Ad_Page.indd 1 8118 703 PM features 34 NATURES ART ON Writer and photographer Glenn V. Ostle travels to Iceland in winter capture its frozen beauty through his lens. From icy rivers waterfalls dancing skies, this European island nation surprises with own version of wonderland. DISPLAY IN ICELAND BONITAS BELOVED LIBRARY Bibliophiles will rejoice when Bonita Springs new improved library opens doors 2019. Youll be surprised at all the offerings that go way beyond just checking out books. 38 NEW CHAPTER FOR 42 VETS ARE TREASURED museum presents opportunity for Americans understand real price freedom. not only learn about war, but Covering every aspect war changed world, Take a tour The National WWII Museum New Orleans. LIVING HISTORY THE ARTS 46 A Blooming Beauty 50 Photography Tours SWFL Birders 54 Burgeoning City Also Grows Artistically 58 Art Flight 56 Ten Years Walking 2 TOTI.COM SEPTOCT 2018 1_TOTI_SO18.indd 723 3 departments 8 PUBLISHERS LETTER 10 GULF COAST ZEITGEIST Natural Appreciation 12 RADAR Writing Something Matters Celebrating Southwest Floridians Products Help You Look Your Best Whats Hot Florida Jewelry Design Unleashed 14 MAKING WAVES 16 BEAUTY 17 WHATS STORE 18 FASHION PROFILE 22 Conservators Call Conservation 24 Blogging Beyond 27 COASTAL COMMERCE Lets Put on Show 30 Breathe ... 32 Shall We Dance 60 KIDS Kids Arts TO YOUR HEALTH 62 PETS Hike. But Dont Forget Fido 64 Shooting Stars, Gleaming Planets, Vivid Nebula 68 Its 70 OUT ABOUT Heart Captiva OUTDOORS 72 RECIPES WE LOVE 74 CHEERS Cooking Turning Wine into Spirits Guide Dining SW 78 EPICURIOUS 96 CROSSWORD 98 BETWEEN LINES 100 CALENDAR Sunshine States Strange Sagas Where Go What Do With Norma R. Hagan Chopins Mazurkas coming up NovDec 106 STARGAZING 108 STAY TUNED 110 COMMUNITY 111 SERVICES PROFESSIONALS 112 JOURNAL ers . om offer t s cu cial e ue tBl r sp j o f ift 05 g age p See Eat well travel often. If you think is good idea, then issue definitely you. Well give lowdown some most interesting local restaurants food trends. Plus, if youre planning next getaway, great 4 ideas places visit here beyond. 5 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Elizabeth Grimm MANAGING EDITOR Patricia Letakis OUTREACH MANAGER Emma Eldridge DIGITAL CONTENT CONTRIBUTOR Kevin Haslam SENIOR CONSULTING Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL CONTRIBUTING David Acevedo Beth Luberecki VIDEO JOURNALIST, FITNESS WRITER Klaudia Balogh CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund PROOFREADER WRITERS Acevedo, Gina Birch, Paula Michele Bolado, Keith Darcey, Erik Entwistle, H. 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No part publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors necessarily those 6 8318 854 7 publishers letter PEOPLE MAKE I PHOTO BY NICK ADAMS PHOTOGRAPHY ts almost impossible notice how Floridas arts scene flourishing. Whether were talking latest theater production world performing or mind-boggling sculpture suddenly popped botanical garden, inspiration creativity we enjoying neighborhood really amazing. more important me recognizing people who force behind these projects. Repertory Theatre downtown Fort Myers has been called one Americas top repertory companies Wall Street Journal. Now thats something applaud--or better yet standing ovation Behind scenes guy dont see often, him show wont on. Meet Tim Billman Show, page 27, manager, describes job as Im basically charge everything stage an actor. take stroll Peace River Botanical Sculpture Gardens Punta Gorda Beauty, 46, mistake life-like sculptures artist Carole A. Feuerman person. Avid art collectors penchant hyperrealism, Roger Linda Tetrault building gardens their Family Foundation filling it amazing blooms. place where creativity-- gardening art--can truly blossom. In addition major projects such gardens, small businesses playing scene. Case point Denise Ahlstrom, owner Karma Coconuts Arts, 60. For her, crucial children she backs offering classes workshops youngsters parents. also host big events reinforce SWFLs commitment arts. September, Island Hopper Songwriter Fest Calendar, brings talent lyrics stages Myers. Wannabe songwriters mix pros musical event which everyone welcome come enjoy. Then November, scribes town authors from various genres present Writers Conference That Matters, Page 12. There many community influencing our growing scene, want thank actors artists, managers publicists, make mission promote encourage support attending shows, concerts, exhibits more. May artistic Group Publisher, Media spirit continue flourish. 9 gulf coast zeitgeist DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF designers skeuomorph, Mother Natures habitual contemplation greatness--in Alfred North Whiteheads rubric--must inform inspire us. Greatness--and excellence--are best lasting communicated --J. Carter Brown, Gallery director emeritus sounds, fragrances feel nature wash over Another respond artwork use her supplies designs tempt us join them making sandcastles forts near tide line romantics charm beachgoers love letters sand folks types channel within they shape sand, decorate shells, trim seaweed landscape driftwood craft amateur exhibits. inspiring sample works professional artists designers. Most galleries observers free charge. One can combine pleasurable walk window shopping stores invited pop cool off wait rain shower enjoy colorful creations imagination--no computer skills Internet connections necessary. 2017 was estimated average American consumer spends than 56,000 year. While money goes toward basic necessities, figure includes whole lot impulse buys. benefits healthy, clean environment ways share excellence natures design free. Imagine that. recall cartoon strip entitled Circus depicts family five watching sun down, says How much would cost sunset God decided Dr. Niehoff taking invitation since 1991. W hen began type column, clicked icon looks like paper file folder my screen. When delete something, click trash hear satisfying sound crunching. volunteer photos visitors beach smartphones, assure Ill know picture took shutter. These digital examples skeuomorphs--from Greek skeuos tool, equipment morph form, imaginary mimics physical predecessor, designed human being easier interface computers. Useful, inspiring. Here Gulf Coast there no need imitate lured set aside skeuomorphs put ourselves inside picture. It begin hike define walking around woods. prefer Japanese term shinrin-yoku, means forest bathing. Singersongwriter John Denver rhapsodized wild fill senses. Islanders often wander down trail, ride bike, pull stop car lawn chair anywhere outside allow sights, 11 Radar PAUL MICHELE BOL ADO 13th annual November uthor Hood, years keynote speaker Conference, likes urge aspiring writers brave writing write matters. does matter, going care, says. York best-selling author several fiction nonfiction, including Italian Wife, Knitting Circle Morningstar Growing Books, among presenters event, conference held Sanibel. Under longtime direction Tom DeMarchi University, recurring presenters, workshops. include Steve Almond, Dufresne, Lynne Barrett, Christopher Schelling Darin Strauss. They kill classroom, according DeMarchi. Emily Black, Tod Goldberg, Major Jackson, McAllister, Alastair Moock, Annemarie N Churrein, January Gill ONeil, Jane Roper, Ruhlman Mark Evan Schwartz. have either waiting list long time, highly recommended another presenter, As conference, Hood plans discuss whys writing. talk why write, explore what do, read, And journey writer and, course, themes about. reason congratulate myself expose myself, rather audience braver, because brave, hard stuff, resonates lasts. So, hope always risks writing, hearts lives, matters hard--when sit alone your room day after stuff up--to believe person read wrote matter them. asked expound process, responds things sometimes even advised, kind muse hit anything, thoughtful process. mean outline, thoughtful. spaghetti against wall cooked theory. spend awful time thinking story-- character plot move story--and thinking, putting words paper. probably first 75 pages. Once get magical point, varies book under 100, Hoods book, June, young adult novel Beatles-themed title She Loves Yeah, Yeah. Her newest novel, 2016, Book Most, whose protagonist member club each must nonfiction Books 2017, collection essays explores books made impression life. scheduled 8-11 BIG Public Library. Workshop topics fiction, poetry, songwriting, childrens literature, journalism, screenwriting, creative publishing editing. open development. Bolado freelance educator living Florida. MORE INFO 239-590-7421 fgcu.edusiwc PHOTOS COURTESY OF ANN HOOD 13 Waves Adding Great Taste MARIE OPHEL AN 11th Annual Day Park Honoring International L Cookies, cakes baked--thats makes LadyCakes adyCakes created product crumb buns. huge Bess Charles excitedly. referring Bakery Del Prado Boulevard, co-owns husband, Jeff. exactly enthusiasm couple creations--from chocolate chip cookies buttercream brownies cupcakes daily flavors. latter lemon blueberry Monday Tuesday, raspberry truffle Wednesday Thursday, peanut butter Friday Saturday, along other choices. moved upstate 2005, back city smaller. becoming larger city, still close-knit feel, enjoy, explains Bess. home 2006. By 2014, had joined business, opened current storefront location. regularly gives community. Recently, Friends Wildlife Animal Shelter fundraisers, adds. redevelopment Corals area continually pleases residents, business owners, proprietors LadyCakes. am excited overall vibe change better, notes Good deeds delicious baked goods unnoticed. given Breezes award fourth row. This year, won both bakery cupcake categories, received Certificate Excellence TripAdvisor, notable recognitions. communication Food possibly upcoming cake challenge Halloween. Last network reached potential TV position. Who knows might next. Halloween cookies--coming right he Sunday, Sept. 23, a.m. p.m. campus Alliance celebration conjuction 21. family-friendly pet-friendly feature educational talks, meditations, yoga, blood drive, fun activities little ones, pet adoptions. addition, drive pets place. plant exchange. Bring cutting exchange brought someone else, Zachari VanDyne, organizer celebration. a.m.-6 10091 McGregor Blvd., 239-939-2787, VanDyne 239-560-5224, IF YOU GO 2924 Blvd. South, 239-549-2253 OPhelan resident regular contributor Media. LEFT AND MIDDLE LADYCAKES OTHER PEACE DAY PARK 15 BETH LUBERECKI trends Every issue, fabulous luxurious products, must-haves between should makeup night before bed. nights too tired face-washing Thank goodness cleansing cloths exhaustion laziness setting in. Dickinsons Original Witch Hazel Daily Refreshingly Clean Cleansing Cloths 5.99 percent help wipe last bit makeup, dirt oil. extracts aloe witch hazel tone refresh skin, soap- fragrance-free gentle enough skin types. Pick package CVS, Walgreens Target stores. WIPE AWAY HIT REFRESH treat yourself blowout, last. Paul Mitchells Invisiblewear Boomerang Restyling Mist helps restore revive salon blowouts, hair post-workout well. moisturizing lightweight formula, fights frizz detangles tresses, infused velvet flower leave soft bouncy. suspect working second-day hair. Find Mitchell products salons Studio 44 239-362-0253,, Touch Salon Spa 239-454-9933, Kates Kuts 239-947-5283, BRUSH GREATNESS extensive hair-care routine, grab Crickets multitasking brushes instead. Skip volumizer reach Ultra Smooth Coconut Thermal Brushes 18.75-23.75, coconut oil keratin protein body shine. Heat-resistant anti-static bristles rubberized texturized handle provide comfort control. Copper Brush Collection 8.5011.95 rid scalp buildup clarifying shampoo. Bristles copper properties massage while reducing tresses shiny. Get Ulta Bell Tower Shops 239-334-0659,, Point 239-9920361 Coralwood Center 239458-3522. looked dessert actually Thats case Mangiacottis Whipped Body Wash 16.95 Lotion 17.95. Theyre dispensed whipped cream. instead upping calorie count, hydrate essential oils plant-derived ingredients shea butter. weightless, nongreasy formulations absorb quickly, double shave Both paraben-free available Pomegranate, Jasmine Plum, Clementine, Lavender, Ocean Lemon Verbena. pick Wilford Lee 239-481-3711, andor affiliates cannot responsible changes, mistakes stock. WHIP IT GOOD whats store GINA BIRCH hot swfl BEACH BOARDWALK boardwalk bar stylish cover-ups KikiSol. tunics, tops dresses salmon Fiji design. artful fabrics dressed versatile wardrobe essential. 28-84, RISOM OUTDOOR COLLECTION Sitting patio fall weather got fashionable Risom Outdoor Knoll. teak wood Sunbrella fabric webbing distinct colors withstand weather. 1,218 chair637 ottoman, ULTIMATE SMORES Ditch dirty stick break catch fire toasting smores picking sleek rotating fork campfire. Designed stainless steel, holds marshmallows, dogs easy hold heat resistant. 19.99, CLEVERMADE AIRCHAIR camping, tailgating, soccer games beach, youll AirChair. Lightweight compact fit bag, portable inflates pump ultimate convenience. 49.99, Target, Bed Bath Beyond, NAUTICAL WATCH oldest premium rum brand, Mount Gay, partnered Kiel James Patrick limited-edition timepiece sailing nautical lovers globe. 40mm face smart, interchangeable bands leather NATO-style fabric. 198, DESIGNER FLASK Perfect Uncommon Greens engraved Maps Pocket Flask splash favorite spirit. Select state topographic map 1,000 iconic locations slip smooth steel container pocket 29.50, HAIR TIES youve hair, caught unfashionable tie wrist. rock Lilla bracelets fashion function. variety styles Words collection. Starting pack two, HI-FI EARPHONES Featuring low-profile design, mk5 Isolator Earphones high-fidelity noise isolation. Because mechanics enhanced quality, comfy buds lower risk listening music levels damage hearing. 64.95, FALL BLANKET Curated three sisters travel, Ecuadane offers Everywhere Blanket, indigenous craftsmen women Otavalo, Ecuador. outdoors, generous size, brilliant super-soft blend perfect everywhere 129, PATRICIA LETAKIS one-of-a-kind jewelry, designer Loren blends thinking-outsidethe-box historic treasures gems. He pairs 22-carat pear-shaped aquamarine fancy-cut citrine, linking pave diamonds orange sapphire 18,925. An ancient Roman bronze relic framed 14k yellow gold accented 6,795. Available Designs Myers, More form accessory, jewelry expressive elements MARK LOREN DESIGNS C final touch ensemble. dazzle wearer, complete outfit impress others. importantly, look. now rocking big, bold, statement-making pieces. Over-the-top drop earrings showing decked plenty eye-catching stones. Bejeweled cuffs meaning, rose competes white siblings attention. Although girls friend, mesmerizing starburst settings, star worthy. ANNE SISTERON CONGRESS JEWELERS Roberto Coins Sauvage modern shapes. pairing black jade embellishes 18k ring 11,500 bangle 9,900. Congress Jewelers IZABELA FELINSKI Polish-born Australian creates stunning featuring Swarovski crystals subtly different detailing. Sweet Pineapple 186 Fruit Elegant Navy Blue 206 Chic Collection. Yellow Gold Canary Diamond Slice Earrings 22,295 girl breathless. slightly tamer, consider Rose Leaf Everleigh Ring 945. 19 HEARTS FIRE turn shooting stars, exquisitely yellow, Triplicity Golden Pendant 1,750, Illa Cosmic Necklace starting 1,490 Drop Ear Vines 8,900. Dunkins Diamonds Naples, JACQUIE AICHE Spotted actress Jennifer Lawrence Victoria Secret model Candice Swanepoel, celebs. Favorite pieces Teardrop Labradorite Pave Cap Bar Chain 7,440, Bezel Mini Double Bone Horn Tinkerbell 1,375, Freeform Moonstone Chandelier 7,000. MILLAPANI Handcrafted Chile, Lukutuwe Topaz 2,250 Green Quartz 2,500 Alexis Tathienne Thiele. Inspired South heritage, contemporary LAGOS Resembling look worlds food, Caviar Black Bracelet 3,200, Wrap 3,000 Signature Crossover 1,000. 20 21 profile JACOB OGLES Artist Megan Kissinger spotlights wonders natural canvas chance. Even shes studio painting, choice subjects keeps Myers-based rooted outdoors. up, wasnt life playing, Pensacola, Florida, native. Ive ant farms bugs aquariums--you name it. drawn nature. conservationist explored flora fauna trails hiking boots waves kayak, works. depicting herons feeding riverbanks butterflies resting ferns, true charcoal acrylic, Children Water Air, sure images communicate motion seen habitat. Almost always, experienced person, photos--usually ones taken seeking wildlife--she wants contain facet animal behavior captured camera. paint thing, felt it, create hyperreality, realistic painter, mind bird. ever knew lived. saw bird doing. represents. abstract paintings water, schools mullet swimming Gainesville, cant pictures deep below surface tannic waters, dive environment. paints, base details individual fish actual beasts, light hits water comes combination memory representation sensations sea. Kissingers experience came later met husband University West 1980s left school graduation follow career west. After settled 2002, went finish degree FGCU, started schedule. At studied late Carl Schwartz, pioneer acrylic 1950s 60s. ended turning academic focus pallet graduated 2005 bachelors fine learned techniques relies upon today, using charcoals under-paintings figures, forms complementary colors. essence builds makers ARTWORK THIS OPPOSITE PAGE MEGAN KISSINGER Make Diminished Thing, Rise Up Child Lines Are Imagined, Shes especially proud contributions massive installation Canadas Vancouver Convention Centre. scientific models recreate same life-forms, accurate skeletons creatures fleshing detailed elements--but uses brushstrokes. Out college, worked in-house NewsPress continued institutions Ave Maria University. 2010 exhibit illustrator Edison Ford Winter Estates, conservator museum, helping preserve artifacts. niche field, found, dominated backgrounds sciences. passion acrylics, represents worlds. October, FGCU alongside fellow alumnus Shepherd, side exhibition draws somewhat job. pondering conservation. says, centered cast-off damaged objects werent any anybody anymore, found somebody wanted saved. save art, art. co-op continues do commissioned U.S. international clients. Centre, known Silent Skies Mural. Artists globe depict endangered birds. contributed ivory-billed woodpeckers, Manchurian crane, warblers, parrots appreciate avian species, birds doomed extinction. Ogles journalist based Coral. 23 Ruth Soukups budgeting exercise expanding Soukup authored popular readers money-saving tips advice organizing blogging. n 2010, never could imagined shed sharing thoughts million via blog, podcast stay-at-home mom problem wreaking havoc marriage. Knowing change,, replace buying habit herself accountable, find happiness had. liked trying live less, explains. intention business. literally day. Gorda, realized money--and maybe quit aerospace engineering hated stay two daughters. said, Honey, stupidest thing said. recalls Soukup. proved wrong. 2013, blogs grown month--and able so full blog. very scary leap, month income skyrocketed. Having fully focused blogging off. views per 700,000 followers Facebook impressive stats helped land money-making opportunities sponsored posts. number subscribers email newsletter list. control Instagram algorithms, tools do. build platform elses platform. email, intimate, too. struggles sticking budget, staying organized getting dinner table. idea supposed completely balanced areas life, Yet crushing usually theyre balanced. theyve chosen areas. Spending Less--it systems feeling guilty books, Well, Less Blog Profit Without Selling Soul. creating clamored home-planning workbook developed. kept questions monetize blog successful hers, launched Elite Academy 2014. online boot camp trained 8,000 students far. Weve taught thousands six- seven-figure businesses, multifaceted company housed charming cottage purchased 2017. photo shoots, writes posts houses visiting remote staff members full-time employees venture--the Scared podcast. RUTH SOUKUPLIVING WELL SPENDING LESS --Ruth overspending overseeing doles wisdom budgeting, decluttering life-improving skills. website gets month. 25 938 scared motto discusses quieting negative voices head. passionate fears, overcome adversity love. dreams. longer burdened debt play days. practices preaches. frugal. My 2002 Tahoe. pretty buy BOGOs Publix week. knowing splurge shoes. Nokomis, Floridabased Learn floral Planner launches September. Soukop planner 26 coastal commerce KELLY MADDEN Mounting Rep BOTTOM MICHAEL ALLAN GALVEZ FLORIDA REPERTORY THEATRE RIGHT DARYL LISA FAZIO TOP LOGO Dickens Christmas Carol. shy 40, traveled day--and nights--looking miles during theater. producwhat feels main focuses days tion manager divided bug behindteams the-scenes jobs, age, specifically stage-lighting future, exposed prowill seldom planned. duction early, sizable that, add entity, facilities affable Billto 393-seat itself. man. processes administrative offices, costume shop involved season shows together. shop, operating oversight fifth Rep, Billof Billman. challenges man housinvolved selecting talent-- es Carolina, Texas West. lighting ask set-building people--that majority theater, answer juggle balls. overview basiDuring typical cally onstage actor, oversee evIm 55 stafferything construction, direction, costumes interns, props, projection, staple cultural ensure entering 21st positive work-life balon grand granular. 2018-19 --Tim ance. Making season, presenting diverse array comfortable musicals, multiple comedies, productive classic, southeastern United happier, premiere, world-premiere adaptation Considered countrys preeminent companies, puts plays, comedies musicals. springs schedule included Cabaret Jillian Louis. Past productions Twelve Angry Men Too Marvelous McAssey, Julie Kavanagh Larson bottom. posters above season. 28 POSTER ultimately ticket holders theatrical can. During summer, immersed preparing team leaders comprehensive needed bring stage. Plans proposals submitted, work fine-tuning vision budget show. innovative group, bringing order production. Scenic designers, fabrication professionals hired Fortunately, individuals together can, results proven doing providing region. Reps resulted critical acclaim Journal named Performing numerous Gulfshore Life Magazine Weekly. theaters featured covered Magazine. Production teenager, waned. rewarding loves fires burning. Madden marketing lives County. NEIL CURIEL 2267 Bay St., 239-332-4488 29 health Meditation reduces stress improves wellness S tress. Everyone suffers Prolonged takes toll body, causing emotional disorders lead anxiety, depression, heart attacks autoimmune disease, few. physicians menu services reduce improve wellness, meditation listed. Spiritual counselors prescribe method clarity, finding answers letting serve needs. easy, prescription dose daily. learning quiet doesnt external stimulation, neither start. active passive, Melinea Holman, Health Healing Passive driving remember there. Youre motions, slowing down. Active sit, center become actively aware Yoga meditation. requires breathing, properly execute poses. starts mindful, Mary Robinson, psychotherapist founding board Caloosahatchee Mindfulness moment-to-moment experience, Robinson. chatters continues. beside mind, call police lock up. Social worker Anne Louise Kracmer mindfulness facilitator. advises, meditation, well, Just start are. stories, drama create. sessions leads, participants silence, concentrating steps foot ground heel toe. simple clears thoughts. Self-help Wayne Dyers Getting Gap, easy-to-follow guidance gap space thoughts, void chatter. instructional CD, audio online. fact, guided meditations. skew specific spiritual religious philosophies, foundation same--slowing mind. Buddhists renowned seek enlightenment. widely embraced non-Buddhists kinds traditions roots to, Robinson Learning beliefs adding meditations jump-start discipline, distracted narration. alone, sitting regardless minutes pay attention breath Holman advises Buddhist tradition, nose opening throat, chest, belly hook end zone meditate Or concentrate out. completion tasks, practice used athletes competing. few deep, relaxing breaths clear seeing golf ball cup putt, hitting high note solo goals. Research vast, improvements brain function, immune system, pressure, decision-making, well-being. solve problems, deal effectively. Birch wellknown media personality. 31 Yes, ALISON ROBERTS-TSE lthough parents eagerly enroll dance classes, training themselves. Dancing grants excellent mental ages. feet, moves maintain, improve, health. founder Dance, Debbie Sheme, recommends class approach exercise. UKs Service healthcare organizations advocate improving fitness, reporting losing weight, maintaining strong bones, posture muscle strength, increasing balance coordination, beating stress. Studies claim Albert Einstein College Medicine concluded dementia, unlike leisure tennis. Kimberly Knaub, Kellyn Celtic patterns mind--and jokes sole. BALLROOM ISLAND BALLROOM, SANIBEL Ballroom extremely accessible. all, ballroom newbies transform confident dancers annually Stars. Based television popularity, Community House hosted charity spin-off, years, generating interest dancing. To styles, seductive rumba glamorous fox-trot, head beginners patterned steps, once confidence builds, unique flare. social interactions partner fun, whether real-life match members. IRISH CEILI DANCE KELLYN CELTIC ARTS, FORT MYERS Flatley Riverdance fame Irish dancer. Adult dancers, mid-20s 70s, attend camaraderie challenging fun. Liz H daughters enrolled particularly enjoys dances athleticism energy music. facilitates ceili, group footwork low floor, toetappingly grand, Kellyns director. Adults compete shoes percussive perform events. BALLET GULFSHORE BALLET, Ballet-inspired workouts crop reap benefits, essentials graceful ballet stage, incredible amounts flexibility coordination. classic warm-up barre, plis battement tendus. prima ballerinas movements throughout careers. physicality develop, extend legs higher, complicated jumps traveling away barre. basics, bourre Ballet MODERNCONTEMPORARY DANCE, Dancer Sheme 2013 adults. style heavily classical dance. precise terms mechanics, incredibly expressive. Weekly attract ages--from moms younger older retirees. Fitness Wellness Solution County Alternative Holistic Awards 2018. Pilates Historical Village... HIP-HOP WAREHOUSE, Exercise enthusiasts reggaeton songs funky street-style routines Zumba fitness open-level hiphop class. Male female students, college gather Warehouse weekly energetic routines. Artistic Cheryl L. Sington encourages anyone moving participate--with previous experience. range hours, shorter sessions. firmly believes memory, neurological improvement, Whatever whichever strikes fancy, moving. haphazardly scribbling journals small-town fry. degrees communications Wisconsin, Madison. London, obsessively getaways, invites step SEE AS ONCE WAS. village Sanibels tribute past delight residents alike. glimpse 1880s 1940s. Settled farmers enjoyed decades agricultural production, reflected nine historical buildings. buildings original structures long-time locations. home, fishing cottage, old Post Office, AL M USE RI U Schoolhouse, Baileys General Store, Miss Charlottas Tea Room, Morning Glories Packing replica, Shore Haven Caretakers Cottage, Bailey Model truck. Come IS VIL BE LAGE Sin c sa Village located 950 Dunlop Road, ib elm se um. u rg 10650 Metro Parkway, 239-275-5678 5636 Youngquist 239-590-6191 975 Rabbit 239-425-7389 Naples 239-410-4528 484-459-3971 Hours Open July Tuesday Saturday mid-October April Closed Holidays Admission admitted information, Email SanibelHistoricalMuseumVillage_JF18.indd 112817 610 33 724 church Bakirkja, south Icelands Snfellsnes Peninsula. Below Skjlfandafljt cascades 40 feet 100-foot-wide Goafoss waterfall, waterfall gods. STORY GLENN OSTLE coastline eventually circling breathtaking counterclockwise fashion. said beat Nature. proof tiny country Iceland. partner, Pam, told friends photograph--as challenges. summer attractions many, photograph island, envy eyes envisioned escaping cold winds February, glorious cute-as-a-button puffins nesting sun, drinks umbrellas. cliffs, snow temperatures dimension land. Vistas appear muted trimmed hover freezing white--as days, menbrush--as settles tally revising opinion nooks crannies decision. soaring mountains covers photographers, prefhomes thick blanket. erence subOne jects photographing wild. cold. heavy, thought waterproof clothing, spiked landscapes Iceland, cercrampons slick tainly winter. ice, gloves keep trip Scandinavia planned, Tour guide Skarpi Thrainsson hikes hands halfway Svnafellsjkull glacier, serves north series Game Thrones. flexible sense, signed camera controls. 10-day workshop visTo conditions, aboard spectacular wonders. specially off-road vehicle. Upon Situated middle Atlantic Arctic 46-inch studded tires beefy, jacked-up carriage Circle, straddles seam capable carrying photographers gear, tectonic plates. size Ohio, quickly dubbed Vikingmobile. second-largest Europe Britain, discovered unpredictable 345,000 people, whom descendants Norsemen be. Some roads unexpectedly closed, Vikings beginning A.D. 800. conditions occasionally prevented sites. persevered promised, quick five-hour flight rewards worth bend road seemed reveal Icelandair Washington Dulles, landed capital crying photographed. Reykjavk, sophisticated founded 874 Snow-capped surround entire two-thirds population. ac- country, framing palette waterfalls, vast tive nightlife, displays wealth glaciers, ice caverns, fiords cliffs tower Nordic roots, replete myths Norwegian Sea. contrast, parts bubble elves, ghosts trolls. geothermal activity, volcanoes, geysers, Reykjavk conveniently situated southwestern steaming springs, lava fields, vents spew coast, close superheated steam. sights. 186-mile described ice. Gullfoss waterfall. night, photographers--an bunch hailing Our turned Singapore, Taiwan, France Israel inauspicious gave taste States--and guide, Thrainsson. expect. carried gear Reynisfjara Sand owns Exposures, specializes photographic tours. Beach basalt columns rise ocean Skarpi, exceptional right, sentries shore, ugly. provided trip. worsening leaving early following morning east returned vehicle subdued mood. Rough Start 35 picked Svinafellsjkull largest tongue Vatnajkull cap, visited cave, tunnel lined sculpted formed running glacier. glacier gained selected location represent Early Glacier Lagoon Jkulsrln, before. volcanic large chunks icebergs broken washed ashore. jewels strewn across giants shop. Many blue centers, result tremendous pressure. northeast spent Mvatn dark fields thundering gods, four stories. Again, falling spray falls freeze contact lenses. Icelandic horse poses portrait horses nuzzle frolic snowstorm. northern lights, viewed October March. rise. Scientists explain phenomenon caused solar push electronic particles collide molecules atmospheric gases, emissions bright light. viewer simply lights sway slow sky, brighter morphing red blue. Eventually, seem tire grow weaker disappear, brightly Chasing Lights expected Driving snow-covered huddled groups. stopped, Horsing Around horses. 36 Clockwise Lagoon, ashore looking cave solid Skaftafell Nature Reserve. sunrises sunsets spectacular, lights. Brought Norse settlers 9th 10th centuries, purest breeds mentioned literature records history. protected approached law prevents imported outskirts disappointed exported animals allowed return. ending. appearance pho- universally scratched surface. subjects. Small stature--although calling ponies Traveling gallery, elicits angry stares Icelanders--they spread country. personalities. exceptional. On overFOR adapted envicast sunlight filtered clouds producing ronment coat provides extra warm glow. insulation ular, full, rich manes end, tails silky desire return missed, Each stopped examine them, herd masterful typically trot encounter. pair frolicking snowstorm, Pam Hadfield, Charlotte, Carmagical akin legendary unicorns play. olina. publications. Considering stop, photography End Soon 37 JEFF LYTLE ILLUSTRATION BSSW ARCHITECTS BONITA SPRINGS HISTORICAL SOCIETY becomes Read extras cherished home. venerable public 2019 Terry Street, 1976, nearly downtown. constructed site Springs, Childers Felts Avenue. sheriffs substation landmark banyan tree. Coincidentally, stones throw 1953 library. second allowing teens designated sections. story video disturbing added attendance--up 150 seated--at programs discussions civic meetings fewer attendees. supports library, Jill Horrom, senior supervisor southern Were project. EXTRA READ ALL Horrom project planners paid advance user survey showing, things, patrons year-round least Users tend educated. Patrons priorities entertainment education, forward further services, crafts, discussions, movies presentations--and yoga. location, Old 41 drag Riverview Shangri-La resort, raises hopes catalyst long-awaited renaissance. Brand-new streets, roundabouts, street drainage Those homes having resource there, historian Charlie Strader. economic anchor socialize. venue draw crowd. Bonitas school, recreation complex pool, drew 115,000 visits borrowing 300,000 items down--because Hurricane Opposite rendering west building, circa hub -- Tiffany Esposito Area Chamber Commerce 39 parade banner promoting librarys thrilled brand-new, state-of-the-art facility. Mayor Peter Simmons Library ILLUSTRATIONS Irma flood occurred September--until Dec. 26. likely 500 downtown, promoted area, comments Simmons. brandnew, facility, mayor property undecided, officials say. Esposito, Commerce, concurs. growth Special Friend Indeed-- WHO LEADS FROM EXPERIENCE special friend importance libraries personal Helena Nesbit, president Library, postWorld War II Germany 4-year-old. Sponsored immigrate Connecticut, English language. But, luck, corner Nesbit librarian wing, teaching pictures. credit insists. grew loving libraries. Nesbits newfound enabled item labels mother supermarket. emphasizes, newspapers computers modest means. reading skills--and more--in elementary schools. Palmira Golf Country Club Bonita, proceeds raising money--averaging 15,000 year-- talks sales donated CDs, DVDs puzzles, supplement budgeting. gathers materials unsold homes. Throwing unthinkable her. longs tap discussion groups accommodate people. Gone fund guest maximum seated 38. Often, choose far cry sparked patron asking borrow 1949. --JL PREVIEW WHAT COMING chief Countys director, Betsy Clayton, preview Puppet section total public-access computers, currently Covered drive-up automated returns Study rooms Skype access, eight teenagers seating nonprofit Three second-floor balconies relaxed outdoor landscaped garden level HELENA NESBIT System closest regional Estero, built 1996. Materials borrowing. official Springs. users--whether locals, snowbirds visitors--who eager atmosphere additional Lytle retired editorial editor News. Freedom Pavilion Boeing Ralph E. Crump, LTJG, USNR Merchant Marine Duchossois Road Berlin Theater Galleries KEITH DARCEY 400 volunteers--14 World veterans--devote hours assist guests. dedicated 2000 D-Day Museum, 2004 Museum. tell world--why fought, won, today--so generations freedom inspired learn. veterans hearing firsthand accounts war. volunteers treasured history, captivating audiences stories books--at celebrating spirit, teamwork, optimism, courage sacrifices men fought battlefront served front. Forrest Villarrubia Ben Martinez stationed front entrance week greet ages--as doors. Villarrubia, combat Marine, Pacific Islands. Martinez, Army medic, Campaign. photographs service proudly displaying medals earned Theres left, Villarrubia. museums visitors. did. museum. entrance. Louisiana Memorial Pavilion. Elaborating former Rep. Courter R-NJ, chairman 2016 Armed Services Committee Congress, resulting appreciation BACKBONE NATIONAL MUSEUM, LOCATED SIX ACRES DOWNTOWN ORLEANS, ITS CORPS VOLUNTEERS, MUSEUM rented warehouse industrial Orleans ago 300 spreads blocks. 43 Campaigns Courage Theaters 945 504-528-1944 a.m.-5 closed Mardi Gras Day, Thanksgiving Eve Day. options Sector Restaurant Jeri Nims Soda Shop. uniform bloody conflicts. Board Trustees development, honored so. recognized accessible trusted source knowledge involvement II, points perhaps greatest conflict involving countries moral clarity efforts conflict. power unimpeachably just, morality perfectly aligned. responsibility story, contribution democracy existential assault, America Ranked TripAdvisor Travelers Choice No. nation, premier tourist destinations all. Welcoming 6.6 doors, presently spans pavilions permanent exhibitions. Included Arsenal Democracy Herman George Brown Salute Home Front, Richard C. Adkerson FreeportMcMoRan Tokyo Galleries, exhibit, Invasion Normandy. immersive exhibitions multimedia experiences expansive artifacts first-person oral histories. Visitors Boundaries, 4-D film narrated actor Hanks. movie, shown Solomon Victory Theater, journeys history viewers action cinematic effects. Additionally, PT-305, restored operational combat-veteran patrol torpedo boat existence. 10-year restoration volunteers, PT-305 deck tears Lake Pontchartrain, paces. certainly history--dates, key battles milestones, Robert M. Citino, Ph.D., position Samuel Zemurray Stone Senior Historian however, moment heroism, sacrifice courage. Citino continues, young--most barely teenage years--and tasked saving evil tyranny heard reflective understanding effort generation influences today. campaign completed 2021. Earlier institution broke Bollinger Canopy Peace, architectural structure unify distinctive element skyline. 2018early Additional expansion Higgins Hotel Center. elegant 2019, 230 18,000 square visitation programs. debut Hall Democracy, pavilion house outreach space. 2021, Liberation open. end-of-war postwar experiences, wars meaning citizens Darcey relations Ph.D. Courter, chairman, speaks R-NJ 45 Feuermans hyperrealistic swimmer reflecting pool KRISTEN YOUNG LAYOUT RIVER BOTANICAL SCULPTURE GARDENS plants arent itself blooming life--and years. Today, acres public, filled palms, bromeliads plantings large-scale sculptural Kulin. completion, encompass gallery spaces, conservatories, wedding venues. bank River, Gorda. brainchild wife, Linda. 1990s. adjacent piece sale neighboring plots market, gardens. graduate Naval Academy, executive roles Dynamics McDermott International. work, wife wherever were. for, Tetrault. couples stems upbringings. retired, had, care needs supporting alma maters way, funds picturesque others though Foundation. separate runs finished, facility Tetraults pass away. third construction phase approvals now, center, restroom two-acre wetland island. rate decade world-class site. spot already encounter Jack Dowds Andy, depiction Andy Warhol begging op. Colorful bougainvillea blooms climb metal tree trellises positioned INSET GARY BROWNELL BILL KLOSSNER --Roger Tetrault, cofounder Among sculptor Yu Zhaoyang inset. Trails wind boardwalks left. sites bromeliads, native tropical subtropical pseudobombax ellipticum, otherwise shaving brush bottom bushes right. 47 highlights clockwise Bibi Ball greeting arrive Kulins Steel Palm, overlooking unofficial greeters riverside portion pathway leads different, weve achieved Next Summer sits Other dont-miss snuck Kemal Tufans Keel, sun. installed 200-foot crane tube indented Palm. 18-foot-tall weight 5800 Riverside Drive, palm frond fossil hibiscuses bathing suit, 941-621-8299 logo. highest Hibiscus. piece, perspectives sculpture. spots Slicker, rises directly stem-and-blade pool. drops face, components single piece. Zhaoyangs Ostriches towers nearby. bowing blessed aluminum sporting outfits 48 wonderful contemplative strolling viewing internationally acclaimed artists. --Lorah Steiner, tourism Charlotte execution of, worldclass Lorah admits slowly side. Governmental regulations required acreage raised anything constructed, meant clearing dirt. brand-new Large trees expensive, today mainly midsized coffee kapok trees, themed sensory garden. planted 3,500 plants, on, appreciated now. say wow visit, primarily seen. builder seems worthwhile 49 Professional guides invaluable expertise Roseate spoonbills preen shallow water. LEADLEY BIRD ADVENTURES loridas birding transformed photography. crowds telescope-like lenses J.N. Ding Darling Refuge demonstrate amateurs hobby seriously--from investing high-tech staking wildlife end. Now, tours occur region, information species environment, techniques. abundance wildlife. Don Mammoser chooses tours, birdlife varied amazingly State. possible breeding, chickrearing photogenic Kurywczak, Roamin Photo Tours, adds, greatly habituated migrate usual behavior. Specific reserves backdrops determine encountered. Bird Adventures run Meardon Nick Leadley, Darling. spy bald eagles, ospreys burrowing owls greater area. Leadley spring, migrating songbirds giant flocks shimmering Mexico. Their pink roseate spoonbills, pelicans, spindly-legged reddish egrets, shorebirds snowy plovers. cut curves foundations. compelling images. Guides awareness contribute creation photos. possess eagle branch. shoot, methods safe ethical manner. Kurywczak agrees insight prime guesswork own. drives passengers allows ability post processing technical aspects. equipment. receiving gift, Miller instruction. confesses, Nicks lessons, landscape, appreciates talented instructor thorough patient teacher. Kathryn, Virginian recent tour, shares similar us--even cameras skill different. lessons technology, impart adds Mammosers DAVID MEARDON 51 substitute critiquing focal lengths photography, image. Mike Hiza, Manchester, spooking Meardons coaching 303-906-5102 encroaching light, composition framing. useful smaller shorebirds. Along Hiza values quality equipment, story. fare 207-670-8427 point-and-shoot cameras. applicable Attendees serenely shoot solo, experts However, 908-241-0500 cautions mention certain alter shot. standards easily epic Know ready decisive 300mm lens suggests tripod moment. emphasizes stability sharper plover stretches wings crab egret flies teal-colored crested flycatcher perches branch chicks long-legged chick camouflaged beach. 52 ROMAN KURYWCZAK ROAMIN DAN MAMMOSER osprey nest feed open-mouth black-crowned heron material beak successfully captures fish. mentors smalltown Wisconsin--Madison. 53 Varied bigger BROKEN SHELL GALLERY BOUTIQUE Turek Broken Shell Boutique, watercolor paintings, sculpture, mixed-media pieces, blow-glass creations, hand-painted furniture, handmade soap, scrubs, candles display Turek. self-taught sold nationally internationally. CAPE CORAL LEE COUNTY PUBLIC walls Librarys cozy alcoves, wide hallways lighted glass cases artworks artists--both adults children. managed belong Boutique boutique handbags, soaps 1019 Pkwy. East, 239-257-1228 thebrokenshell 921 39th Terrace, 239-533-4500 librarybranchescc ape fastest-growing cities doubt, draw. rapid industries tourism, restaurants--but related culture. Two examples--one private public--are reflection burgeoning newly revitalized plans, walls, halls 2003. Ever since, expand dream works, karma boxes, decorative wine glasses, pet, selection classes--at vary theme. events, meet birthday parties. Fundraisers beneficiaries foster Shelter. theres vintage porcelain china dolls, collections focusing Beatles Star Trek. room. additionally shops, businesses. Thus, fullday info pgthebrokenshellevents. tasks gallery. goal crafts visitors, chairwoman Monica Rahman. seven Rahman visual arts, pursuits, valuable assets themselves, large. Joyce Boyd check Seeing change. winning entries Coloring Earth contest. theme Protect Loggerhead Sea Turtles displayed alcove walls. organization fascinating way. population grow, bound popping operated Exhibits MONICA RAHMAN ACEVEDO crawl celebrates Little did meeting forever propel projects, leading ongoing revitalization Walk organizers kicked 2008. daas above, started. WALK happened ago, yesterday. Miami transplant Greg Knezevich conversations owners joining forces Hough core city. Meanwhile, ACT Claudia Goode discussed possibilities coalition spaces Xavier Brignoni inaugurated Broadway Street. success San Juan, Puerto Rico, Noches de Galeria Nights concept Later Happenings magazine Jamie Kuser generated event. Unknowingly, concocting potion. amazed alignment planets happening rainy August 2008 spoken tattoo Howl, gallerytattoo Howl soon vital group. prominent figures Tincher Jim Griffith. collaborate. great, Sometime 2008, gallerists, future enthusiastic collaborators Knezevichs La Casa del Arte idea. hour, brainstormed shared be, Then, emerged. brains connected neurons, finishing sentences. meeting, proposed established, name, map, inaugural date. collectible button visited. Sidney Berne Davis participant. SBDACs Capital inexperience, impatience, inaugurate short months, reality. crawlers streets. Griffith acquired Federal Building First process restoring impact SBDAC Downtown mostly vacant, shops exist yet, Griffith, accomplished violist supporter. finished renovations determined ready, night. didnt dozen easels hang yet. drastically changed. venues, SBDAC, shift closing became party destination galleries, Goode, directs Gallery. difficult galleries. relocated district. Nonetheless, concludes, Regardless changed, inception wishes success. Cheers award-winning artist, writer, curator Coral, Rico Mayagez. DAAS Co-op Gifts, Royal Palm Square 57 Roy Rodriguez, Marco Sunset Soaring heights fly Airport, RSW, terminal airport adorn RSW. Moreland, Port Authority. showcasing regions ecosystem jury images, black-and-white beaches Buck Ward, jellyfish color shots Katy Danca Galli. past, Hanson Archives Everglades. Recently exhibited Sinfnico, companion Edgardo Carmonas Allure Senses recognizable Dawns Forest, Nevelson originally Georgia Pacific. occasions date, comprised entirely recently, visit--for Oh, Places Will Go. encouraged imagine fanciful practical earth moon. Krista Johnson, coordinator decide appropriate deserve showcased concourses atriums. relationship opened--with panoramic windows People space, matching 5-foot seahorse statues, Golisano Childrens Hospital, military returning conflicts Iraq Afghanistan, selections guidelines chance celebrate try Johnson beautifying Much purchased, connects buyers acquire artists--that sell ship everywhere, controversy labeled offensive obscene--a partnership ensures quality. utilizes airport. Tree RESPECTIVE ARTISTS Kiniry, Sky Limit, Inkjet Monotype Collage Michelle Rothacker, Above Mixed presentation turns inviting one. region boast nations 43rd authority, program foremost lets role enhancing Airport management increasingly hospitality responsibility, relying airlines connectivity drawing beverage retail vendors, Trafalgar Elementary School, Helen Garcia-Valdez customers trapped terminals hours. Moreland work. engage exciting ways--lifting reputation heights. St. Andrew Catholic Diana Villadolid 59 kids multitude immerse themselves KARMA COCONUTS ALLIANCE education Centers rt music, Erin Peter, endeavors flexing muscles. stimulate brain, confidence. Peter. Providing outlets drawing, study serious dance, pottery investment careers benefit background. Consider inventors Apple problems cultivate Jobs, minds. half classes. played violin arts-based 239-939-2787 Endowment reports whopping 93 STEM 900 science, 239-395-0900 math graduates compared Assistant Brandi Couse arArts rest gues exposure Visual long-lasting benefits. 26100 acting afford 10150 higher-thanpositive modes expression, increased involvement. confidence, problem-solving 239-495-8989 occupations skills, cognitive function percent, comparison performance, 1112 SE 47th 9.8 percent. beneficial develop perseverance, 239-542-0424 chunk force. collaboration, Heather youth Investing ages months CENTERS childs unexpected everyday places. Ahlstrom mosaic stones, wreath bark, clay soil, teach show, TV. room, sing radio, homemade instrument dry beans empty bottle act coloring painting--wherever allowed, Couse, faces grocery ads newspaper, strive replicate famous scour ideas. Visiting museums, artfocused participating Participating thinkers, innovators solvers, field child pursue. outlet enjoyment world. 61 humans canines mere word earshot dog circling, tail wagging high-pitched whining. Luckily dogs, walk. Creeks Preserve sides, leashed both. 1.5-mile primitive trails. side, charges parking fees, observation deck. Langston pooch, Puddle, refreshing Puddle Island. birds, vegetation. Dogs 6-foot leash times, disturb family, Toni Westland, supervisory refuge ranger, Drive except Friday. vehicle, pedestrian bicycle. Lovers Key State Beach, nearby families Elyssa Finkelstein, strategic Department Environmental Protection. Dog borders headed drinking potable available. Prairie Pines Preserve. path on-leash walking. turtles, storks, marsh rabbits red-headed prairies, flatwoods marshes. told, equestrian trails, Timmer Preserve, Park, dog. OPHELAN DEPARTMENT ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION PARKS RECREATION DING DARLING WILDLIFE SOCIETY-FRIENDS REFUGE family. --Toni ranger hot. dog, Nugget, fresh air scenery, Lastly, Rotary Leashed 2,420-foot paved loop trail surrounded wooded areas, blossoming playground, squirrels, on-site park. Shot registration Honey Phillips. environmental specialist interested parties inquire 17100 McDowell 10130 Bayshore 239-707-0862, 239-472-1100, 8700 239-463-4588, 18400 Tamiami Trail, 239-478-6998, 5505 Garden 239-549-4606, 63 outdoors Local skies visible naked eye Milky Way, Everglades Park. witness magnificent planets, stars objects. observed require binoculars telescope. Trifid Dumbbell CHUCK PAVLICK ook sky moon, planets--Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn Jupiter--and occasional star, comet meteor shower. zoom binoculars, or, telescope, collage deep-sky magnificence intensifies. power, interstellar cloud--Helix Nebula--and Neptune Pluto. Ron Madl, edits Astronomical Society SWFAS. 1980 astronomers Madl Kansas farm skies. wound faculty physics department astronomy club, joined. telescope outreach, groups--for conducted science entertaining. maintain loans telescopes families. advantage borrowed --Ron Eyepiece, Societys Venus western dusk, thin crescent Mars Jupiter Saturn, gorgeous rings, rounds view fall. Chuck Pavlick, SWFAS mid-2000s. His young--at astronomer. knowledge, Pavlick notes. and--during day--for telescopes. response moon Moon 65 tonight, timeanddate.comastronomy nightusafort-myers Binocular Calusa Planetarium 3450 Ortiz Ave., 239-275-3435 Meets Thursday month, 730 planetarium Contact Risley meets monthly monthly, dark-sky Regional Seahawk Fakahatchee Strand Copeland, happy views--and telescopes--to nighttime Bradenton, Miami. daily, monthly. Recent Billion Suns Spring Stargazing. Audiences introduction dusk evening morning. visitor meteorite originated planet Preston. Any participate outing planetarium. 66 Pacman 126-pound iron-nickel 800-ton entered Earths 4,500 landing Argentina Campo Cielo Field Sky. meantime, Comet Lovejoy Andromeda Galaxy M31 67 LY TLE discovery Permanent explaining Key. comprises 1,600 acres. stilts, pilings, mimic surrounding mangroves. RENDERING LOVERS KEY WELCOME DISCOVERY CENTER heres fish, paddle, hike, birdwatch relax Beach. enhance parks ecosystems, enabling protect slice paradise. ago--to center--is reality dynamic Rich Donnelly, FOLKS, supportive fundraising collect 1.3 center. complement hard-fought state. game Donnelly Key--second-busiest 174 parks--by indoor Total capacity 200 connecting porches. Ranger exhibits, meetings, trips envisioned, more, depending park system FOLKS policymaking. 4,000 air. neat building--not 1950s. stuffed rattlesnakes, Donnelly. intended reflect Bonita-Estero-Fort example, pilings floor mangrove roots. insight. semi-retired architect volunteered initial rough sketches ago. tram driver offered jump visionary conversation. evolved education. Key, dunes abundant manatees, alligators, mangroves plants. centrally statue manatee irresistible selfie backdrop, predicts. 1983 1996 then-existing remains county south. JohnsonLovers endeavor stands testimonial agencies foresight achieve interest. documents protecting perils development waterfront access earmarked residential units stepped Strader lucky opposed condos planned dredged. Steiger, until retiring May, well-rounded generations. stewardship encouraging non-consumptive Discovery Campaign, Kae Moore. firsthand. ages, gifts tax-deductible, Moore mentioning 239-898-2492. Naming bookstore RENDERINGS AERIAL MAP rattlesnakes. --Rich Renderings architecture centers aerial marked abound park, bans motorized 69 tales characters Dock quite gathering Saturdays aptiva emerged spit sand. Plants lively. Fishermen noon shifting hundreds night--with Rosse guitar people--artists, fishermen, entertaining guests wee farmers, bootleggers, writers, Captiva, Rosses guides, hotel proprietors--who well-known political together, tide. cartoonist Des Moines, Iowa. two-time gather. ECO-TOUR Pulitzer Prize winner Duck Stamp program. integral Dock, McCarthys BRIAN HOLAWAY lending money, Marina. Long causeway, owned boat. noon, stilt mail news Back 1930s, Marina Darlings Capt. Belton Pops Randall. Before passed Johnson. whiskey Captiva. dock marina. schooled waters capgoes, Jay Norwood tained 75-foot yacht Wanigan owner, wom800 purchase, loaned Alice OBrien. OBrien Minnesota. Rosse--for islands Lane 1930s named--was commercial fisherman Tween Waters Inn. seawall yacht, 1935, cottages. guiding bought captained excursions renamed Andys Fishing Pier. Shark Monroe locally Dock. Over 5-mile same. Today Captivas postcards Santiva, boat, TWO POSTCARDS CAPT. County, Okeechobee East Coast. avid boater generosity, mechanic I. Lane--possibly peering palms--you fishermen conversing writers. strangers remarking Holaway master naturalist shelling eco-tour 1995. charters Pine Sound, Cayo Costa Cabbage Store beaches. 71 cooking BUCATINI CACIO E PEPE Osteria Tulia Serves 4-6 quarts pounds dried bucatini preferably brands Giuseppe Cocco Alfetra tablespoons unsalted virgin olive teaspoons coarsely pepper cups Locatelli Pecorino Romano cheese, finely grated ounces pot generously salted boil heat. Cook pasta directions. Reserve carefully ladle saut pan. Strain colander. butter, twists pepper. boils, pan let Remove cheese. Stir cheese melted creamy sauce. Season salt needed, 466 5th Ave. 239-213-2073, BRAISED SHORT RIBS Big Brewing beef ribs medium onions, chopped carrots, celery stalks, sprigs thyme rosemary bay leaves garlic, stock Salt Cut crosswise 2-inch Heat braising medium-high Transfer bowl. Add carrots cook mediumhigh heat, stirring browned, minutes. stir, accumulated juices. boil. Lower simmer reduced half, Preheat oven 350 degrees. herbs Cover transfer oven. tender, sauce saucepan, taste. Use thickening agent roux corn starch thicker SWEET POTATO MASHED sweet potatoes, peeled cubed milk Maple syrup pot, potatoes tender. hand mixer, milk, time. mixture smooth, Top maple 4721 Place, 239-471-2777, ROASTED TOMATO NAGE Harolds plum tomatoes, halved ounce minced garlic shallot Course sherry Place tomatoes baking pan, Coat evenly sherry. 450-degree oven, roast tomato charred. Scrape blender, smooth. scallops, photo, chicken, pork, dishes. refrigerator weeks. 15250 239-849-0622, Garnish pompano shaved jalapeo Pour juice cover plate taste, drip chile yuzu floats repeat sesame thread salt. Enjoy crudo 4761 239-463-3663, POMPANO CRUDO RESTAURANTS GNOCCHI ALLA BAVA Trattoria Mia heavy cream Fontina Pinch nutmeg potato gnocchi About Parmesan Fontina, salt, nutmeg. melts. melt, boiling Pasta Drain pour Bayfront Bistro fresh-squeezed pompano, cleaned jalapeo, pepper, toasted Maldon Smoked Mix yuzu, aside. liquid. Parmesan. 6631 Orion Suite 107, 239-208-7300, 73 cheers distillery grape California winemaker distiller Alex Villicana reclaims wasted produce small-batch spirits liqueur REFIND Distillery Paso Robles. mall-batch rage producer none Villicana, Winery Robles, California. surplus vodka, gin like. clear, wine-based liquor license faux margaritas Bloody Marys. distills grapes, legit grapes fermented wine, drained tank. concentrated flavors behind. so-called bleed-off, saigne, ros drain. drove crazy Villicana. Thinking sustainably, repurposing Central neighbors, label. 29,000 gallons juice, equivalent tons thrown saigne contains fruit solids fermentation byproducts cause clogs wineries, recycling Being innovator trial error--as permitting. winery roof laws vastly distilling versus fermenting. Villicanas fast furious harvest. Not label, collecting REFIND. round immediately bleed-off. proceed manageable rate. elaborate stills--pot column--to desires. signature vodka complexity, spice texture lends mixing. flavored cucumber cocktails, off, arms surrender. juices organic cucumbers farms, vodkas filtration. indeed Gin poured, smell botanicals fills Made juniper, coriander, Santa Teresa lemons, lavender, orris root, grains paradise, limoncellos peel. spring Amalfi mixed drier sourcing tonics Rudy proper lemons. aged Monica, personally zest 10,000 2725 Adelaida Calif. resembles citrus arrives. peels soak 805-239-9456 flavor. spelling releasing flavor, whisky Finished rye barrel, REFINDe Third Base Market integration balance. vanilla toast. labor 684 Grand Avenue, Speaking whiskey, here. zested, Grover collaborates brewers customers, bars restaurants, again 805-270-3067 non-hop mash rye, wheat barley keeping waste minimum. thirdbasemarket fermented, distilled, press bottled on-site. distribution finish, sells ironed Until then, Limoncello alcohol tasted kid, shipped stuff--the flavorful Southern Italy. contributor, lover drink, personality winery. 76 77 epicurious B Breakfast Lunch D Dinner SB Sunday Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Vegetarian BLUE GIRAFFE Casual Excellence. browsing delicious, island-inspired food. Sit handpainted tables inside, Periwinkle Cuban Sandwich lunch--its menu, Giraffe Cake Dinner, pan-seared topped mango salsa, chipotle chili glaze. breakfast tempting omelets pancakes. Fishermans Benedict muffins poached eggs, salmon, spinach grilled lime hollandaise locals 2075 DOC FORDS RUM BAR GRILLE Novel Cuisine. restaurant folk novelist Randy White fictional character, best-seller sandwiches, salads entres. skip mojito. 2500 Inn 239-472-8311, DUNES Member Problem twist. Try lump bisque Eastern, Western burger crisp empanadas pulled seared cowboy steak. 949 Castle 239-472-3355, IL TESORO RISTORANTE Personality. Chef A.J. feast atmosphere. Everybodys laughing, eating sipping wine. inject heart, heaps flavor antipasto. finest Italy Penne puttanesca capers rigatoni eggplant, ricotta cherry ahead reservations establishments. seafood specials equally intriguing. cloud-like tiramisu. 751 Tarpon 239-395-4022, COW Bovine Bounty. pasta, joint, despite cow references. dinners choice, unless breakfast, Loaded Seafood Omelet. Check bar, cocktails drinks, Mango Sangria 2163 239-472-0606, PIZZA Paradise. tasty tradition Pizza Crusty Curl Crust. Pasta, calzone salad popular. calamari bruschetta appetizer, miss hour. 1619 239-472-1581, LAZY FLAMINGO Cold Beer, Raw Bar. plumpest raw oysters, hot-spiced peel-and-eat shrimp, grouper incendiary Dead Parrot Wings. Buffalo bet. Four 6520-C 239-472-5353 1036 239-472-6939 12951 239-476-9000 16501B Stringfellow Bokeelia, 239-283-5959, LIGHTHOUSE CAF Worlds Breakfast. Residents decades, why. Frittata seasoned scallops crabmeat, sauted broccoli mushrooms artichoke Alfredo Lighthouse Grouper Platter dinner, lighthouse Callahead 362 239-472-0303, 79 MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Five Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, wood-fired pizzas. Fresh pastas, veal menu. 1200 239-472-1998, NORMANDIE SEASIDE AT WEST WIND Indulge Yourself. Bananaberry French Toast Omelet caf bowl Veggie Omelet, Colombian artisan whole-leaf teas. Relax old-world Curry Chicken Salad Pressed lunch, paired Than Ride Knowledgeable Friendly Staff Luxury Sedans Vans Event Transport AIRPORT LOCAL SERVICE 3345 239-472-1541, westwindinn.comnormandie-restaurant-sanibel PINOCCHIOS ICE CREAM GEPPETTOS FOODIES Institution. 1980, Pinocchios handcrafts confections batches. mecca foodies please palates cream, gelato, sorbet, sherbet, yogurt custard. Choose 130-plus portions. Stop Krunch Dirty Dollar. Geppettos Foodies, sister gourmet Pinocchios, authentic croissant baking. 239-472-4888 239-472-6566, SANDBAR Welcoming. Trio, bronzed grouper, cake, favorite. steaks perfection palates. 2761 239-472-0305, FISH HOUSE Tried True. entres all-day sandwiches fried baskets specialties, tuna rice salad. ordered broiled, grilled, blackened Jamaican jerked. 1523 239-472-7770 4685 239-495-5770 320 80 Carlos 239-765-6766, GRILL Color. Grill pub fare--juicy burgers, spicy wings--and bartenders often-sought-but-neverfound popularity spot. 239-472-4453, SPROUT Goodness. Islands vegan vegetarian take-out delightful meals, smoothies prepared Nikki Rood 100-percent organic, gluten-free, nonGMO, farm-fresh creation, Paprika Hummus Sprouts. Vegan Lasagna. Sprout Let thy medicine quoting Hippocrates delectable dish offers. Center, 2463 239-472-4499 SUNSET Floribbean Gourmet. chicken Caesar wrap. eggs Santiva variations smoked cake. 6536 239-472-2333, MELISSAS CAFE Packages. Melissa Talmage prepares petite portions, giving diners option dishes, Grilled Octopus Mullet Fritter. 1625 239-472-1956, THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. Creative cuisine oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted lamb rack yellowtail snapper mojo allure trappings, Ybel Resort, 2255 239-472-9200, 81 TIMBERS RESTAURANT MARKET Dine Favorites calamari, platters lump. Be market. 239-472-2722, TRADERS Shopping Experience. Traders emporium restaurant, evenings. gumbo, macadamiaencrusted grouper. 1551 239-472-7242, T2 Opened Traders. trendy tacos savory flatbreads, coastalinspired classics. mixology Elderflower Bloom, draft beer selection, lively Floridian dcor. seating, gift anytime 2340 239-558-8919, CANTINA CAPTIVA Nacho Madres Mexican. lunch serape colors, piatas, terra-tiled floors adobe-style suggest gone border. 14970 239-472-0248, CROWS NEST Food, Fun dining appetizers, always-popular goat dip. Saltimbocca, sage leaves, prosciutto-wrapped linguine. Crab Races, hopping 15951 239-472-5161, 82 Story Continues. success, chain Whites Seas Resort. Docs Bread panko-fried shrimp dryrubbed ribeye. 5400 Plantation 239-312-4275, GREEN FLASH Rare Treasure. Have seat beautiful browse delightfully Caf Paris specialty, Worcestershire, buttery herb topping. Venetian Platter, swordfish, tiger prawn polenta. Savory pork landlubbers, positively decadent 15183 239-472-3337, KEYLIME BISTRO Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery canopies setting, Jimmy Buffett beat. eclectic walnut-crusted snapper, sausage peppers, escargots tomato. 11509 Lane, 239-395-4000, LATTE DA COFFEE SHOP Time coffees, extra-strong Red Eye Coffee, cappuccinos lattes tooth indulge scoops Queenies milkshakes sundaes. 11508 239-472-0234, MUCKY DUCK Quack Up. pint beers brewed pond. grub. Visit beachside gazing. 11546 239-472-3434, 83 OLD FloridaNew American. Nelsons changing bounty sushi adventurous choices rolls, sashimi, specialty rolls select sakes. Wines presentations, Room 239-472-5161 4, RC OTTERS Otterly daunting. Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas meatloaf satisfy cravings. Diners dinner. 239-395-1142, SUNSHINE SEAFOOD WINE Bistro. charming, touch. wood-grilled pecan-crusted 14900 239-472-6200, BLANC Epicurean. Jenga, bread sauce, modeled entre robata grill, Lamb Lollipops roasted reduction, SS, habanero Blancs Entres, clean, ambience savor Chris Whitaker chef Jean Claude Roge, talents lift Blanc peers. Sundays. 13451 Ste. 10, 239-887-3139, BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. outrageous highlight steak chicken. 239-489-1500 2262 239-362-2843, 84 COURTSIDE STEAKHOUSE HARBOUR RESORT Beefed Refined wood, brass, leaded subtle sports theme, steakhouse delivers tastiest butchers breed Angus steaks. 17260 Harbour Pointe 239466-4000, CRAVE Cozy Contemporary. Modern Breakfast, p.m., omelet variation Benedict. dishes baconwrapped cedar plank plus hungry diners. brunch crowd packs house, wait--but 12901 239-4664663, DARUMA Wish traditional teppan style, table Classic favorites tempura offered, combinations lobster Nippon filet mignon teriyaki. 13499 Cleveland 239344-0037 241 North, 239-591-1200 5459 Fruitville Sarasota, 941-342-6600, FIRESTONE Brick atmosphere, remind Firestone. paella Grille tapas Bar, Martini Saturday. 2224 239-334-3473, GARAGE details. dcor 1920s, Henry walked parts, burgers Low Carb-uretor. arugula egg mouth names Kona Wave Goose 312. 2207 239-332-3673, 85 EDISON Illuminati. honors namesake genius, Thomas Edison, steeped culinary potpie raves 3583 239-936-9348, PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. tried true. Salads, pleasing 1982. Soup accompany dinners, deals 4-7 booths, seafaring vibe. 13451-16 239-489-2226, UNIVERSITY Head Class. theatergoers 7790 Cypress 239-437-4377, Sequel. story--a sequel. Matanzas Pass banana leaf baby ribs. 708 Wharf, 239-765-9660, TAVERN SPORTS Tackle Buds. pizza. Belgian waffles zesty maple-honey mustard. Tens juicy build-your-own backfield toppings cheeses yummy melts steak, ham bacon cod Philly cheesesteak triple BLTs. stacked Reuben, calzone, stromboli veggiemeat Capes wings. choices, wraps beverages. Tavern misses friends. 4703 16th 239-257-1081, CENO History. spanakopita--fresh spinach, feta, wrapped phyllo dough baked--or Marsala, Lukas Ceno Grill. Order gyro souvlaki meal, Parmesan, resist cannoli Happy Hour, M-F, 3-6pm. 1715 Parkway W., 239-549-2366, 86 87 R 1719 239-540-3673, LOBSTER LADY Eclectic Coastal Shrimp Grits Le Bouf Bacon Wrapped Lobster Tail freshest landlubbers. market Units 3, 239-471-0136, MARKER 92 Nautically Nice. woodfired pizza Resorts boundaries. flatbread pizzas breezy waterside terrace. 5951 Silver King 239-541-5600, MONARCAS AUTHENTIC MEXICAN Authentically Delicious. Rich, carved surrounds peruse listing Mexican Sample Monarcas Mexico, tequila appetizer. tortillas chips in-house, salsas pico gallo. Aztec Cocktail favorite, Huarache Michoacano, Michoacan oval tortilla beans, tomatillo tip 1604 46th 239-540-9533, MONKEY STEAK Silly Name, Serious Food. Nico Bogert palate, Monkey, chop apple relish Rum Pepper Painted Grouper, Ahi Tuna Salad. 88 89 eatery Steakhouse Indoor available, nightly. 1428 Lafayette 239-549-8800, NEVERMIND AWESOME EATERY Share Crispy Truffle Wings Volcano Roll Hugo handselected ingredients, Steak Crust popular, fries, Kennebec potatoes. 927 239-471-0295, POINT Casually Sophisticated. Pulled Pork Rolls, Gouda mustard slaw, Carolina dippin wake palate. Scallops entre, charred onion, fennel sausage, Marconi almonds cider reduction. proprietor Matt Arnold drink 3522 S., 239-471-7785, PARADISE DELI Heavenly Taste. better. difference. Reuben busy dine take-out, catering hit. 2378 Surfside 239-292-2378, Like Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes freshly sliced bananas strawberries Carbons malted accompanied freshground breakfast. Pop cheesesteak, 25091 Bernwood 239-948-4123, 90 91 PINCHERS CRAB SHACK Table. Fresh, cut-to-order fries made-fromscratch slaw decadently rich, cheese-and-crab dip full-on fruity, coast. Multiple 28580 Crossings 239-948-1313 18100 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 2360 239-2457049 10029 239-415-4040 5991 33914, 239-540-7939 Fifth 239-434-6616, 239-4955770 10801 Corkscrew 519, 239-495-3673, RODIZIO Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience Brazil, rotisserie-grilled meats, tableside Rodizio gauchos feijoada, black-bean stew, abacaxi, glazed-and-grilled pineapple. forget dessert. Friday-Sunday. 8017 Plaza Lago 101, 239-498-0018, RUTHS CHRIS Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted trey ceilings meticulously white-linen-covered filets cowboy-sized 855 rib eyes, tender juicy. sides creamed sweet-potato casserole. Point, 23151 239-948-8888, lIVe eNTERTAINMENT Hour cape Prime Steaks TARPON BAY New-Fashioned Classic. Hyatt Regency-Coconut homage fishhouse. ceviche marinades. entres, Divers Spear, Asian ponzu cilantro-ginger rice. 5001 239- 444-1234, YEARS 239.549.8800 Mon.-Sun. 12p.m.-10p.m. VI G P ORA OR O V CRAZY Crazy best-prepared blackened, fried. regulars about, Firecracker Shrimp, Cakes, ever-popular Sandwich. Fish Blu Sushi franchise sushi. prepare just-picked produce, squeezed juices, goodies course Crazys pie, Randys recipe. here, bocce court, 14700 Trail N., 239-260-1070, --Anthony Bourdain 94 95 SAVE OFF COVER PRICE ONLINE Year SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN RECEIVE FAVORITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION ADDITIONAL YEAR INSULATED LUNCH BAG. Hidden Word Reading Pleasure Bag exp. 103118 Online rates apply orders only. Web TOLL FREE fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions SubPage_SO18.indd 73018 220 97 lines STATES STRANGE SAGAS Hard fact lorida, wacky glory, reading. Fiction Doesnt matter. hardly justice reveling weirdness. Craig Pittman Best. Ever. Barry deadly aim states funny--and not-so-funny--eccentricities. Pittman, reporter Tampa Times, hurricanes, tacky hazards, corrupt politicians, bad boys beyond-bizarre crimes, estate scams obsession artificial. random weird 42, monkey Johnny ran lost 98, led convictions federal corruption 150, Villages, metro States, lack excess geriatric sex 208, period 1967 Legislature bills unprecedented corporation BOOK COVERS AUTHORS central Pittmans true, documented. along, abiding shines through. best-known humor LOL Seinfeld, Kramer, Barry. appears, automatically laughs, idiot thing. infamous skunk odd mermaids Weeki Wachee Cassadega, Psychic retirement village--The alligators gathered Gatorland Lock Load Miami, machine gun saying, enlivens facts characteristically hilarious hyperbole entertaining, on-target Ever., which, strange Funniest. Book. 99 calendar WHERE DO Everblades 2018-2019 Germain Arena Oct. 19. SAY OM GROW OWN FOOD Talk, Edible topic Septembers Talk Estates herbs, vegetables yard, containers apartment dweller, how. discovering green thumb. SONGS WORTH SINGING ENCHANTED EVENING Wynonna Noise Band Seminole Casino Immokalee 13. 21-23 Disney Ice, magic ends. 21-30 Fest, Youve singing Discover Earl Bud Lee, Garth Brooks megahit Dylan Altman, Barefoot Night EVERBLADES SEMINOLE CASINO HOTEL Ongoing Yoga, Grab yoga mat. discover stretches, postures breathing life-- yourself. practice, reunite peace, rejuvenation Pataky House. levels, beginner experienced, welcome. sprinkles pixie dust dazzling iceskating high-flying acrobats. Mickeys Search Party Captain Hooks treasure fantasy Tinker hides. treated appearances princesses, Belle Beast, Elsa Frozen, Moana eponymous film. HOPPER SONGWRITER FEST son Jake Owen. Fest. performances scheduled, expected. kicks 21-23, 2427, 28-30. HIGH KICKIN MUSICAL LOVING BLUES Castiglia Band, York-born, Florida-based blues guitarist, singer bandleader Known powerful electrified sound, combines hardcore soul, appeals rockers purists. Music surely Castiglias 4-Nov. 42nd Debuting revival 2001 strong. cast catchy tunes Money Only Eyes You. Peggy Sawyer arrives scores chorus lady looming future. illustrious surprisingly style. Storytelling hi-tech visuals Hustle Roses nickname baseball, trappings Series Star-Spangled Banner, energypumping introductions anxiously awaited pitch. BUT CREEPY BASEBALL MEETS BROADWAY Evening Pete Live, League Baseballs Barbara B. Mann Live golden pastime baseball player 5-25 Dark Art, prelude Halloween, Syzygy exhibition, ghoulish macabre, sends spine-chilling vibes Sydney sculptures, darker reception Walk. painting burlesque evenings fun--and dressing encouraged. Songwriters Brooks, Kenny Chesney 21-30. 101 PUMPKINS SCARECROWS 12-30 Lakes Fall Festival, Celebrate autumn fanfare. pumpkin patch, carve jack-o-lantern. Thanks scarecrow competition, grounds dotted spooky sizes styles. Youngsters Express, train decorated holiday, hayride SHOWTIME Between slot machines, concert Immokalee. Octobers lineup Band. vocalist mother, forming duo Judds. Since Americana, blues, soul rock. drummer Cactus Moser. Princess movie Frozen appears Ices Party, Arena, 21-23. DISNEY BUY ME BOAT 13-14 Boat biggest boats. captain upgrade wannabe sailor dreaming powerboat, watercraft boating vessels length entry-level cruisers million-dollar yachts vessels. Boating accessories, gadgets display. HOCKEY BACK 19-20, 24, 26-27 Games, kick hockey Norfolk Admirals. diehard fan rousing nonstop super speeds Esteros Arena. Orlando Solar Bears friendly statewide rivalry. SILVER SCREEN 25-28 Film Festival presented Artis-Naples. narrative, documentary films list, buffs pick. competition Silverspot Cinema. Plan after-party filmmakers, connect enthusiasts. 103 Giancarlo Breaking Bad, Festival. 25-28. screening Artis-Naples campus. times. w h l ur CRACK EM UP Bamboo Farm 25370 Zemel 33955 941 505-8400 104 NAPLES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 26-28 stone appetites. crustacean waterfront. plan kick-off cracking Tin City, maritime eateries. hosts block galore. Bayfront, dining-and-shopping 20-plus eateries crab, vendors entertainment. 105 858 stargazing September Virgo Aries shopping. Libra Taurus upheaval. careful. direct Capricorn 6. Remember proverb begun done Astrological Forecast NORMA HAGAN, ASTROLOGER PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION THESE DATES ZODIAC SIGN ARIES MARCH APRIL noticing improvement feel. magnanimous things. absence Uranus sign, 6, 7th. TAURUS MAY keel. Taurus, steady calm. Things changing. hand, boost finances. GEMINI JUNE stubborn, loved ones. Venus, planet, relative aggressive Mars. argue passes. ruler, 22. less CANCER JULY Cancers sympathy empathy. legendary. affairs. involved, overwhelmed. LEO AUGUST done, foreign vacation horizon. VIRGO SEPTEMBER thinker, reader terrific planner. organize situation. promotion. LIBRA OCTOBER Scorpio, apt feelings fore, Capricorn, worry, activities. SCORPIO NOVEMBER helpful occupying usual. Going courses favored. SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER Sagittarians prophetic sense come. Jupiter-- luck planet--headed trips, joy CAPRICORN JANUARY Capricorns accomplish Pay ideas--academic studies, endeavor. geologist, chemist down-to-earth professional. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY Uranus, signs excitable down-toearth stable fixed Staying absolute go. Smart Geminis, Libras Aquarians PISCES Neptune, astrologys aspect, trine, Jupiter. rolling continue. Logical Virgos inscrutable Scorpios astrologer Federation Astrologers PMAFA. articles astrology magazines Maury Povich Show. 1972 Air Force Aquadilla. 1976 established office Virginia Virginia, horoscopes, tarot cards pro bono Homicide Division. horoscopes telephone card readings. 239-284-0272. Stay tuned CHOPINS MAZURKAS twilight ERIK ENT WISTLE orks composers Contemplating Mozarts Requiem Mass minor, KV. 626, Schuberts Schwanengesang Swan Song, D. 957, invites--indeed demands--that circumstances composed. Such compositions particular fascination foreshadow death, question boundaries Perhaps reminders mortality fleeting Frederic Chopin 1810-1849 composer-pianists brief plagued constant ill 28, suffering symptoms tuberculosis, complaining macabre doctors dead dying, die. composed declined. 1849, Pauline Viardot condition gradually deteriorating bearable carriage, spitting coughing choke him. cheerful. sad coincidentally mazurkas. cultivated genre stylized Polish result- ing miniature masterpieces diversity expression. mazurkas, minor Op. this. mazurka simplest straightforward. mood melancholy, sadness mitigated typical, rhythms frequent shifts harmonies. pinpoint harken nostalgically earliest mazurka, altogether single-page manuscript death omitted section. reconstructions attempted--famed interpreter Arthur Rubinstein plays reconstruction RCA recording mazurkas--so definitive haunting notices sounds ghost weak exhausted, vigor. downbeats measures, limping, melody accompanying chords descending chromatic lines, well-established metaphor Renaissance. tortured modulation, downbeat finally begins poignant lasts seconds gloom key. contrasting listen dire ascertain connection two. ensues, specter proves unescapable Chopin, extension humanity, cruel. Toward composer wrote, somehow by. squander Yet, regrets, speak condition, grateful. Pianist, musicologist Entwistle undergraduate Dartmouth College. post-graduate piano performance doctorate musicology California, Barbara. teaches relationships, gaining takeaway Networking Is Connections Margie Tann Solt, Region Master Networks 239-770-2288, isnt Members after-hours socials, holiday gatherings Solt establishes, grows HOWELL-CREATIVE IMAGINATIONS SANDY WINDHAM MASTER NETWORKS 830 owners--with midsize businesses--meet insights Crusaders chapter Networks, membership learning-based, service-oriented entrepreneurs leaders. Crusaders. Tann, Insurance Financial Services, oftentimes trades, legal services. Ages 20s mid-70s, women. Interestingly, industry exclusive, occupation, chapter. accepted, onetime join, pays dues 49.95 Affiliate rewards, offset costs. lt promotes chapters wider network, referrals, training, Solt. saying goes, know, trust. handing card, 239.472.4888 SanibelCaptiva TAXI Passenger Transportation Events LOCKSMITH 239.472.2394 Way J-3 Locksmith 247 Emergency High Security Locks, Restricted Keyways, Locks Installation, Keying, Electronic Keypads, Rekeying Duplication ALTERATIONS RITA MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd 239.437.7482 11595 Rd, 302 239.437.6063 11200 Gladiolus CUBE SMART SELF STORAGE CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Serving Of CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost Recovery Management 239.482.2213 239.574.8511 CULLIGAN Bottled Few Cents costs Culligan Aqua-Cleer system. fresh, sink, RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 Sales Installation Alarm Systems AudioVideo Radio Intercom Vac Ahh lazy gearing moving-- reposition breeze. Lucky me. happen hogfish fridge. thaw mangoes neighbors salsa. dripping oclock. Remember, Mom say, Girls sweat, glisten. Need restock fridge weekend company. Whole Foods off-season overseas weekend--maybe lovely Restaurants normal schedules, alls too-long hiatus. tonight special. anniversary. followed boats docked Pass. Yummmm trickling back. Trickling mph, max. Keeping watchful forecast. Am obsessed Maybe, AC stir-crazy. crazy. Rainy lived expectations. Oh my, ferns over. Did staghorn eat Happened impromptu jam dawned aswirl Ms lederhosen biergarten Oktoberfest. brats. Surprise DAVE DROTLEFF 629 VOL. NO. 4.95 TIMES ISLANDS Published Display TOTI_Cover_SO18.indd 1116 AM 628

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