurfing. fun, relaxing. soul clear buys sells. twinkle grin secret lives. Stop hell readily Just surprised hooked thing. addicts, variety, maybe of. Morton specializing outdoors. Shes Sober Outside, teetotaling adventure-lovers. 51 whats GINA BIRCH FASHIONABLE SUN PROTECTION Sun paramount mock neck IBKUL patented UPF 50. wick moisture cools degrees engaging physical activity. patterns styles men. 96, tricky, Krups 4.2 XL Digital Fryer easy. outlet appetite. eight presets, menus fries, pork ribs, shrimp, pizza, steak, chicken cake. amazed recipes 119.99, AIR FRYER WATER-RESISTANT CHARGERS AdventurePlus charger myCharge connected go. Portable light, USB ports charging device durability water-resistant adventures. 39.99, PROTEIN COOKIES Munk Pack produces portable, delicious snacks punch plant-based protein grams satisfying tooth. flavors Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Raisin Spice, vegan glutenfree cookies fiber cookie. 6.99 four-pack, boating waterways, glass. Bota Minis fill bill. recyclable containers glasses waste. chardonnay throw ice. Numerous varieties packaged, sauvignon blanc, cabernet, merlot malbec. 5, WINE Wine lovers dilemma alkaline-antioxidant bottle. replaceable VitaBead Diffuser lowers acidic tap optimal hydration. Alkaline immunity silicone grip colors. 44, ALKALINE BOTTLE DYLN Bottle screen smartphone, myFlipShade accessory outdoors doubles privacy shield prying screen. mood personality. 9.99, PHONE FLIP SHADE Blocking suns PURE Handcrafted food-grade stainless steel, Carbon Filter Decanter eliminates so. Premium Block removes 95-99 chlorine, chromium, lead, mercury fluoride leaving delicious. 228, CLASSIC SINK copper Farmhouse sink wow factor kitchen. Forged high-quality recycled copper, provides modern functionality classic material. hammered apron texture color. brushed nickel. Matching bathtubs available. 2,650-3,978, fast-paced card game includes interactive activities High entertaining Pound leave laughing. brainchild Alaskan captain sea. 15, HAPPIEST GAME Star Games Happy Salmon JANFEB 53 ANN MARIE OPHEL AN SWFLs waterside restaurants ttention, boaters Whether ending heading seek bite eat, restaurants--and KICKING Cactus Jacks Waterfront Bar menu items ranging seafood Mexican cuisine, Motown, dance party, 1950s karaoke. Monday Saturday a.m. hours, p.m. Moor empty slip charge Marinatown Harbour. ELEGANT DINING 923 DOC FORDS RUM BAR GRILLE TARPON LODGE RESTAURANT Bayside Seafood excellent service. Multiple Venetian Live year-round Upper Deck Outdoor Lounge. lunch, brunch vary. Shore Marina Boat Rentals slips dock. Restaurant Bokeelia, sunset vistas catch Doc Fords Rum Grille extending tacos favorites Fords. Shrimp stars Parrot Caribbean location affords OFF-THE-BOAT CASUAL BAYSIDE SEAFOOD GRILL PARROT KEY Tiki breakfast, lunch dinner--while rock. Hook Cook option theyll cook dining, free docking Flamingo Canal Marker 78. canal, offering slips, lengths. delight. prides mojitos, freshest seafood, Campeche Tacos Panko Fried Shrimp. Local Deb Dynamics week, pop bands. dinner, deck assist. vessels. LOW-KEY OLDE FLORIDA Olde Matlacha unloaded docks. ahead to-go orders. Regular bluegrass, Thursday Friday northwest Bridge, channel Matlacha. Free dine here. Original Dock spot--it shrimping shanty. Favorite Shrimpers Bloody Mary Shrimp-Cargot. ranges classic, 1130 Salty Sams Marina, floating tie hailed instructions. MOJITOS MORE TROPICAL TIKI friendly rum flows Permanent Vacation Cocktail, tropical juices, Raspberry Melba 55 Mango coulis dipping sauces. Patrons more, events. Wednesday restaurants. Crows Nest Grille, specialty cocktails casual fare served. Weekends 830 karaoke night, marina RELAXED REGAL UPSCALE CHARM Lighthouse Connie Mack fine 160-foot-long Brunch, eggs Benedict, grouper sandwiches mahi-mahi cilantro-lime salsa. Guests evenings Motown tunes, guitar playing, 630 dock, depth allows RESORT STYLE Bokeelia enables charm 1926 lodge, General Manager Rob Wells. incredible waterfront Sound, savor jazz, award-winning bar. weekdays, 1030 weekends. Hours vary holidays special Twenty-six dining. Tween Waters Resort Spa welcomes resorts 56 924 TWEEN WATERS ISLAND SPA CARIBBEAN Scrumptious shrimp resort smile Crab Avocado Stack. IF YOU GO 4270 Blvd. North, 239-649-5552 5819 Driftwood Parkway, 239-945-2628 3448 Lane, 239-652-5787 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660 14301 Port Comfort Road, 239-489-0770 Harbour 239-997-2767 239-997-7711 4530 239-282-9577 2200 Main St., 239-463-3043 239-434-0724 2500 239-463-3257 239-463-7333, OPHELAN 13771 Drive, 239-283-3999 Call 239-283-3998 availability 15951 Dr., 239-472-5161 Boca Raton-based paying removal plastic worlds hot topic aside, longterm concern litter debris, plastic, waterways--not world. Bali Floridians Alex Schulze Andrew Cooper surf shocking steer paths watched piles threatening livelihood fishermen. picturesque Indonesia, polluters. Returning duo 4Ocean nets plastic. Each bracelet sale funds pound ocean trash. 4Oceans bracelets trash oceans coastlines worldwide. inception, Perhaps fascinating funded--online sales beaded bracelet, website Marco license teenager. Piloting charters, passion surfing scuba diving attending Atlantic Raton, headquartered. traveled diving, Bali. Their ambitious cleanup operation office six. Danny Murphy, community manager, them. remembers, looked investments banks, kept denied. So, 20-something ocean, added steel charm. signature Full-time crews efforts Raton span globe. 4OCEAN given 150 paid States, Haiti 400 Bali, hand. 59 billion enter founders mission, hosts volunteer events sold funding team exponentially. Murphy grown, limited-edition, monthly Cause Bracelets, largest pollution epidemic. trash, proceeds donated charity represents--dolphins, whales, manatees, explains, Seven 365 teams cleaning mouths, coastlines, funded 135-foot Plastic Recovery Vessel excavator barge, excavator, craft booms. numerous locations oceans, collects. mangroves, landscape. glance, polluted. Once inside, Mangroves filters, unfortunately debris. urns vials blood, foreign currency kitten, monetary incentivizing worldwide behavior. notes, creating economy sell cycle instead single-use product. chapter launched, mobile app. Organizers cleanups elsewhere post info support participation. focus, wants awareness consumers corporations cups, straws, utensils bags. philosophy Small Murphy. consumption--its recycling buying less. Birch wellknown personality Than Ride Knowledgeable Friendly Staff Luxury Sedans Large Vans Event Transport AIRPORT LOCAL SERVICE 239-472-4888 61 informal picks choices brands bottled ater vitally life--for bodies function--no reside average 8-ounce amount factors. main tap, filtration system, delivery, Bottled surpassed carbonated soft beverage category States. regulated Food Administration, equally n Spring formation earth. Eleven pH strips dipped test alkalinity. describe snob, host watertasting event test. Artesian taps confined aquifer. Purified originally distillation, deionization, osmosis processes. contain minimum dissolved solids. Minerals flavor brands. taste water-tasting spirits--yet recruiting wasnt exciting adult beverages. Attempting comparison equal possible, non-sparkling bottles major retailers proximity indication shipped stored--meaning heat exposure, quality. tasted room glassware, labels influence us. tasted, same, individual differ taste. Evian Fiji, closely Zephyrhills Dasani. snow rain Alps. Manufacturers mountains, rocks glaciers reaching source. tastes slight salinity. committed reducing carbon footprint. Fiji rainforest filtered It, soft, oh-sofresh. Owned Wonderful Company, claims No. imported bottle 63 verdict benefits, any, higher alkaline Core Alkaline. 64 brands, bottling sourced springs central natural, manipulated. 1987 Nestl America. tasters, Dasani ranked purified brand. Coca-Cola Co. noticeable overt identify smelled starch, static cling ionizer. large unappealing compared Since alkalinity, them--just fun. waters. professionals suggest acidity cuts risks illness promotes wellness. neutral generally good. organ different. Suffice say, highly alkaline--except dive. 9.5 close. ionized smell, liked feel. Qure claim near-perfect evidence health, purchasing boils flavor. unanimously agree carry slightly tags samples, worth self-proclaimed guessed categories impressive accuracy. Everyone talent. contributor, lover drink, 65 cheers beer, seltzers beaching boating, lounging beverage, enjoying packaged challenge. heavy, dangerous broken. ban Beer arguably consuming reasons cans. Craft story. rage, only, curtailing consumption enthusiasts. Dogfish Head, breweries, canned SeaQuench Ale. awardwinning sour brew consists lime juice, peel, limes salt--its limey, herbal finish alternative margarita drinker. Thirst quenching, infused calories 140 brews. Head cans India pale ale bottles. Liquid Truth Serum year- round. hoppy citrus orange, tangerine, mango stone fruits--an IPA waterways. Hard ciders Angry Orchard cans, Claw. preservatives alcohol fermented sugars. Seltzers refreshing consumed canned-beverage aisle involve wine. wrapping heads this, perfectly practical occasions. restricted fancy table, cookouts, picnics venues. Francis Ford Coppola Winery winery product, winemaker Meghan Rech, sparkling offshoot Sophia Blanc de Blancs, produced 1998 daughter, Sophia, Rech. Four Traditionally beers wines convenient transport consume poolside, frowned upon. can, simple sounds. Extensive research trials performed sulfites interact metal. lining Sophia. method fermenting stand-alone, base first, inject CO2 carbonation, replicate aromatics opposed Rech aromatic grapes wines, version profile. Oak presents quandary. aging Coppolas wines. sensory profile, forward. Diamond Collection collections umbrella. Several varietals red--pinot noir. brought four-pack recent fell silent. faces wineloving reflected confusion, disdain. sweetness. shift perception impractical bottle, compromised heat. Dont trunk car. shelf shorter, with. purists shaking notion knock 67 LAMB CHOPS Spices Serves Baby lamb chops, cleaned cut bones. Marinate refrigerator overnight teaspoons Dijon mustard bunch cilantro chopped ginger garlic paste lemons, juiced tablespoons teaspoon garam masala Salt pepper vegetable grill 350 F. chops marinade. temperature. Serve chutney recipe saut pan, pan smoking sizzle sear sides brown. Finish 300-degree oven Mint Chutney jar Mix processor smooth. Add optional spicy cayenne. cold. Tamiami Trail E., 239-919-8830 SWEETENED GARLIC VINAIGRETTE Bennetts Fresh Roast powder granulated sugar packets Splenda cup apple cider vinegar ground cruet, shake. mix. Put salad bowl plate. Shake dressing serving. Annie Salad, romaine lettuce, oranges, applewood smoked bacon feta cheese. Cobb salad. 239-332-0077 basil, tablespoon Italian seasoning quarts tomatoes, 2-3 pith 6-8 sprigs parsley leaf thyme, fennel bulb, dried Pinch saffron peppercorns carrots, salmon, tuna, grouper, 1-inch squares Step 2, minutes scallops lobster tails mussels clams Garlic juice Worcestershire sauce creamy bread, sliced toasted, pot Dutch oven, olive medium flame. soup except scallops, KEYLIME BISTRO-STYLE BOUILLABAISSE Keylime Bistro onion, ribs celery, cloves garlic, crushed lobster. Saut onions wilted translucent. simmer. Simmer toasted bread bottom individuals bowl. type bread. Spoon broth 11509 Andy Rosse 239-395-4000 Touch Italy egg yolks Marsala heavy cream mascarpone espresso coffee, chilled ladyfingers Cocoa ounce double boiler tepid. Using mixer, speed doubled volume. ribbon-like consistency. bowl, stiff peaks. Fold mixes remaining dip mixture. Lay flat 9x13 pan. custard mixture sprinkle powder. Alternately, layer Refrigerate cutting 7890 Summerlin Lakes 238-482-8727 TIRAMISU SWEET SMOKY RIBS LongHorn Steakhouse Ribs baby rib racks. reheat grill. rub wrap, Aluminum foil, Sweet Smoky Barbeque Sauce barbeque chipotle peppers adobo sauce, finely minced Rib Rub cumin paprika onion chili kosher cayenne Combine well. Pre-heat 250 Tear wrap twice rack. season ribs. Wrap aluminum foil rack layers. Repeat steps wrapped racks 3-4 internal temperature 195 Remove steam escape barbecue Heat 500-550 Scrape grates brush grates. Brush meat bone desired 10030 Plaza 239-433-0286 RESPECTIVE RESTAURANTS 69 epicurious B Breakfast Lunch Dinner SB Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Vegetarian Southern burger empanadas pulled beef seared cowboy steak. evening after-dinner scotches, cognacs ports. Scott McDonald SANIBEL Novel Cuisine. folk joined novelist Randy Wayne character, best-seller sandwiches, salads entres. skip mojito. 949 Sand Castle 239-472-3355, IL CIELO Creative sophistication tasteful decor menus. Blue Cielo-tini, gin curacao cocktail. appetizers PEI mussels, calamari charcuterie. Entrees osso buco, Dungeness crab ravioli jumbo lump topping 1244 Way, 239-472-5555, TESORO RISTORANTE Pasta Personality. Chef A.J. creates feast atmosphere. Everybodys laughing, eating pasta sipping heaps antipasto. finest Penne puttanesca capers Inn 239-472-8311, DUNES Member Problem twist. Try bisque Eastern, rigatoni eggplant, ricotta cherry tomato short gnocchi specials intriguing. cloud-like tiramisu. 751 239-395-4022, COW Bovine Bounty. omelets pasta, joint, despite cow references. dinners choice, Loaded Omelet. Check drinks, homemade Sangria 2163 239-472-0606, PIZZA Slice Paradise. tasty tradition Pizza Crusty Curl Crust. Pasta, calzone popular. bruschetta appetizer, 1619 239-472-1581, JAC Locally Sourced, Artfully Prepared. Light rustic details barn-style doors, Jac appeal. Philipe Schroeder focuses chili-rubbed yellowtail snapper risotto menu. Jacs spiced belly drunken 1223 239-4721771, 239-472-1771, LAZY FLAMINGO Cold Beer, Raw Bar. Come plumpest raw oysters, steaming hot-spiced peel-and-eat incendiary Dead Wings. Buffalo wings bet. 6520-C Ave., 239-4725353 1036 239-472-6939 12951 Blvd., 239-476-9000 16501-B Stringfellow 239-283-5959, 72 LIGHTHOUSE CAF Worlds Breakfast. Residents visitors decades, why. Frittata seasoned crabmeat, sauted broccoli mushrooms topped artichoke Alfredo sauce. Or Grouper Platter lighthouse line walls. Callahead seating 362 239-472-0303, MALIA Fusion spending relaxed atmosphere romantic Ownerchef Jeff Samsons dishes Grilled Swordfish rosemary lemon bean saut, caramel shallots, sage roasted Melenzana Sausage Linguini sausage, Marzano tossed hand-cut linguini. Golf Club, 1100 Par View, 239-4729222, 239-472-9222, MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Five Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, spinach wood-fired pizzas. pastas, chicken, veal round 1200 239-472-1998, NORMANDIE SEASIDE Indulge Yourself. Located West Wind cozy dinner. Bananaberry Toast Omelet breakfast Colombian coffee choice artisan whole-leaf teas. Relax cafes old-world Curry Chicken Salad Pressed Sandwich lunch. Tom Sisson flair, pair extensive 3345 239-472-1541, 710 SANDBAR Welcoming. Trio, bronzed cake, favorite. steaks grilled perfection please palates. 2761 239-472-0305, FISH HOUSE Tried True. entres all-day range fried baskets specialties, tuna rice cakes seaweed salmon ordered broiled, grilled, blackened Jamaican jerked. Three 1523 239-472-7770 4685 Springs, 239-495-5770 320 239-765-6766, Color. typical pub fare--juicy burgers, wings--and bartenders often-sought-but-never- often, food. --Anthony Bourdain 75 feel, popularity 703 239-472-4453, SPROUT Goodness. vegetarian gourmet take-out delightful meals, smoothies juices prepared daily. Nikki Rood 100-percent organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, farm-fresh creation, Smoked Paprika Hummus Sprouts. Vegan Lasagna. Sprout Let thy medicine food, quoting Hippocrates delectable dish offers. Baileys 2463 239-472-4499 SUNSET Floribbean Gourmet. Caesar wrap. Morning choose Santiva variations Benedict either 6536 239-472-2333, MELISSAS CAFE Thing, Packages. Melissa Talmage prepares petite portions, diners sample dishes, Octopus Mullet Fritter. 1625 239-472-1956, THISTLE Victorian Rendezvous. cuisine oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted mojo allure trappings, glorious table. Casa Ybel Resort, 2255 239-472-9200, TIMBERS MARKET Dine Favorites calamari, platters lump. adjacent market. 239-472-2722, 76 TRADERS Shopping Experience. Traders emporium restaurant, Tuesday evenings. gumbo, pan-seared macadamia-encrusted grouper. 1551 239-472-7242, T2 Opened Traders. trendy savory flatbreads, coastal-inspired classics. mixology Elderflower Bloom, rotating beer selection, envy lively Floridian dcor. seating, shop, anytime 2340 239-558-8919, CANTINA CAPTIVA Nacho Madres Mexican. Enjoy garden serape piatas, terra-tiled floors adobe-style walls 14970 239-472-0248, CROWS NEST BEACH Great Food, trip filled appetizers, always-popular baked goat cheese dip. Saltimbocca, leaves, prosciutto-wrapped linguine. Races, Thursday, hopping 239-472-5161, Continues. Building continued success, chain Whites character Seas Resort. Docs Bread panko-fried dry-rubbed ribeye. 5400 Plantation 239-312-4275, 1001 GREEN FLASH Rare Treasure. seat browse delightfully diverse Caf Paris specialty, wine, Worcestershire, buttery herb topping. Platter, swordfish, tiger prawn polenta. Savory landlubbers, dessert positively decadent 15183 239-472-3337, BISTRO Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery canopies setting, Jimmy Buffett beat. eclectic walnut-crusted sausage peppers, escargots tomato. 239-395-4000, LATTE DA COFFEE ICE CREAM SHOP Upon coffees, extra-strong Eye Coffee, cappuccinos lattes tooth indulge scoops Queenies ice cream, milkshakes sundaes. 11508 239-472-0234, MUCKY DUCK Quack Up. pint brewed pond. grub. Visit beachside patio gazing. 11546 239-4723434, OLD FloridaNew Greg Nelsons centers bounty check sushi menu, adventurous rolls, sashimi, select sakes. Wines complement presentations, Room RC OTTERS Otterly multitude daunting. Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas meatloaf satisfy cravings. Diners 239-395-1142, SUNSHINE Inspired Bistro. caf European touch. wood-grilled pecan-crusted 239-472-6200, BLANC Epicurean. Jenga, tower modeled robata grill, Lamb Lollipops reduction, SS, habanero Blancs Almost Entres, clean, ambience creations Whitaker chef Jean Claude Roge, talents lift peers. Closed Sundays. 13451 Ste. 239-887-3139, BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. outrageous highlight prefer steak chicken. 239-489-1500 2262 First 239-362-2843, COURTSIDE STEAKHOUSE AT HARBOUR Beefed Refined wood, brass, leaded subtle theme, steakhouse delivers tastiest butchers breed Angus steaks. 17260 Pointe 239466-4000, CRAVE Cozy Contemporary. Modern Breakfast, 79 omelet variation Benedict. noon, bacon-wrapped plank attract hungry diners. crowd packs house, wait--but 12901 239-4664663, DARUMA Make Wish teppan table Classic Japanese tempura offered, combinations Nippon filet mignon teriyaki. 13499 Cleveland 239344-0037 241 239591-1200 5459 Fruitville Sarasota, 941-342-6600, EDISON Illuminati. honors namesake genius, Thomas Edison, display steeped culinary tradition, potpie receiving raves 3583 239-936-9348, FIRESTONE Brick atmosphere, tires Firestone. paella tapas Sky Bar, Martini Saturday. 2224 239-334-3473, GARAGE Taste Details. dcor 1920s, parts, burgers Model Carb-uretor. arugula names Kona Big Wave Goose 312. 2207 239-332-3673, 81 PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. true. Salads, pleasing palates 1982. Soup accompany dinners, Early deals 4-7 booths, nautical seafaring vibe. 13451-16 239-4892226, UNIVERSITY Class. theatergoers private club balance 7790 Cypress 239-4374377, Sequel. story--a sequel. Matanzas Pass banana Texas 239765-9660, ORIGINAL SHRIMP DOCK Authentic Shrimping Shanty. Set fleets base, eatery boat-to-plate shrimp. kicked notch lime, Orleans-style barbecue. pizza Bay, linger cocktail corn games. 239-463-3043, Tucked open-air mingling sailors Tropical runners, pina coladas mojitos fritters, coconut curry 82 83 crab, starters. Caribbean-inspired entrees platter, tango mahi crab-stuffed Meat jerk misses friends. 4703 16th Place, Coral. 239-257-1081, CENO Family History. spanakopita--fresh spinach, herbs feta, phyllo dough baked--or Marsala, drove Lukas Ceno Grill. Order gyro souvlaki meal, Parmesan, wont disappointed resist cannoli Hour, M-F, 3-6pm. 239-4633257, 1719 Parkway East, Coral, 239-540-3673, LOBSTER LADY Eclectic Coastal Grits Le Bouf Bacon Wrapped Lobster Tail landlubbers. market night. BIG TAVERN SPORTS Tackle Buds. pizza. Belgian waffles zesty maple-honey mustard. Tens juicy build-your-own backfield toppings cheeses yummy melts pork, ham cod Philly cheesesteak triple BLTs. stacked Reuben, calzone, stromboli veggiemeat Capes wings. choices, wraps icy Tavern package 1715 W., 239-549-2366, Units 3, 239-471-0136, MARKER Nautically Nice. woodfired draw Village Resorts boundaries. 85 flatbread pizzas breezy terrace. 5951 Silver King 239-541-5600, MONKEY STEAK Silly Name, Serious Food. Nico Bogert experienced proof palate, selections Monkey, chop relish Pepper Painted Grouper, Ahi Tuna Salad. Indoor available, nightly. 1428 Lafayette 239-549-8800, NEVERMIND AWESOME EATERY Share Crispy Parmesan Truffle Wings Volcano Roll start. Hugo hand-selected ingredients, Steak Crust truffle Kennebec potatoes. 927 E. 239-471-0295, DELI Heavenly Taste. Greek difference. Reuben Too take-out, catering hit. 2378 Surfside 239-292-2378, POINT Casually Sophisticated. Pulled Pork Rolls, Gouda cheese, slaw, Carolina dippin palate. Scallops entre, charred Marconi almonds reduction. proprietor Matt Arnold expertise Choose save 3522 Del Prado S., 239-471-7785, Springs Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes freshly bananas strawberries Carbons malted freshground breakfast. Pop cheesesteak, down. 25091 Bernwood 239-948-4123, PINCHERS CRAB SHACK Table. Fresh, cut-to-order fries made-fromscratch slaw decadently rich, cheese-and-crab full-on fruity, coast. throughout 28580 Crossings 239-948-1313 18100 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 2360 239-245-7049 10029 239-415-4040 5991 33914, 239-540-7939 Ave. South, 239-434-6616, Age counted. --Unknown 87 239-4955770 10801 Corkscrew Road 519, Estero, 239-495-3673, RODIZIO Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience Brazil, dozen rotisseriegrilled meats, carved tableside Rodizio gauchos feijoada, black-bean stew, abacaxi, glazedand-grilled pineapple. dessert. Friday-Sunday. 8017 del Lago Suite 101, 239-498-0018, RUTHS Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted trey meticulously white-linen-covered tables mood. filets cowboy-sized tender juicy. creamed sweet-potato casserole. 23151 239-948-8888, BAY New-Fashioned Classic. Hyatt Regency-Coconut homage fishhouse. ceviche cooked marinades. entres, Divers Spear, Asian ponzu cilantro-ginger rice. 5001 239- 444-1234, ensure date. encourage detailed reservations establishments. 88 89 SAVE OFF COVER PRICE ONLINE Year SUBSCRIBE FIND RECEIVE exp. 43019 FAVORITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION ADDITIONAL YEAR INSULATED LUNCH BAG. Hidden Word Reading Pleasure Bag Online rates apply only. TOLL-FREE fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions SubPage_MA19.indd901 737 736 91 407 parks rides warmer magine dropping 30-foot high, darkened tunnel atop inflated tube thrilling 215-foot ride. Waterpark. dive 14-foot Sun-N-Fun-Lagoon bumper splash Zoomers. experience, slower Park. tons fun--and park paddleboats rent, lake. pad ones. cone afterward Whistle Ice Shoppe--its treat. dusk paddleboat permitting. Parking Sun-N-Fun Countys park. pools. Included Tadpole Pool younger 1,250-foot Sunnys slides thrill-seekers Turtle Cove, attraction ages 12. attractions height restrictions. Zaks Snack Shack refreshments treats. swim lessons classes ages. Classes Walking, Hydro Tone, Day Aerobics, Zumba. Friday, SUN-N-FUN LAGOON sliding Splashs Drop Slide SunN-Funs Falls Dollar Walk Rain Tree TOP, OTHERS SPLASH PARK Thursday. Opening dates Waterpark acres slides, pools rides. thrills from--such high-speed slide, Fear, Fun-L-Tunnel. Walk, opportunities Rides youngest adventurers Pirates hydro storm, blasters, gushers, geysers, tipping bucket Gen- eral Sandra Greiner. Racers, Tree, Lazy toddlers Calypso Aquatic swimming Camps Junior Guard Camp Seasonal opening Zoomers located near 18-acre indoor activities, go-karts tracks, Cobra Roller Coaster, mini at- 93 tractions. activities. Wars Bumper Boats, Juliana Metzner, communications coordinator. restriction inches. Metzner Sidetracked admission free. Pay purchase wristband unlimited 7330 Gladiolus 239-533-7578 15000 Livingston 239-252-4021 239-252-4000 239-574-0558 17455 239-481-9666 94 DAWN HOL APPA Little League Turns national pastime. celebrating 50th anniversary. half-century bat-and-ball played teens. Leagues consecutive chartered league anniversary players jerseys, Billy Cobb, league, player 1980s. leagues roots traced mid 1960s, Reverend Dunn Springs. teams, 1969, International. Ball games ball field Riverside Park, Library, Avenue. Fifty operates fielded fields softball field. humble beginnings competed championship banners decades. Girls Softball named Champions softball. boys Senior Champions, championship, tournament Section baseball. introduced on-line reg- istration, tools parents, manager parents Along improvement registration procedures, relationship negotiated contract usage, removing fee city usage. championed Councilman OFlynn, Cobb. continues families, Participating lifelong friendships coaches player. sportsmanship courage Members loyalty. motto. League, registration, sponsorships, BONITA SPRINGS LITTLE LEAGUE outings dogs ENJOY SOCIAL HOUR SHARE FUN FIDO Dogs Nite Out April, 23106 Fashion 239-9929966 simon.commallcoconut-point Bokampers Sports socializing, vendors, discounts exclusive Representatives rescue humane societies attendance. RUN WALK POOCH HELP GCHS DOG BALLGAME Miracle Bark Ten Fast Furriest Sunday, 6, Hammond Stadium CenturyLink Complex, 14400 Mile 239-533-7695 milb.comfort-myers Humane Societys 8th 5-kilometer1-mile walk. run walk pooch, shelter Society, relations coordinator Wierima. GCHSs fundraisers raises Society LEFT HUMANE SOCIETY MIRACLE BASEBALL CLUB ace dogs--as are--also children, restless. Thus occupied relieve boredom, socialization, stimulation, bonding experience. mischief, dog attest. upcoming canine pal ballgame, running race cause, months. Stone Crabs Cardinals 27. times. milb. comfort-myers ballgames 2,000 3,000 game, outings. affordable Marshall Kelner, broadcast Baseball Club. Tickets--for dog--cost 7.50 advance. Pooches sit stadium cheer team. addition, innings, outfield berm Kids Zone. Leashed welcome, allowed. 430 part-- cause. refuge, providing facilitating adoptive no-kill shelter. CANINE FRIENDS BENEFIT Yappy Hour Second 12, Shops, Daniels Route 41, 239-489-1221. Assist festivities vendors Visitors adoptable dogs. pet-friendly Also, pic pooch. Pets Du Soleil Location Photography session pet instant proofs picture. fees GCHS. .iwarp.comAllBark_NoBite.html. DONT FORGET PARKS canine, parks. Parks Recreation runs Canines leashes leashed. leegov.comparksdog-parks. Waggin Tails Dog Rotary Environmental 5505 Rose required. ANIMAL SHELTER dog, Animal Shelters Decades Saturday, 9, Wicked Distillery, 131 3rd celebrated 1970s. Attendees contests, auctions, cash Tickets 100. Information natures notebook WILLIAM COX male black-necked stilt chases female breeding May. appropriately shorebird legs Himantopus mexicanus wing piercing, Recurvirostridae stilts kek call, nesting. avocets. wetlands, marshes, wet savanAmerica Indies nas, mud flats, ponds lakes, aggressively phosphate mining flooded agriculdefend territory absent scattered tural saline brackish northern peninsula, panhandle Keys. predators striking-looking boldly pied, substrates above. head surface. Prey frogs eye. aquatic terrestrial invertebrates disturbance pink legs. insects crustaceans. prey vocalizing vigorously glossy seeds, tadpoles, brine flies, snails, back, crayfish. flight. tones center back. sexes mosquitofish, flag killifish. long, thin, bills. walks moderately Juveniles paler adults. swishes primaries secondaries tipped visible occasionally submerges feeding grayish pink. substrate. rump tail, Breeding September. During inverted V 14the nesting forages mudflat. nest. pairs. winter flocks numbering individuals. Adults defend courtship flicking copulation perform elaborate bill-dipping preening displays. pecks preens breast elongates. Black-necked monogamous shorebirds loose colonies. nest waterbirds grebes, terns gulls. nest-building duties. scrape sparsely lined shells pebbles. 360-degree view. concealed locating substantial mound grassy vegetation. rises, vegetation elevate lays eggs. 1.7-inch-long subelliptical oval shape brownish buff blotched markings. Only brood Incubation conducted Most hatch within other. Chicks fly hatching. precocial covered tend chicks, feed immediately Initially chicks rely warnings predators. Stilts distraction displays chase broken-wing act, direct attacks false brooding appears stable. Annual survival 80-90 percent. blacknecked Cox professional ecologist 99 BRIAN AWAY Festival shell valentines inset, gathered show, exhibit, admire seashells. threeday Japan Barbados. Today Community longestrunning country, old. exhibits split divisions--scientific artistic--with divisions. suspense anticipation long-time exhibitors look, science showcases seashells forms, tilt sideways exotic island. division shells--from specimens collected examples surprises. species Curaao 700 Sailors showstoppers intricacies excitement. professionals, hobbyists submitting high-caliber showcase. forever Often Festival, goes. awards divisions, Show, Judges Merit Ribbons, Student Exhibit, Anne Joffe Superstar Award, Conchologist duPont Trophy shells, learn. experiencing treasures. Holaway naturalist shelling eco-tour charters Cayo Costa Cabbage Key, HOLAWAY Festivalgoers rows 101 Environment PRECAUTIONS JELLYFISH jellyfish harm Please untouched. Stings animal welts, itching. Seek symptoms persist. pain, pour soak primer Insect repellants DEET effective, irritation. No-see-ums screens, shut prevent no-see-ums mosquito bites. pharmacist recommendations itching persists. grass federally protected, Easily recognizable, arching spikes oats stems. Motorized vehicles, carts bicycles prohibited dunes fires fireworks allowed Sanbel beaches, Skis STINGRAYS stingray year-round. months, cownose rays migrate Rays gentle creatures, sting, shuffle. wade shallows, shuffle vibrations barbed, immerse possible. RED DRIFT ALGAE drift blooms happen normal occurrence timing predicted. odor exacerbate allergies bronchitis, Decaying contributes habitat species, leaders confused difference LIVING ALLIGATORS alligators. law. LOGGERHEAD TURTLES LIVE SHELLS LAW PROHIBITS TAKING SHELLS. PLEASE CONSERVE PRECIOUS RESOURCE. INCLUDES SEA URCHINS, SAND DOLLARS STARS. MAINTENANCE PESKY CREATURES NO-SEE-UMS MOSQUITOES aggravating winged pests active sunrise. defense insect bites cool, loose-fitting clothing. designated laws environment. Specifically, ordinance raking debris seaweed, grasses, shellfish, deposits tides remain enabling protected. tall, perennial strong, extensive, root stem erosion. Oct. Lights Turtles. confuse females disorient hatchlings. hotel curtains blinds closes lights holes. turtle loggerheads, leatherbacks, considered vulnerable threatened Endangered Species Act. sunburn harmful effects UV rays, clothing whenever wide-brimmed hats sunglasses. sunscreen SPF sunlight Shelling Tips beachcomber shelling. shallow-water found. WHY plateau extends acts upon gather. Winds, storms deliver beaches. moons lowest, charts, moon charts best. nastier windier TIMING SHELL BAILEY-MATTHEWS NATIONAL MUSEUM, broken surf. Shells spotted carefully muddy ocean. tidal shells. wet, crouch sand. WHERE LOOK high-tide Banded Tulip Fig Lace Murex Measuring encircling shell. shell, measuring inches, intact. prohibits collecting Junonia return Never Spiny Jewel souvenir, brown, measures spines pairs joined. Crown Conch newspapers Aka Kings Crown, attached mangrove eats oysters. Beat structures ecause sunshine, area. offerings aqua junior lifeguard camps. facilities structures--and picnic pavilions rented parties. Daily low. pools, yearly passes Disabilities accommodations, lifts, sampling Note constructed. Lehigh Acres eight-lane heated lap swimmers. exercise weekday Arthritis classes. Swim taught Cross-certified Safety Instructors. competitive youth flume LEE COUNTY RECREATION 25-yard lane operating CENTER YACHT gathering ages, pavilion rentals grills birthday Nancy Apperson, supervisor aquatics waterslide shaded rent parties, Bill Wood. parties aerobics, reasons, Kathleen Smith. lifeguards duty, worry, charges Smith opts swimmers kiddie underwater bubblers classes, boasts duty Tice 105 dewdrop fountain. Picnic nearby. Angel weekly aerobic arthritisfibromyalgia 4.25 memberships well-trained staff, programs, enjoy, Danielle Foster. adds, relax price. Corals inflatable obstacle dates. POOL yearround. Supervisor Aquatics Special Needs John Zavacky flexibility, hours. cooking. Team, Masters practices. 3. reasonably priced certified Instructors, Recreation. cooling laps, Historical Village... invites SEE ONCE WAS. village tribute delight alike. glimpse 1880s 1940s. Settled farmers production, museum buildings. locations. pioneer cottage, Post Office, AL USE RI U Schoolhouse, Store, Miss Charlottas Tea Room, Glories Packing replica, Haven Caretakers Cottage, Bailey truck. IS N BE 26890 239-947-1948 2600 239-463-5759 1400 5th 239-369-8277 5675 Sesame 239-283-2220 8208 239-267-6002 4515 Glenwood 239-437-5759 239-242-3816 VIL LAGE Sin c sa 950 Dunlop ib elm se um. u rg July mid-October Holidays Admission admitted Email SanibelHistoricalMuseumVillage_JF18.indd 112817 Pool. 610 adventure wildlife refuge flock roseate spoonbills backdrops blur pelicans sandbar Drive. squeak squirm Indigo Education Boardwalk. manatee calf nudge vessel. encounters Refuge tides, seasons. refresh button, visit. ever-changing Society-Friends DDWS updating exhibits, programming, tools. NEW DING over-the-top development admission-free Visitor debuted October 2017. Lavatories LearningLav restroom voted Restroom nationwide contest. approach Roseate paddleboarding wildlife-rich restrooms alongside immersed eye-to-eye 3-D sculptures, prop flit underbelly alligator, pelican, duck loom overhead, lifelike sculptures mounted tableau. Inside restrooms, motif murals tile wall. Closeup portraits stall door, delivering educational factoids species. messaging further LearningLavs value. confirmed, coolest U.S., supervisory ranger Toni Westland, fruition. Tract component. partnership tract marshlands habitat, otters, alligators, shy, endangered rat. shoreline plot Gulfside Perry Tract. unveiled kiosk FRANK BRINKER DARLING WILDLIFE SOCIETY-FRIENDS REFUGE 109 recreated seashell cutaway nest, identification aids information. tours kiosk, schedule. PROGRAMS TOURS schedule seasons, birding, biking, hiking, experiences. interpretive, hands-on crocodiles, ducks, habitat. 2019, monitor refuges solar energy sun. Passengers Explorers cruise watch examines wellloved bicycling Drive tour refuge. 110 environmentally related gifts, profits directly lectures films. year-round, naturalistnarrated tram Area, TBE concession conducts paddling rents kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, passengers rookery swoop roost fills adventure. INFO 239-472-1100, fws.govdingdarling open. 239-472-1100 239-472-8900, 111 1002 calendar DO Dein Perrys Tap Dogs, 5-10. NATURE TALKS March-April Lecture Series, signings, ILL DRINK Jazz pianist singer Tony DeSare performs Franks classics Sinatra Beyond Fest success breweries festival beer. pairings Awards Peoples Choice pairing Brewers Choice, judged brewmasters. event, Bayfront Naples. BROWSE BUY 200 international artists Festival. three-show RICHARDSON TONY DESARE opportunity. Highlights Warner Shedds presentation owls bats 1, Jerry Lorenzs flamingos Denege Pattersons lecture Tour Geology, Archaeology, History DEEN VAN MEER DISNEY January, February March, Sixteen artwork display, buy. TAP DANCE PHENOMENON 5-10 Australia, industrial Newcastle. 1995 pack high-energy Broadway electrifying construction-site props continuous shoe percussion. Hall. FAMILY Mingle connoisseurs brews Fest, 2. 14-24 Fair, Fair. piping funnel sprinkled scream-yourhead-off midway rides, fair old-fashioned goats, cows livestock finest. Tent, bakers county ribbons goodies. Quilts, crafts, fair. FLASHBACK Central Simon Garfunkel, folk-rock Garfunkel Citys recording Lessack Johnny Rodgers recreate sing Mrs. Robinson, Scarborough Silence. Disneys Lion 3-21 pageantry song longest-running 113 Olympic medalist skater Ashley Wagner Stars Musselmans Hertz Arena 18. OL BLUE EYES Beyond, audience old-school jazz DeSare, Frank Fly Me Moon, tunes singing ROCK Lords 52nd Street, Supporters fundraiser musicians backed Joel 1976 1981. rousing concert dessert, dancing, doubt remember--or forget. 114 SHARON SIPPLE YOULL SECONDS 22-24 Music festival. specialties crabcakes, claws, jambalaya, crawdads, chowder poboys. wash crafts booths. bounce trampoline climbing slides. Veterans packed, arriving early. ART-FILLED STREET 23-24 DowntownArt Show gallery. Downtown paintings, pottery citys avenue. talent standout event. countries juried GRAB LAWN CHAIR Sounds Blues, Bring blankets lawn chairs music. Taking Blues Gruv Therapy, B-Side Jones. headliner Rippingtons. tickets, opt ticket, buffet-style meal VIP welcome upgraded buffet drinks. 115 HEAR ROAR King, animated musicals, awards, millions. Africa aspect costumes, makeup, choreography Elton Johns Tim Rices Oscarwinning Feel Tonight. splendor UP ROOF Gala Rooftop, Sidneys Rooftop. venue, sculpture Sidney Berne Davis overlook downtown grand-opening gala fundraiser, cocktails, intimate unveiling tickets. OLYMPIC GOLD Ice, Olympics television mesmerized moves skaters--whether solo performances dancing duos--then miss. fashion, gold, silver bronze medalists shred spin dazzle Arena. lineup skaters Jason Brown, dancers Meryl Maia Shibutani Madison Hubbell Zachary Donohue. 116 Marcus Roberts Trio--Marcus Roberts, Marsalis Rodney Jordon--delivers 19. TRIO RHYTHM Jazzy Nights, smooth jazz. Trio Night Center. talented guys--Marcus piano, drums Jordon bass--perform trio, direction tempo, mood, BEYOND 24-May Stay descends aims kicks pre-festival Berlin Philharmonics Scharoun Ensemble. concerts, showings, chefs venues SIDNEY BERNE DAVIS ART COUNTRY POP Tour, Young, hottest singers, Kelsea Ballerini scene country-pop songwriters singles soared chart--something Wynonna Judd Mean Dibs, Pan Joining crooner Brett Sleep Didnt Know solid following. 117 118 rated app Search NBC2 News App Waterman Broadcasting Corp UPDATE Details Reviews Related 1. Hope - Compared Apps... JANET GLOVER Nov 7. breaks faster... phone Brian, Sam, Olivia- Dec 13. before... 119 Alexandra Carlson DANIIL RABOVSKY ince undergoing renovations, outfitted spacious auditorium, expanding cultural offerings. Orchestra, groups, venue. Mozart Paradise, soloist Carlson. Stage Symphonies Orchestra. Alongside Jupiter Don Giovanni overture, Piano Concerto Major, K. 488. Carlson, resides frequently chamber musician assets. Trained Russias famed N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg Conservatory, graduate arts. thrilled performing 488 concerto virtuosity, humor gorgeous, contemplative movement. theatrical. falls composers, expresses promises Carlsons CD, recorded violinist Shtereva Philharmonic, Parallax, champions lesser-known Bulgarian, Russian, composers. compositions another, Parallax involves object angles. playing Albeniz Style Russian Rodion Shchedrin. copy interested supporting nears completion, stage, performance, students imparting childhood. teach, yourself. rewarding resonates. motivated. doing, 121 preservation ethos tone mindset prevail come. LeBuff Anholt tracing expansion creation incorporation destiny. credit Audubon Clinic Rehabilitation Wildlife, Osprey efficiently laid 200-plus pages, Protecting reading visitors. Betty Anholt. century institutional formidable. histories endeavor--Protecting Islands--is examine pursued mainland, damaging destroying essence tourists authors answer, comprehensively accurately, wit, forgetting obligation readers. roughly chronological order, protecting. Calusa Indians thrived understanding geography well--that is, explorers disturbed idyllic switched British, still-young pressures peninsula. Land grants freely distributed, targeted 1832. happen, century, pressure paradise. Fortuitous visits conservationists preserving Foremost Darling, recognition establishment 1939. 1945. preserve Anholts touches brief reign Punta Rassa premier tarpon destination, historian Hall, Epic Fires Rassas Schultz Hotel 1913 ceded nearby Grande. Schultz. Rassa, burned 1906. fires, lists 1886 influenced Academy schoolhouse, writes Monroe county, fire, resulted 1907 destroyed Fire fact adopt property. HOW FIRE CHANGED HISTORY BOOK CHARLES LEBUFF BETTY ANHOLT THOMAS HALL posted page contact, kick-off meeting, Wulkan. members, fastest-growing Holistic Commerces eight-year history. Wulkan operations, marketing, else growing. Health Wellness Faire Commerce,, 239-785-0809 scheduled 13, promoted Beautiful, improving, beautifying protecting Various 239-344-3488 booming Lainie Sevante fellow holistic-based businesses. Wulkan, intuitive coach, Tarot reader Zeta Global Radio, contacted Angeles, representing holistic, sustainable, ecofriendly practitioners, resource providers Soon Saving Cleanup, 906 volunteers 23,985 roadway, shorelines Youth Service encouraged volunteers, 12-18, cleanup. Locally, events, Inner hinking watercolor expressive acrylic CCAL masterpiece incorporated 1966 promote advancement Watercolor Beginner. Teens sign Sundays 8-18 Adult Drawing Class fall, after-school 7-13. Additionally, Painting sessions 1-4 pm. members6 non-members, interactive, side. greet Klingler, handles marketing CCAL. Throughout hosted renowned artists, Pat Gilbert, Frederica Natale. holds relies donations public. accepted generous grant 2,500 Ronald Charities Klingler. much-appreciated programs. 516 Cultural 239-772-5657 Farm ECHOs chance explore, learn, row, marked repeat County, Flood, Myersbased ECHO, global small-scale 50acre climate zones, monsoon, lowlands semi-arid. rainforest. Gardeners growers arboretum apple, atemoya avocado, energies appreciate demonstrations Anderson Appropriate Technology technologies improve Even foodies to--a on-stage Executive Robbins Crave Culinaire, festivalgoers pumping handmade pumps planting Flood. 16, a.m.-3 advance echonet.orgfood-and-farm-festival Exotic Animals ReptiDay cat person, exotic--with 124 claws slimy Crowne 30, 930 one-day Repticon recognized leader reptile expos Commission, 142 non-native amphibian probably research. Native possibly backyards, trees preserves. wherever safe attendees--of ages-- breeders experts seminars animalrelated topics. animals. afraid fears anxiety reptiles. reptiles, amphibians fits Additional merchandise cages, supplies food-- food--will sale. Raffles prizes. repticon.comflorida reptiday-ft-myers. Remember hampagne, 1927 January celebration 90-plus vintage fashions reminiscent 1920s GGHS Titan Band. performed. provided SCA Jarred Harris Catering Baileys. auction, jewelry vacation getaways, rounded evening. principal educational, annually fourth January. 125 Galas Honorary Chairs Mariel Porter Goss Richard Johnson, president, gratitude sponsors, Gala. James McHale, Lew Gold, Goss, Johnson. 126 239.472.4888 SanibelCaptiva TAXI Airport Passenger Transportation Events LOCKSMITH 239.472.2394 Way J-3 Locksmith 247 Emergency Services Security Locks, Restricted Keyways, Locks Installation, Master Keying, Electronic Keypads, Rekeying Duplication ALTERATIONS RITA MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Publix 239.437.7482 11595 Kelly Rd, 302 239.437.6063 11200 CUBE SMART SELF STORAGE CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Serving CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost 239.482.2213 239.574.8511 CULLIGAN Few Cents costs Culligan Aqua-Cleer system. fresh, sink, RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 Sales Installation Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Vac Much Encouraged avid Gulf, stuck toes cold thin-blooded weekend. LB gold. Scampi, steamed, tacos--its juicy, sweet--Im daze. sunburned glowing checkout grocery. somewhere. snaking walkway tonight. Thank you, market, strawberry cravings--pretzel example. detect theme emphasis eating, farm Loggerheads crawl faster traffic Had lovely galleries. annexed Boston. Sox Nation insisting Arcadia rodeo. Could exciting, much-neglected boots. iguana Donax Apparently fairways. rodeo, blast Arcadia--but buckin bronc. Tennis V, K, minds, motivated pros Open. court. town. Northern breathe. 609 VOL. NO. 4.95 TIMES ISLANDS Published Display TOTI_Cover_MA19.indd 605 607

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