Ad_Page.indd 1 10114 645 PM 52 Somethings Brewin Southwest Floridas microbreweries are on the rise, earning loyalty of beer drinkers with their amazing, big, bold craft brews. Bet you cant sample just one. 58 Rockin Out at Belushis A Fort Myers hot spot celebrity power, dishes out laughter and music, especially when owner, comedian musician Jim Belushi, takes stage. 2 Snapper Enfilo, local snapper, asparagus, shiitake mushrooms roasted red peppers wrapped in phyllo baked, is creation chef Jason Miller Captiva House restaurant, located Tween Waters Island Resort Spa Island. Story page 43. TOTI.COM NOVDEC 2014 1_TOTI_ND14.indd 10514 716 3 614 12 8 10 14 16 18 22 26 32 PUBLISHERS LETTER Celebrating Floridians MAKING WAVES GULF COAST ZEITGEIST Home, Serene Home DOLLARS SENSE BEAUTY TRENDS CULTURALLY OUTDOORS GETAWAYS FINDS The Case for Low Rates Products to Help You Look Your Best Setting a Festive Table Hit Local Market Magical Michigan Trio Trove Treasures 36 40 43 48 EXPLORER Small-Fry Shopping Spots HOLIDAY SHOPPING SPECIAL SECTION Tis Season Shop CULINARY DELIGHTS Top Chefs Florida COASTAL COMMERCE Coming up Rosies 64 66 68 86 99 100 WINE WHISPERER TECHNOLOGY EPICURIOUS CALENDAR Waiting To Tuscany ... Beyond Guide Dining SW Where Go What Do BETWEEN THE LINES Tasteful Obsession STARGAZING With Elizabeth Joyce 106 110 112 IN COMMUNITY Rowdy Good Time SERVICES PROFESSIONALS ISLAND JOURNAL Times Islands ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year by TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. 4 This JanFeb issue packed activity Well help find ways enjoy all natural wonders which this area famous, whether do that going quiet hike, playing round golf, hitting tennis ball, paddling kayak or participating something little more extreme. 5 PUBLISHER Daniela E. Jaeger EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Patricia Letakis SENIOR CONSULTING EDITOR Susan Holly Doug Gallogly CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund PROOFREADERS Heather Gray, ASSIGNMENT Melanie Pagan EDITORIAL COORDINATORS Scarlett Redenius, CUISINE TRAVEL David Grant ARTS CONTRIBUTING Acevedo WRITERS J.J. Brito, Nick Ciletti, Gallogly, Jerry Greenfield, S. Albert D. Hanser, Joyce, Beth Luberecki, Kelly Madden, Dana Mirman, Dr. Randall H. Niehoff, Renee Novelle, Pagan, Roberta Sotonoff PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Adams, Jean Baer, Dave Drotleff, Garth Francis, Jessica James, Jaeger, Kevin Jeff Lysiak, Sotonoff, Betsy Ventura OF SALES MARKETING Kyle Fisher 239-472-0205, ext. 103 ADVERTISING Friedrich N. 102 Dru Anne Doyle 109 OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SUBSCRIPTIONS CREDIT CARD ORDERS Redenius WEBMASTER Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic CONNECT WITH US facebook.comtotimediamagazines twitter.comtotimedia pinterest.comtotimedia FOR E-MAIL INQUIRIES toti.comcontactus Island, 33957 T F 239-395-2125 New York Representative Office 800-472-0634 FounderChairman President Guy Tober Vice PresidentC.O.O. Financial Administrator Jacqueline Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright 1996 Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may be reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those 6 10314 333 7 I Strengthening Bonds t always seems November December zip lightning speed, signaling another coming close. And Im sure like me, too yourself reflecting your noteworthy achievements 2014--what did right, what improved milestones accomplished. most proud recognition Media received as No. Magazine Publisher Lee County County. support from community, our readers online followers who gave us ranking overwhelming we team very receiving. believe success result how interact you--our subscribers, advertisers, community course partners entire team. Oftentimes its input makes difference. We listen an opportunity presents itself events, 6th Annual Cracker Fest Bait Boxs 21st annual Esperanza Woodring Memorial Castnet Rodeo taking place Nov. 15 START Solutions Avoid Red Tide, were there get word make event success. See 106. Working highly motivated only happy day office, but Cordial greetings morning wishes safe journey home end small say, Hey, looking forward great office tomorrow. Its also important step building stronger It was long ago asked, Arent lucky having such Well, said, luck everyone receives once while. think am blessed professionals have ability talent, diligently doing best. serve best neighbors, ourselves closest hearts. As wrap year, focus turns holidays, special time giving. Of course, comes mind first gift list, chance buy present hope family members friends will treasure. tradition exchange gifts, if look around, many other give, toy drives numerous volunteer opportunities. Doing so children group helps reconnect strengthen bonds between each other. Think it pause fast-paced, somewhat turbulent, world live today well way create positive well-balanced environment forward. My wish season grows closer friends, creating haven where needs met days peaceful. had choose favorite gather would around table laden good food, than ever Thanksgiving Years Eve. So read NovemberDecember issue, taste buds teased stories describing culinary delights created own chefs. Lastly, wouldnt complete Holiday navigate retail scene. Whether gourmet food items exquisite gift, youll these specialty stores. From filled cheer, all, lots love. Publisher, 10414 1101 AM TOP PHOTO COURTESY DANIELA JAEGER BOTTOM LEFT CAPTIVA HOUSE RIGHT PHOTOS BY JEAN BAER AND BETSY VENTURA 9 Making Waves honor roll residents island coast who, everyday lives, special. CHERYL MARC GIATTINI HOLIDAYS PARADISE true vision during holiday Palm trees adorned Christmas lights, people snowmen beach using nothing sand shells. events add seasonal including CROWs Taste Festival, Dunes Golf Tennis Club. restaurants compete meal awards, while guests simply fare essence tropical winter wonderland. 239-472-8544, --Melanie LIGHTEN UP If youre making down paradise tail Luminary Festival islands lets mingle locals visitors enjoying on-island sights. Spend Friday, Dec. 5, aboard complimentary trolley trails different stations Sanibel. Visit Saturday, 6, decorated golf cart parade festively lit street stroll., --M.P. SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY LUMINARY FESTIVAL MONEY WELL SPENT Stuffing one into jam-packed sound trying filling overly plump turkey. However, Small Business Saturday continues gain since started American Express 2010. Following Black 29, centered shopping mom-and-pop shops, indie stores like. midnight mall rush thrilling, buying straight allows nice change pace. Check website locations. americanexpress.comussmall-businessshop-small MELANIE PAGAN W hen obligations brought attorney Marc Giattini his wife Cheryl 1998, they werent planning living haul. But ended falling love he says. became home, inclination can personally keep everything about going. For Giattini, included several years board Ding Darling Wildlife Society, J.N. National Refuge. He recently appointed counsel societys directors, serving pro bono legal advisor projects acquisition homestead. refuge has been outstanding leader environmental issues island, entities common purpose really draw here continue want things Once realize beauty fact care keeping way, draws same thing. 239-472-1100, 233 --Beth Luberecki FINDING REFUGE 11 Unruffled, calm holidays DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF Gift Serenity depressed, past anxious, future peace, present. --This xeriscaping thought Lao-Tzu 6th-century BCE Chinese poet philosopher, founder Taoism. olks Gulf Coast learned season. First, known high season, begins influx arrivals January stretches May. Next watched hurricane June through 30. Finally, late December, enter shortest favored These two months treasured number reasons. one, storm-free, cooler weather wonderful clear bright unclouded--an unruffled repose sky, sea, light. Lest suspect wax poetic, words italics lifted dictionary definition serene L. serenus. Second, fewer around--so, no crowds, lines traffic jams left ease. undisturbed tranquil quiet. Third, comforting, vibrant warm celebrations. Our draped, inside out, colorful decorations. doors homes, offices, banks, even gas beckon joyful welcome come in, bit cheer appreciate life friendship. atmosphere literal act social Greek xeros, means dry. xeriscape grow native plants dont need extra water, fertilizer pesticides order thrive. In words, human feel proper setting, bloom planted indicate Latin serenus based xeros--sounds serenity me. Heres works. Day, national religious holiday. Conceived feast set aside give thanks Creator free, independent nation, inspired oldest, continuously practiced ritual history Jewish Passover Seder. That ancient story re-creates movement Hebrew slavery freedom my sums Pharaoh wanted kill God freed eat. eat bread together peace companions com-- panis--bread. celebrations bring Advent 30 24, 25, Hanukkah Kwanzaa 1. observances closely held habits camaraderie, spill over warmly companionship circle friends--and large benefits immeasurable ways. One prime example Captiva. invited venture night, all-embracing hospitality gently brightens darkness, guards path, urges conversation, offers free drink, entertains teaches merrily bids happy--all because particular place, spirit geist zeit unruffled, Welcome home. n Retired after 41 parish ministry, Niehoff wife, Marilyn, active civic affairs both off 13 doesnt downhill ALBERT HANSER nflation deflation Rising interest rates Pundits case daily scenarios develop, answers doubt impact asset prices next few years. Five phenomena, however, tell likely rise modestly, generally stay historically low levels. More Demand Supply seem counterintuitive bond investors crave U.S. Treasuries yielding 0.2 2.5 percent, theres continued appetite helped push back 2014. Exacerbating decline steady improvement finances federal government, whose yearly deficits one-half recessionary peaks--hence, less supply new Treasury yield-starved institutions bid on. Continued Slack Economy level prevailing economy will, correlate rate inflation. Those surge inflation recent flood cheap money forget commodity boom 2006 2007, raw material hit simultaneous peaks world, consumer index CPI United States rising percent rates. unrealistic expect 3-percent far below 2007 peaks, wages rates, industries still operate 78 79 capacity, million workers remain jobless. Beggar thy Neighbor Export Pressures U.S., Japanese Eurozone economies mired subpar growth, central banks policymakers sought nations prosperity emphasizing exports. Keeping currency values relative trading currencies incentivized bankers discourage foreign investment. frankly see downward pressure continuing, China, Brazil, South Korea European Central Bank process export partners. Turnover Money classic economics, size roughly equals multiplied turnover money. Starting 2008, velocity plummeted plummet 2013--long recovery began. Simply put, injections stimulus 2008 bolster consumption investment, used instead businesses, individuals pay debt cash cushions. defensive behavior persists, economic growth stalled. Government Balance Sheets Need Repairing overlook intense Washington under foreseeable future--whether policy correct not. Allowing could imperil rebounding, ratesensitive housing, autos construction participants levered balance sheets low-cost funds. ominous, percentage points huge impacts government budgets swelling costs crowding spending politically popular programs. Just worrisome, impair face value some trillion municipal causing mark-to-mark losses force firms contract activities. Hanser co-chairman Trust Company, Sanibel-based wealth management firm divisions Naples, Tampa Chicago. Learn Are lipstick lover face-cream fanatic Then right place. Every lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup between. Because laid-back surfer babe total product junkie, know beautiful thing feel. BETH LUBERECKI LIKE PRO Professional artists bend mascara wands easier application. Lancmes Grandise uses trick trade innovative swan-neck wand. Curved 25-degree angle, wand works curves grab lashes base deliver glossy black color flaking, smudging clumping. Fulllooking coverage tip tip. Find Lancme products retailers Dillards Edison Mall 239-936-1441,, Saks Fifth Avenue Bell Tower Shops 239489-0980, saksfifthavenue .com Belk Surfside Cape Coral 239-282-5692, NO ROUGHNESS NECESSARY use oil name clean Cliniques Take Day Off Cleansing Oil 27 soothe skin removes youve put day, long-wearing containing sunscreen. Triethylhexanoin, oil-like ingredient derived castor bean plant, cleaner work effectively gently. appropriate types, oily. exclusively Sephora, locally Coconut Point Estero 239-390-9889, JCPenney 239-936-8101. SEAWORTHY SOAPS Shore Soap Companys bars handcrafted ingredients. sea-salt soaps moisturize skin, provide nutrients zinc calcium remove toxins body. sea salt harder, denser bar, soap last twice formulations. scents Warm Sand, Surfers Sunrise Beach Buds, along companys body lotion 20 solid fragrances 10, Butterfly Periwinkle Place 239-579-0172, Marco 239-394-0837. FROM LAND Northern Californiabased McEvoy Ranch produce olive cooking. oils 80 Acres line body-care products, paraben-, phthalate- sulfate-free. Body 38 item Eva Sea Tarpon Marina 239-540-4480. Available Blood Orange Verde scents, lightweight blend olive, jojoba sweet almond plus soothing botanical extracts soften skin. store carries Balm 17, rich antioxidants travel-size tin, Hand Wash 22, combination healing herbs plant lathering pleasantly scented experience. 17 trends old traditions entertaining O RENEE NOVELLE Informal Gatherings Regardless celebrating, usually havent seen out-of-town relatives, lost touch with, neighbors lives become busy throughout year. kinds reunions lend themselves less-structured, casual mingling becomes dominant theme. past, potluck dinners reigned supreme. Suzanne Willis, nationally recognized etiquette expert spent notable companies luxury Ritz-Carlton Mandarin Oriental, fond idea. allowed share experience, she states. gives topic discuss. Willis elaborates h magical, whimsical emotions high, low, stretched thin perfect enjoy. Nevertheless, experience childs excitement While gifts tree decorating signify eagerly anticipate delicious prepared shared attendees. finding overwhelmed idea hosting dinner party--or craving unique table--fear Weve consulted fresh ideas. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, dramatic sets exactly mood gathering. chatting guest made, exchanging recipe ideas, etc. provides easy icebreaker might well. Lisa Thompson, owner Myersbased Ambiance Interiors Accessories, suggests fun variation interesting house hopping. household appetizer, dinner, dessert. social, informal. move theme worth noting outside dining. Using space trend informal gatherings. Pair flower arrangements JESSICA JAMES color. evening event, cover plenty candlelight enchanting ambience. design partner Garden District loves being green elements shes seeing decorations Flowers greenery yard, fruits vegetables, displayed attractive centerpiece, beeswax candles linen napkins, suggests. becoming norm. Formal lavish impressive understand placement piece table, take far. 19 Bring striking coastal-themed table. There says, breaks enough. consider them comfortable, presenting reminds outside-in place-setting rule. Pare tables removing plates dishes, talking weeks come. unexpected top, Thompson She likes show-stopping arrangement full colors billowing pines cascade vase. go decorate miniature ornaments, easily arranged Macys, Target, Stein Mart discount Dollar Tree Sams Club excellent options dcor ornaments. it, James insists. Personalizing card appreciated setting shows anticipation attendance. Several experts took further suggested coupling Novelle author journalist Florida. FLOWERS GREENERY YOUR OWN YARD, EVEN FRUITS VEGETABLES, CAN BE DISPLAYED AS AN ATTRACTIVE CENTERPIECE. --JESSICA JAMES, GARDEN DISTRICT NAPLES show thoughtfulness toward guests. follow games, carol singing exchange. sense number-one element special, us. else fails chaos ensues, remember calm, wine glasses toast. Cheers, suggests, is, least together. 21 Savor bounty Farmers markets passion Ventura. grew mountains Virginia didnt hunt ate, market, explains. Whenever travel area, states country, farmers market. fascinating much learn culture visiting features vendors selling baked goods grass-fed meats smoked sausages. Keep moving stall breads, guacamole, pasta, cookies, honey jams. everyone, explains Baer. Since market daily, Baer recommends folks advantage bounty. stock NICK CILETTI lorida gorgeous sunsets sugary white beaches, growing produce. better savor bountiful harvests visit Customers opportunity, Market. local. friend Roots 2009 now hosts five across region, fall Bonita Springs. 1980s, felt says 615 At choices endless scrumptious fruit-filled pastries, shrimp plucked waters, picture-perfect purple cauliflower sweeter sibling assorted various shapes colors. DEMAND HAS DEFINITELY INCREASED LOCAL FARMERS MARKETS. PEOPLE ARE TRULY INTERESTED EATING HEALTHIER SUPPORTING BUSINESSES THAT LOCAL, WHICH TURN, KEEPS ECONOMY. --JEAN BAER, FOUNDER SANIBEL MARKET heirloom tomatoes, citrus, variety lettuces array Residents vacationers purchase dinners, lasagna, wood-fired pizza, macaroni cheese, barbecue ribs schnitzel. stomach non-edible grabs. Fresh flowers, plants, handmade fare, elaborates. denying are--sometimes 2,000 showing given weekend snag swag. definitely increased markets, People truly interested eating healthier supporting businesses local, turn, keeps economy. probably guess, lot hard hours hitch. arrive check signs getting up. By a.m., bell cowbell, rung open, Let tasting, begin. Committed never miss organization. Each Sunday, nonprofit booth 23 Baby meats, homemade among shoppers week week. FEATURES MORE THAN VENDORS SELLING EVERYTHING PRODUCE BAKED GOODS TO GRASSFED MEATS SMOKED SAUSAGES. mission, Organizations benefited plug include C.R.O.W., Golisano Childrens Hospital others. Vendors pitch donating thousands pounds fruit, vegetables F.I.S.H., pantry island. taken hands-on approach vendors, person Ciletti freelance writer Media. Market, City Hall Dunlop Road, Sunday April. 24 location needed hit. every effort successful, manage, waiting list vendors. must Having resident Mary Greenplate years, welcomed addition her community. bike, ride walk certain week, fish, bagels produce, favorites guacamole made front you. runs a.m. p.m. Oct. April 26. 25 Three resort towns waterfront appeal side Great Lakes State ROBERTA SOTONOFF Traverse calls Cherry Capital. spring, cherry blossoms blanket July, held. any multitude vineyards dot landscape. winery, odd Left Foot Charley, hangout Commons. Hard ciders wines served here. Charley Citys sipping strange name. Filling Station Right Brain Brewery rival stops. brew pub difficult Sleeping Bear Lakeshore. hiking biking tall cold surely nice. park boasts largest collection water dunes world. Formed glaciers, half 71,000-acre lush wilderness. shocked flat urban, Pepe Nero Italian crab-stuffed ravioli smothered creamy lobster sauce, insanely delicious. Which sense, City, Michigan, eatery housed former North Asylum. crazy-good Michigan. heard of, Charlevoix Petoskey, places Lake shorelines, art galleries boutiques. Here lofty climb, sample, unconventional architecture attractions, museum restored century-old musical instruments, discover. Plus, relax fine cuisine, brewed slice regions famous pie RESORT TOWNS YOU MAY NEVER HAVE HEARD OF, TRAVERSE CITY, CHARLEVOIX PETOSKEY, PLACES LAKE MICHIGAN SHORELINES, ART GALLERIES BOUTIQUES. pastime sailing northern scenery. ranger Marie Scott. glaciers cake icing. icing is. dune Overlook steeply soars 450 feet above water. vantage point, view dunes, lake jaw-dropping. exterior renovated barn Highway 31 show-stopper, therefore overlook. do, missing gem. Music Museum antique instruments. nickelodeon, jukeboxes, enormous Mortier dance organ designed Belgium giraffe grand piano intriguing vertical shape cram hay horse space. delightful hear actual recording Paul Whitman George Gershwin Rhapsody Blue piano. Another surprise found pronounced Charle-voy. Earl Young 1889-1975 mark town. adventurous architect Victorian, Roman designs day. identified Frank Lloyd Clockwise top sunset casts romantic aura display Lakeshore Park Service. 28 29 Wrights structure should environment. His rock houses, rippling roofs, Hobbit. Marsha Braun describes style as, Wright meets Fred Flintstone. 1918, Sears Roebuck vice president Loeb built stone, fortress-like structure, called Castle Farms. dairy farm, families came ice cream Sundays, guide Kathy Peterk. Although meeting-and-event venue, explore grounds PLAN TRIP sites Pure Tourism Convention Visitors Bureau Petoskey Area garden, watch whirling, trains. Inside, curious World War memorabilia exhibit featuring catalogue merchandise, labeled early-1900s cost todays dollar. road, antiques backyard garden retain Horton Bay General Store appears young Ernest Hemingway hung Hemingways parents nearby Walloon. And, Paris Wife, 2012 novel Paula McLain, married Hadley Richardson 1921 demolished church stood door. reception Shangri-La road. haunt, Petoskeys Grill, speakeasy prohibition. Underground tunnels booze. restaurant tasty view. town prerequisites restaurants, cruises, courses sports. Galleries boutiques waterfronts. Republic Spoon shelves stocked creations grown cherries. unanticipated finds--Earl Youngs architecture, haunts, wineries--give reason lakefront towns. Chicago-based, award-winning, appeared publications, websites guidebooks. miles sandy towering bluffs afford spectacular views 717 newly opened boutique eclectic mix rovers MEL ANIE appeal. Inspired unwavering wanderlust theyve visited, duo buys sells pieces surpass life. Featured Asian adornments, wooden keepsakes, candles, nature-like craftsmen over. selections Florida-based artisans shell-filled knickknacks ocean-themed wall art, Karen ultimate goal suit realm tastes. incorporate adds. saying, Ive before Despite wide-ranged inventory, types reclaimed America. Current glassware Oklahoma-based artist Steve Brewster, Outside, brand repurposing. f happen upon Cargo Trading Co. chances temporary amnesia. Not worry--simply peering wall-length windows onto palm-treed glory enough verify inside, exposed hickory flooring, brick walls furnishings resemble decor often parts country. different, Roberts, two-story husband, Paul, February. full-coastal certainly cry surrounding seaside shops. interior, reclaimed, urban 20th-century commonly cities Denver San Francisco. Walking stepping foot repurposed paradise. flooring composed hickory, wood serves ceiling. CARGO TRADING CO. OTHER Among treasures wood-and-glass fishbowl, ocean-inspired bar-friendly skeleton key bottle opener. 33 34 global travels, owners Roberts fill worldly merchandise. WE WANTED INCORPORATE THINGS AROUND WORLD. GET LOT SAYING, IVE SEEN THESE BEFORE --KAREN ROBERTS, OWNER collections speak loudest open road owners. poses shipping private consultations available unable in-store. matter journey, ideal return keepsake remind travels. postcards nice, anyone adventure, taste. information, call 239-472-8111 assignment editor media coordinator Follow Facebook, Twitter Pinterest pages, manager Danika Crow 35 1038 Small-Fr y kids stacks gimmicky T-shirts run-of-the-mill attire. Instead, bathing suits sparkles bows, timeless dresses done ticking stripes sailboat print, preppy boys clothing. apparel royal stamp approval, stocking Rachel Riley Les Petites Abeilles, clothing Prince photographed wearing. carry traditional, Ziemian. girls in--not mothers--are dresses. When toys, Ziemian avoids anything plastic, noisy China. traditional toys meant played end, hers puzzles Ukraine art. Even train stationthemed dressing room stir imagination, asking theyd time. Their hang changing areas walls. too, us, list. Instead heading usual big-box store, why shops They sorts out-of-the-ordinary childrens books clothing, stand underneath tree. ICKLE PICKLE lime door cheerful scene boutique, 2013. soft yellow shelving showcase Ickle Pickles thought-provoking picture names Stella Cove, Babies Jack Thomas. Joelle Some period. Decorated pretty pastel colors, Pickle inviting shop, hand customers one-of-a-kind item. DONT THINK THERES ANYTHING MY STORE FOUND AT MALL STORE. --JOELLE ZIEMIAN, pint-size mom ON THIS OPPOSITE PAGE TOYS AHOY guys gals puppets, pirates princesses, almost interests shop tucked Sanibels Place. Toys Ahoy kiddie must-haves Playmobil, Lego, Barbie Melissa Doug. inspire creativity, try craft, science magic kits. Or concept gaming simpler, non-digital classics dominoes tiddlywinks newer games Diary Wimpy Kidthemed Scrabble. spend sand, pick cool kite toys. Diane Cominotti, Venice, Florida, owned vacation condo 1970, winds trip momand-pop mother two. staff friendly. unique. Her 7-year-old son reasons frequent visits store. pirates, knights cars, laughs Cominotti. Last bought pirate sword treasure box. 1957 Chevy Corvette Corvettes police car wants policeman FRIDAYS CHILD Driftwood-like flooring. Tranquil blue Colorful fish hanging Fridays Child, Place, inspiration Amy Dunavant, eye picking pip-squeak wear. 37 racks Child pajamas play clothes prints ones fun. fact, Sanibel-themed T-shirts, cover-ups, sweatshirts gear bestsellers, theyre quality expensive typical tourist shop. Parents creature Dunavants Sanimals, plush depicting wildlife. babies teens. 13-year-old daughter 10and 11-year-old sons, putting tween COME LOOKING UNIQUE BABY SHOWER OR BIRTHDAY GIFT SO THEY KNOW RECIPIENT WONT RECEIVING SAME THING. --AMY DUNAVANT, island-themed turtles, tried-and-true name-brand age group, offering stylish separates swimsuits Roxy Quiksilver. wellknown wear, younger children, Dunavant stocks grandparent-approved baby affordable under-12 DownEast Girl Tea Collection. Collection brand, Everyone it. cute, reasonably priced. Puzzles, books, prove big draw. shower birthday recipient wont receiving thing, Dunavant. single variety, aware quality. running 8-yearold, Floridabased contributor GO SHOP 2075 Way, 239-472-9500, 2427 239-472-2300, 239-472-4800 39 Special Section TIS SEASON DANA MIRMAN MEADOW ANTIQUES Youll diamond estate jewelry Meadow Antiques. charming gallery Tiffany glass, nouveau, deco, glass Galle, period bronzes historic paintings. 239-472-8442 CEDAR CHEST FINE JEWELRY Cedar Chest Fine Jewelry unusual nature-themed represents honors unspoiled wildlife environment, coin artifact jewelry. won attention admiration delight Tahitian Gardens Shops, 239-472-2876, CONGRESS JEWELERS Exceptional service Congress Jewelers, established 1985 Exquisite Finds finest timepieces. Sealife collection, dolphins, dollars marine Jewelers repair restoration, appraisal estate-buying services. 239-472-4177, LILY gold-and-diamond flip-flop pendant disc embellished footprints evocative pristine beaches stunning, perfectly represent Meanwhile, dog lovers dazzled Lily Co.s K-9 Collection, diamond-and14-karat-gold paw print pendant. 520 239-472-2888, Food Beverage BAILEYS GENERAL Founded 1899 P. Bailey, Baileys storied islands. Open p.m., groceries exclusive in-house Coffee Bar range hardware does delivery, catering Build-Your-Own Grocery Package form online. 239-472-1516, GROG wine, spirits liqueurs, Grog Shop, overseen Tee Ann walk-in humidor vast premium cigars Punch, Cohiba Romeo Y Julieta. fantastic deals, 10-percent purchases. baskets sizes, occasion. 239-472-1682, HUXTERS DELI one-stop convenient ice-cold coffee groceries, magazines, newspapers items. freshly deli sandwiches Huxters Southern-style fried chicken. 239-472-2151 JERRYS FOODS Treat Jerrys Foods seafood cheese department, then some, decadent bakery, boasting Key Lime Pie World. break dining in-store cafe, breakfast, lunch dinner. Spirits conveniently plaza. 239-4729300, TROPICAL WINES Tropical Wines authentic flavor, 100-percent pure citrus juice. flavors ranging mango grapefruit, libations nearly 200 medals international competitions, 239-472-3398, 718 Plazas CHADWICKS SQUARE Chadwicks Square designer swimwear, footwear, accessories wide Theres spa purveys nourishing skincare professional artists. Dont stop grocery, foods 150 imported wines. Captiva, southseas.comresort-activitiesshopping-en.html OLDE SHOPPES Fido pet-friendly center Old charm. Buy four-legged pet womens handbags accessories. cafe blueberry cobbler around. shoponsanibel.comoldesanibel.asp PERIWINKLE PLACE leading fashion retailers, alfresco dining, full-service spa. lush, park-like oasis playground let steam shopping. TAHITIAN GARDENS galore Gardens, boutiques, much, more. plazas options. Breakfast, burgers island-style fare. TOWN CENTER tucked-away destination, Town Center made-to-order rejuvenating on-site yoga studio, classes beginners advanced. spruce moves instruction offered center. VILLAGE SHOPS Village preparations. Pick award-winning fruit juice on-premise retailer, bath Poke dazzling wardrobe. party-ready hair nail salon men. shoponsanibel.comvillageshops.asp 42 Restaurant Tested, Guest Approved AREA CHEFS ADD SAVORY TOUCH POPULAR DINING DESTINATIONS tend major plentiful shelling opportunities internationally acclaimed island-inspired driving Way greeted dozens options, date nights evenings out. dress establishment generate atmosphere, itself, lies hands quick-knifed innovators skillful masterminds, introduce KELLY MADDEN Chef Inn GARTH FRANCIS TWEEN WATERS INN SPA plate duties Inn. After nine-year stint executive chef, beverage director resort. oversee outlets, poolside ever-energetic Miller. Originally studied Sechia Culinary Institute interning Seas 1998. loved learning prepare seafood. grouper, pink shrimp, pompano with. described slow. braising slow-cooking veal osso buco, tending expertly melts mouth. Houses Enfilo favorite, snapper dish classic. adds wrapping dough baking finished pesto drizzled aged balsamic delectable goat polenta. SPA, 15951 DRIVE, ISLAND, 239-472-5161 800-223-5865, TWEEN-WATERS.COM 44 10714 1012 SWEET MELISSAS CAFE Talmage Sweet Melissas Cafe Executive intent lawyer, soon discovered passion, preparing cuisine freshest stints Union Commanders Palace Orleans, skills sixth epicureans. build best, ingredients, Talmage. menu knowing absolute varieties dishes. Fish Stew succulent cobia, melded scallops introduced sauce saffron, fennel lemon aromatic flavorful Pernod aioli. CAFE, 1625 WAY, SANIBEL, 239-472-1956, SWEETMELISSASCAFE.COM 45 taste, Starfish Grille covered. Juan Martinez utilizing freshest, high-quality ingredients recipes particularly enjoys specials, shines. Mexico cooking career launched three-year training program. picky personal style. styles food. tastes good, Ill epicurean fortunate chefs guiding creations, results doubly Grille, room, Star tiki bar Room weddings events. sushi, Aung Oo rolls, sashimi sushi. hails Myanmar formerly Burma sushi preparation him joined 2012. relies lifetime working uncle, whom secrets people--it happy, Aung. Sesame-Crusted Ahi Tuna Rainbow Dragon Roll styles, everyone. select seared sesame-crusted, sushi-grade ahi tuna topped jumbo grilled placed bed sauteed spinach garlic, soy-ginger sauce. beloved bar. rainbow dragon stuffed avocado, cucumber crab, salmon, tuna, eel. STARFISH GRILLE, 1231 MIDDLE 239-472-7827, STARFISHGRILLESANIBEL.COM 46 John Wolff Thistle Lodge Casa Ybel Preparing offer Gulf-front challenge applying Wolff. Through sous kitchen best-known premier resorts developed creative Illinois classically trained countrys prides himself resort, party, lounge Coconuts Poolside Grill Lodge, unequalled Grilled Octopus timid--this Johns Four ounces poached, marinated octopus court bouillon caressed herbs. cut individual portions fingerling potatoes, garnished pickled onion cucumber, tequila gastrique. THISTLE LODGE CASA YBEL RESORT, 2255 WEST 239-472-3145, CASAYBELRESORT.COM 47 blooming neighborhood hello, somehow, unoccupied. flair apart. bleak diner. parking crunches beneath sandals walking peach-colored building, mural riddled wall, turquoise booths Southwestern mixed understated, staples soups, salads, quesadillas. expanded breakfast menu. None menus showy prices, though deserving such. frozen, Cristoval Navarrete, assistant Rosies. amount sits there. batches, possibly heres said cafes. evoke intimate feeling unmatched eatery. cafes, count generously portioned meal, accompanied friendly, no-frills engage paper deep conversation hot-pressed sandwiches. cinema paid homage quaint spaces. Many times, quoted telling movie. instance, introduction ending 1994 cult Pulp Fiction unassuming Harry Met Sally, Sally schools womans manipulation tool Tucked corner plaza Ridge Road cafes silver screen. Youre hearty owners, Irving Gavin Joanne Fitzgerald, cultivated cafe. fresh-not-frozen flavor dessert treat, Royal Scoop cream. difference, Navarrete Sides pico de gallo, home-cut fries potato chips morning. tends mouths watering Philly cheesesteak. signature carryout Clinic Rehabilitation festival happens co-owner Gavins make. cheesesteak fan cheesesteak, Id places, kind own. 49 includes scones, muffins smoothies treats. ITS NOT TOO OFTEN RESTAURANT WILL DOUBLE COOK, BUT EVERYONE SHARES RESPONSIBILITIES ROSIES, KITCHEN PREPPING SERVING SCOOPING SWEETS CAFES ROYAL SCOOP HOMEMADE ICE CREAM BAR. double cook, shares responsibilities Rosies, prepping scooping sweets Homemade Ice Cream Still, Gavin. Spending worked ladder, finally Fitzgerald longtime deli. quite hold dream. premonition ago, retire restaurant. that. Fate plan, however. actually predicting future, whole toward. changed delis inherited 2012, profession--landscaping. turned landscaping Hurricane dire makeover. Today dedicates planting flowers clients gardens. juggle occupations, teams undoubtedly family, server Martin. extends regularly participates public gatherings, opportunity. returns November, participate December. months. forgo possible specials duck Cornish hen. crowded month. knows rosy. again, pleased film, mess IF 2330 239-579-0807 50 51 nce hits lips Will Ferrell spurted iconic 2003 comedy School, referring refreshing gulp beer. Judging surroundings, guzzling label funded buddies tight budget. sip frothy ale thats dripping condensation warrants mouth-escaping sigh bliss. time, buzz-inducing companion football game night gathering, recently, graduated higher sophistication. decade, depending consider, phenomenon. brewmasters acting scientists, mixing temperatures laboratories brewing rooms, until ultimate, thirst-quenching anecdote concocted bottled consumers. Sounds neat gig, bubbling business. so, pint landing microbrewerys doorstep. Myers, dozen breweries exist, glimpse whats So, booming beers, city hop wagon sort perhaps importantly, drink sat brewers ALL NATION, BREWMASTERS ACTING SCIENTISTS, MIXING INGREDIENTS VARIOUS TEMPERATURES PRIVATE LABORATORIES BREWING ROOMS, UNTIL ULTIMATE, THIRST-QUENCHING ANECDOTE IS CONCOCTED BOTTLED CONSUMERS. KEVIN Rob Whyte, Brewing Company 53 1119 FORT MYERS questioning isnt popped Jamie Shea, Brewery, sports batch beverages 2010, remembers showed skepticism intrigue. got laughed like, fancy beer, recalls. hadnt Craft behind now. Whyte incomparable freshness responsible shift. malts possess powers. feelings nostalgia within Sunshine native, summer beach, picked orange childhood backyard. tourists ripe honey. IPA INCREASING PUBLIC APPRECIATION 54 MOMENTUM BREWHOUSE Jennifer Gratz considered opening microbrewery couldnt dream hesitation. rest pitchforks oranges start thrown, point. Up 2013, Yet, Diego, volunteered 15mile stretch, 2004 Theyre trends, previous inhabitance. Were catch West credited pioneering nationwide crusade, largely due supportive climate. vine Pacific Northwest yield hops, subtropical climate main birth difficult. state tax rate, legislation licensing role. Ask brewer, theyll say license longer license, opposite, Walt Costello, owns Amy. Costello faced officially business retired boat captain fishing hoped LAGER-ING BEHIND live, zoning codes prohibited notes, code originally factories up--part charm--so eventually expand bridge. Pioneering Co., Naples Collier paved others, newcomers councilmembers. Hahn, Momentum Brewhouse Katherine, offices specifically citing Rudi Vrugtman Development SBDC Springs Community Department. them. But, brewers, kept momentum Hahns. collaborative, Hahn techniques, ideas recipes, discuss legislation--in nutshell, quickly lending helping occasional bag hops colleagues. are, busier Whyte. multiple thriving breweries, destination point people. deciding factor booking vacations. book near away ocean. Newly Soul nestled industrial district Cleveland Avenue, Bury Me Brewz Center, Coral-based works, slated Alico early 2015. HOPS ABOARD BURY ME Bill Vaughan, POINT COMPANY brewer Jordan Weisberg right. 55 THERE MANY CHOICES. WANT BEER KEY LIME HONEY IT SAY HAD REAL SOUTHWEST FLORIDA --WALT COSTELLO, OWNER, choices, adding real Most labels Two Mangrove Snook Bite IPA, Tamiami Tan Palms, Brewerys Pelican Pilsner tap. Breweries strive encourage aspects philosophy County--whether eateries, involved charities promoting entertainment. designated truck component tickets draft. Thursday burger Nosh Truck, burger, 10. collaborates neighboring 11Eleven Caf, bands, Roadkill Ghost Choir, music resume rocking stage Lollapalooza Bonnaroo festivals. club lengthy appetizer Brewz, Brewings three-barrel system open. potential Brewhouses location. sounds Ybel, flights beers STEADY BUZZ 56 Aximus ab id quodit porporem con nate pos cuptatium faccabo. Otatem si unt aut lacestium quamus excearum nonsequi brewery offerings. vintage rustic kid-friendly elements. tasting tours, ever-changing all. novices worry paying tips ensure thoroughly enjoyable starting close familiar. Hefeweizen, example, switch Moon Shock Top. transition ask bartenders recommendations. advises samplers, flights, fairly judge aesthetics. Color dictate goes perception over, dark Ryan Bowen Marianne, fully match. everybody, type. Cheers FEELING CRAFTY Microbrew Near 239-332-6800, Beer brown ale. Gateway 239-313-6576, facebook.comFMBrew O.Y.A, 239-970-0561, Tigertail, Brewhouse, White Noise, 239-304-8795, Mango Ginger Tripel, golden Brewing, chai-infused facebook.comPalmCityBrewing 239-603-6535, Blow Head, 57 hipster, vibe Belushi aptly named club, Belushis, entertainment TILTED KILT BELUSHIS BARBARA LINSTROM ORGET LONDON. FORGET PARIS. GREAT NIGHT TOWN, DEAL HERE SOUTH MYERS. chain late-night clubs famed capitals arent associated atop Tilted Kilt Trail name, brother Night Live performances role Blues Brothers. riding coattails since. cousin, Chris Karakosta, elicit amid comedy, blues, drinks namedropping Fieris Dan Akroyds Crystal Head Vodka. Jim, magic. saw 76, feels audience. moment happen, according unannounced appearances month opened. visit, stage--joins band--and checks doing, reports. 59 Chris, well-loved brands Mels Diner, Stevie Tomatos Big Als Sports Grill. Turns cousins back. village World, fathers Qytez, Albania, 1920s. north Greece, Albania retains cultural heritage vital. Yeah, grandfather contractor did, jokes purchased restoring familys Ours kinda fell down, standing. teens, emigrated Chicago, hundred gathered 1930s. Both dads Windy cousin working. Cheezeborger, Cheezeborger cheeps skit dad uncle dealt Olympia Lunch diner sons hard-working Albanian immigrants reconnected Orlando. route, now, Los Angeles but, work, improv Board Comedy, counted year--52 shows, Performing Arts, band three movies mini-series HBO. talks big-name cable channels reality repurposing loft Lauderdale, Chicago elsewhere. decided seemed fit told Chris. nouveau twist sportsbar garlicky slow-cooked tangy, Phoenix visited yeah, recalls Jim. texted me eight Girls smile face. stone Trail, 41, cursed castle, Irish WHEN JIM COMES VISIT, HE TAKES STAGE--JOINS BAND-- CHECKS HOW WERE DOING, ABOUT --CHRIS KARAKOSTA, CO-OWNER JUST TIME TALKING AUDIENCE. AND, REPORTS. WANTS HAVING GOOD TIME. 60 entertainer performs hes Vintage posters photos bears 61 rooftop balmy weather. ORDER CHEEZEBORGER, CHEEZEBORGER CHEEPS CLUB HONOR LIVE SKIT JOHN BROUGHT SHOW WAS BASED WAY HIS DAD UNCLE DEALT CUSTOMERS OLYMPIA LUNCH DINER CHICAGO. Dwyers 2003. Girls, sexy ladies bare midriffs wear minimal 21st-century version tartan. During together, cooked grandmothers Mels, peeled served, stage, worker. oh success, did. lease castle reinvigorate venue Kilt, realized series Ichabods Ballyorney Pub, gone short decade. Arizona, Las Vegas tested successfully locations, risk minimized. upstairs 12,000-square-foot patio Thats Belushis. pride commercials tourism granted citizenship. grandmother ties transformative club. party basement, reminiscent teenagers partied 70s. ease bizarre, wormhole-kind way. days, do. curse transformed Illyrian fortress, shielded heavier imagine king cocked eyebrow daring smirk, gazing encouraging patrons loose old-world roots, imbibing camaraderie drink. non-hipsters Wow, awesomely memorable funk Motown portrait John. added 70 castles. flip socalled castle. enduring promise bestows blessing enter. Youve Gloria Estefans Miami, State. Barbara Linstrom lived producer television WGCU Public 62 719 Funky intrigue youd LA, em. ENTERTAINMENT Stand-up Enjoy country Wednesday Saturday. Bears games--thanks roots. FOOD Order righteously indulgent fanfare TV Fieri, Stuffed variations. BONUS charge 13851 239-433-5299, 63 616 Tuscany... Delving M JERRY GREENFIELD first-time head Florence. Uffizi Gallery, direction. appreciating wine. Any eaten pizza Chianti heart Tuscan region. thankfully, enormously choke stuff straw. obscure--but knowing-- area. Umbria. Abruzzo. tear attractions Florence Siena, Why Montefalco Tuscany, Umbria, grape sagrantino. Like regions, ton sangiovese, twist. Rosso di Montefalco, sagrantino whatever sitting Could cabernet sauvignon, merlot syrah. producers proportion, different. Or, opposite direction, west Florence, climb utterly hill Gimignano. Italy original tower structures survive, breathtaking. Delightful, characteristic vernaccia. Light, zippy slightly bitter, complement seafood, shellfish Romanelli 2010 earthy nose berries palate Sono Montenidoli Tradizionale, Vernaccia, 2011, straightforward drinking treats acidity flavors. Sample widely Greenfield Wine Whisperer. advertising agency Festival. Read ALSO MAKE CALLED ROSSO DI MONTEFALCO, BLEND SANGIOVESE, SAGRANTINO WHATEVER ELSE SITTING AROUND. medieval hillside Gimignano 65 Join tech-savvy millions reservations smartphone DOUG GALLOGLY Fast 2014, presence, 31,000 computer-based service, available, quarter company reported seated originated mobile devices. Statistics ponder, mean hungry communities Marley Young, travels project Walmart, enthusiastically exclaims Love city, Corpus Christi, Texas, reservations. Never problem. ts Friday dilemma. sit-down date, easiest wait hour Now, phone. No, phone call, tap icon app, selection reservation want. founded 1998 Chuck Templeton. Noticing wifes frustration calling reservation, marketer streamline task. born, providing diners expanding presence Internet simplify portion lives. OPENTABLE.COM, CHOOSE DEVICE LIST THEN DOWNLOAD APP SEE WHAT MILLION DINERS WORLDWIDE USE EACH MONTH. business-related reservations, though. anniversary celebration, Crystal, Miami smiles evening. checked reservation. expression Talmage, hesitate recommend app. user perspective, 1134 cater requests. CONVENIENT SCHEDULE RESERVATIONS, OPEN TABLE GIVES ABILITY MEET INDIVIDUAL NEEDS REPEAT TABLES LIKE, ALLERGIES, BIRTHDAYS LIKE. declares. An efficient run smoothly, them, lose schedule meet repeat customers. database, notes customers, feature returning welcome, allergies, birthdays Owning clearly insight perspective Table, Washington, D.C. provided example. highest-rated able easier. tried yet, started., device iPhone iPad, Android Windows devices, Blackberry Kindle Fire, download app worldwide Choose diners, availability seconds. though, distance location, rating alphabetically confirmed opening. technology integral capable computers decades unlock amazing potential. plans, connect avid reader technophile Myers. ADAMS 67 1113 GUIDE B Breakfast L D Dinner SB Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Vegetarian 69 DOC FORDS RUM BAR GRILLE Novel Cuisine. folk novelist Randy Wayne develop best-seller sandwiches, salads entrees. skip mojito. 975 Rabbit 239-472-8311, DUNES Member Problem Try lump crab bisque, Eastern, Western Southern Burger, crisp empanadas pulled beef cowboy steak. 949 Sand 239-472-3355, forgive anybody, relatives. --Oscar Wilde 71 COW Bovine Bounty. massive omelets joint, despite cow references. choice, unless omelets. 2163 239-472-0606, PIZZA Slice Paradise. Pizza choice crust Pasta, calzone salad popular. calamari bruschetta hour. 1619 239-472-1581, JACARANDA Legend. romantic, relaxed, open-air gathering energetic nightspot ranges splendid Eggs Benedict genius. eggs covered eggs. mean, on, president. --Wylie Dufresne 72 lounge, nightly. 1223 239-472-1771, LAZY FLAMINGO Cold Beer, Raw Bar. Come plumpest oysters, steaming hot-spiced peel-and-eat grouper incendiary Dead Parrot Wings. regular buffalo wings bet. locations 6520-C Pine Ave., 239-472-5353 1036 239-472-6939 12951 McGregor Blvd., 239-476-9000 16501-B Stringfellow Bokeelia, 239-283-5959, MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, artichoke hearts pizzas. pastas, chicken, PINOCCHIOS GEPPETTOS BEACH FOODIES Institution. institution Pinocchios repertoire 130 creams Krunch Dirty Dollar. gelato, sorbets, sherbets yogurts well, generous portions. Geppettos Foodies Pinocchios, surprises croissants, baguettes, souffls, panini, focaccias SANDBAR Welcoming. stone-crab claws, unsurpassed. steaks perfection please palates. velvet creme brulee 2761 Drive, 239-472-0305, FISH Tried True. entrees all-day specialties, rice cakes seaweed salad. salmon ordered broiled, grilled, blackened Jamaican jerked. 362 239-472-6566, ROSIES CAF GRILL Goodness. pancakes later plantain-crusted mahi sandwich pineapple salsa disappointed. friendly invite sit relax, encourages 1523 239-472-7770 4685 Springs, 239-495-5770 7225 Beach, 239-765-6766, Color. fare--juicy burgers, crusty pizza--and seasoned 1200 239-472-1998, Rd, 73 often-sought-but-neverfound feel, popularity spot. 703 239-472-4453, SPROUT vegan vegetarian meals, juices daily. Nikki Rood organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, farm-fresh creation, lasagna Mexican walnut taco meat, cashew queso arugula. Turmeric DetoxImmune Boost Elixir, reports Sprout medicine quoting Hippocrates, reflected offer. 2463 239-472-4499, SEA STAR Luminary. bagel burritos, French toast caramelized bananas apples. lunch, salad, panini. 937 East 239-579-0195, On Beach. Grab overlooking palm tree-studded beach. citrus-grilled braised meat lovers. Casual flame-grilled Burger Angus cheddar. Inn, Middle SUNSET Floribbean Gourmet. tomato BLT wrap. Morning Santiva variations either Key-lime 6536 239-472-2333, 74 Thing, Packages. prepares half-portions, giving option breast cured yellowtail. 239-472-2722, TRADERS Experience. Traders emporium Tuesday evenings. gumbo, pan-seared macadamiaencrusted grouper. Victorian Rendezvous. Creative Oscar, crab-crusted mojo allure trappings, glorious 1551 239-472-7242, Resort, TIMBERS Dine Yourself. Favorites platters lump. Be CANTINA Nacho Madres Mexican. serape piatas, terra-tiled floors adobe-style subtly suggest weve south border. 14970 239-472-0248, believed risk. unpasteurized Stilton, oysters organized crime associates, adventure. --Anthony Bourdain 75 FloridaNew American. Millers always-changing centers fish. presentations, Sunset breath away. 4, Continues. Building Whites third brings Resort. Start Docs Achiote dry-rubbed rib-eye. nights. 5400 S Plantation 239-312-4275, diet steak cook. --Julia 76 KEYLIME BISTRO Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery canopies outdoor Jimmy Buffett beat. walnut-crusted sausage escargots tomato. 11509 Andy Rosse Lane, 239-395-4000, LATTE DA COFFEE Upon coffees, extra-strong Eye Coffee, cappuccinos lattes cozy tooth indulge scoops Queenies cream, milkshakes sundaes. 11508 239-472-0234, MUCKY DUCK Quack Up. pond. English grub. beachside gazing. 11546 239-472-3434, RC OTTERS Otterly daunting. Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas meatloaf satisfy cravings. Diners seven 239-395-1142, SUNSHINE SEAFOOD Bistro. charming, caf touch. wood-grilled spring lamb chops mahimahi, pecan-crusted Outdoor seating available. 14900 239-472-6200, Sequel. story--a sequel. 77 second Matanzas Pass banana leaf Texas ribs. cocktails coast. 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660, NERVOUS NELLIES Neurotically Time. gator bites Thai dynamite wild tender please. Uglys Waterside Bar, upstairs, gets prettier, Multiple 28580 Crossings 239-948-1313 18100 Carlos 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 15271 239-415-4009 10029 239-4154040 5501 Palmer Crossing Circle, Sarasota, 941-922-1515 5th South, 239-434-6616, 1131 1st St., 239-463-8077, PINCHERS CRAB SHACK Table. Fresh, cut-to-order madefrom-scratch slaw decadently rich, cheese-and-crab dip full-on fruity, BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. incredible outrageous highlights menu, prefer 13451 239-489-1500 10045 239-334-BLU3, Julia COURTSIDE STEAKHOUSE HARBOUR Beefed Refined wood, brass, leaded subtle theme, steakhouse delivers tastiest butchers breed steaks. opt buffet elegant Princess yacht. 17260 Harbour Pointe 239-466-2138, CRAVE Cozy Contemporary. Modern omelet Benedict. noon, bacon-wrapped jambalaya, attract diners. brunch crowd packs house, wait--but 12901 239-466-4663, CRISTOFS MCGREGOR Old-Florida Charm. Designed delightful, Floridastyle surrounded landscaping, Cristofs hotspot. rib-eye southern bouillabaisse, receive 10231 239-791-8473 FIRESTONE levels Brick tires Firestone. filet mignon paella tapas Sky Martini 2224 Street, 239-334-3473, GARAGE details. 1920s, Henry Ford walked parts, Model Bootlegger. arugula egg mouth Kona Wave Fat Tire. 2207 First 239-332-3673, EDISON Illuminati. legendary namesake genius, Thomas Edison, photos. steeped tradition, chicken pot raves Blvd, 3583 239-936-9348, PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. tried-and-true. Salads pasta pleasing palates 1982. Soup accompany days. Early deals 530pm. booths, nautical details seafaring vibe. 239-4158973 239-415-4040 941-9221515 Sunny Delight. specialties corn portobello mushroom relish, panseared piccata. 13451-16 239-489-2226, UNIVERSITY Class. theatergoers 7790 Cypress 239-437-4377, 8700 Gladiolus 239-489-2233, ADDED BURGER THEIR CREATIONS. EIGHTOUNCE, FLAME-GRILLED ANGUS TOPPED AGED CHEDDAR CHEESE CLASSIC STEAK BUTTER, SUCH ICONIC TASTE. SERVED LETTUCE, TOMATO ONION TOASTED, BUTTER BRIOCHE BUN SIDE, MOUTHWATERING SIMPLY AMAZING 81 1719 Parkway East, Coral, OLD Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, caramel pecans, Carbons malted Belgian waffles pudding fresh-ground Colombian breakfast. Pop down. 25091 Bernwood Parkway, 239-948-4190, someone -- Epicurus 82 83 10801 Corkscrew Suite 519, Estero, PAGELLIS RUSTIC TUSCAN Dancing Shoes inspired, Dance cocktails. Point, 239-226-4242, TARPON BAY New-Fashioned Classic. Hyatt RegencyCoconut house. ceviche marinades. entrees, crispy-fried snapper. 5001 239-390-4295, made-fromscratch information up-to-date. ahead detailed andor establishments. 84 85 WHERE DO EVENTS 26th Boat Parade 6pm-8pm Parade. boats participated promises exciting. Pearl Harbor remembered II veteran Russ Winset, lead boat. viewing spots, pass, Game Waterfront Caribbean Bay, Nervous Nellies, Doc Fords Rum Bills Cafe. 239-454-7500, Pops-Christmas Paradise B. Mann 13, 8pm Conductor Leif Bjaland concert Hall. Feliz Navidad Mele Kalikimaka, Hawaiian song. 239-418-1500, Tenors Show 14, 730pm Thrilling audiences powerful voices melodies, classical contemporary pop, showcasing undeniable charm diverse vocal styles. Clifton Murray, Victor Micallef, Remigio Pereira Fraser Walters soulful, anthems, covers songs co-written Tenors. 239-481-4849, Shell 15, BIG Schein Moscow Ballets Russian Nutcracker 3pm 7pm Celebrate world-class Experience Tchaikovskys master score larger-than-life life-size matryoshka dolls. Give unforgettable Whats Cooking Cow Cows Hey Paella locals, passed generations tweaked perfection. at-home fix HEY PAELLA Serves cups pound strips chorizo sausage, -inch slices mussels clams cup peas diced carrots tomatoes sliced basil garlic chopped Prepare package directions. Heat pan medium-high heat saut browned reserve. medium saucepan heat, remaining Saut through, pink, opaque, Add mix, pepper bowl pour mixture chorizo, rice. Mixture strained preferred. Serve buttered friends. Cow, 640 Birthday Party Eve Celebration 31, 1pm-3pm 7pm-12am Watch ball drop shivering always-lively 19th brownies cupcakes. kicks culminates fireworks pier drop. 239338-3500, Arts 1, 6pm wildly interactive inaugural celebrates Sidney Berne Davis Art Centers Michael Gavala. Participants cook four-course Gavalas tutelage. Proceeds fundraiser educational program Cocktail followed 2301 239333-1933, Painting Leoma Lovegrove 9am painting technique artwork Winter Estates museum. class, skill levels, Moonlight Porch. provided. Nationally France, teacher renowned artist. Cost Members 350, non-members 375. 239-334-7419, SWFL O.A.R. Rockville LP Tour Revolution 87 intense, sold Madison twice, communal fans. fans, once-in-a-lifetime 239-4814849, Masterworks Internationally Maestro Nir Kabaretti leads Symphony 54th Rossinis Overture LItaliana Algeri, Vivaldis Concerto Flute Op.10, Goldfinch, Capriccio Italien, Verdis La Forza del Destino Respighis Pines Rome. 239-4181500, Bluegrass Theatre 16, 2pm fellow acoustic Foulds bands beyond. presented partnership Acoustic Society SWFL. 239939-2787, Behind Mask 20, Mask, Broadway stars Teri Dale Hansen Nat Chandler Phantom Opera, Cats, Evita, Jersey Boys, Chorus Line performance Church Auditorium 15100 239-454-2067, Walk 19, River alive venues regional talent. 855732-3836, Wynonna Noise five-time Grammy winner 88 bestselling author, Judd, Simpler commanding voice, greatest hits. Sit reminded simple blessings ring Gotsby Murder October 3-November 630pm Mystery Trains tribute jealousy, friendship Roaring Twenties. Unravel comical mystery killer clues discover board. Clue collected final act, super sleuth prize. Price five-course murder ride. Seminole Railway, 2805 Colonial 239-275-8487, Vanya Sonya Masha Spike 1-19 Tuesday, middle-aged sister Sonia Bucks County, Penn., bicker constantly. movie star sister, Masha, swoops boyfriend, Spike. sassy maid Cassandra, predict lovely young, aspiring actress Nina, irritates imperious crazy mayhem. 239-332-4488, Trained Deception September 2, 530pm, Thursday, Train, formed Allied forces thwart spy onset II. STAGE 89 239-2758487, Iced 28-December 530pm Wednesday, Train players iced. Slim Chance 5-27 High society ear romp 1930s murder. Conspiracy Swell 21-December ThursdaySaturday, 7, premiere, 1932 20-year-old orphaned tobacco heir Smith Reynolds Winston-Salem souvenir wife. Mrs. notorious Libby Holman, older Smith. arrives trunk 90 load gin possibly-insane coach. Smiths guardian attempts manage scandal, thrown society, groom dead. 239-939-2787, Can 23, finalists America, stopping cities. tour lineup Bridget Whitman, Casey Askew, Emilio Dosal, Jacque LeWarne, Richens, Ricky Ubeda, Rudy Abreu, Tanisha Belnap, Valerie Rockey Zack Everhart. Falls hottest ticket, routines tour. television, Howard Johnson 2-21 fair questions posed light funny suspense comedy--a three-scene triangle Motor involving woman, husband. scene, plot husband plotting lover. Lewis 11, Black, Award-winning stand-up comedian, prolific performers today. cathartic release anger disillusionment angrier optimist mean-spirited curmudgeon, rare comic cause audience laugh incontinence 91 compelling absurdity Encore 27, 28, fivecourse 239275-8487, VIEW UNDER 200, Exhibit 7-29, Original 2-D 3-D artworks exhibited Main sale, priced less. cash-andcarry 7. Alliance 10091 Works Glass world-renowned Richard Mueller, 92 Canada, Germany States. 5. Gallery 27th Downtown Venice 10am Coast. charm, restaurants. Returning artists, exhibiting photography, jewelry, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, Meet commission custom piece. 561-746-6615, Artisan Fair 8, wares crafters artisans. purchase. House, 2173 239-4722155, St. Armands 9, quick drive downtown Sarasota scenic bridges Circle inspires 561746-6615, 3rd Southeast Jacksonville, chic Marco, dating Civil trendy backdrop juried fair. Browse 93 Boulevard painting, media, fiber Artists inspirations shown CityPlace Fall gallery-style sculptures talented Masters benefit Arts. 239-472-2155, 15th Delray Weekend hand-crafted Hundreds sell Skip intersection 4th Atlantic avenues browse crafts exhibitors. 113 acres lakes boardwalk, 94 dine, live. streets fun-filled Stroll amidst sculptures, oneof-a-kind ceramics month, 6pm-10pm 12pm-4pm stops District. Free core galleries, theaters, museums, 239-3375050, Historical Tours 1030am 90-minute historical educates founding city. begin Franklin 2200 239-945-0405, Haunted History reveals darker history, residential commercial buildings reputed paranormal activity. Guided Caloosahatchee Regional 18, interpretive naturalist stroll cypress forest firsthand animals entrance 18500 Alva. 239694-0398, 95 Greenmarket 10-acre campus, grown, caught sampling entertainment, activities kids, gardening demos Hickeys Creek Mitigation guided walk, approximately miles. Park, 17980 239-822-5212, Save Date 18TH ANNUAL COOKING EXTRAVAGANZA Have wondered occasion Now impress Loretta Paganini Jacaranda week-long classes. Classes Monday 30, 2015, School 888-7484063 440-729-1110. 96 LORETTA PAGANINI SCHOOL 97 730am-1230pm goodies Riverside 239-992-2556, 10th Iron Joe Turkey Ride 730am supported bicycle rally lunch. Pathways Coalition supports efforts pathways bicycling walking. Organized Coalition. 239-777-7718, FAMILY FUN Poetry Mic poets mic generations, approaches poetry. casual, ages. Crafters Monday, turn seashells crafts. supplies. Please listings. calendar attending 98 1042 Wine--it BOOK permutations obtained humble average persons spin. Thankfully Greenfields Secrets Whisperer Projects International, Ltd., 17.95 person, supermarket Before 1997, Debi group. bottles complex seductive Lifer. rabbit hole, drawing comparison Alice Wonderland. fateful led tastings, inevitable purchases necessary. slippery slope deposited couple Experience, entry fee 1,500 per person. firmly entrenched dry facts figures, textbook. talk. speaks affected oak barrel, cork type anecdotes humor memorable. Lifer snob. book. writer, pilot certified fitness instructor, member Educators. Jackie. ELIZABETH JOYCE moon Taurus emotional tide. undercover relationships secret attitudes hiding rules throat, subjects trouble swallowing 22nd Sagittarius quest horizons. carefree, enthusiastic. seeds Gemini likelihood cutting-edge technologies mind-sets transparent enforced time-out industry, recreational gambling children. Capricorn solstice. whammy, new-moon conjunct solstice beginning. changes necessary paths, celebrate ARIES MARCH APRIL joint financial stands mission emerge negative situations brand-new attitude willing try--just once--to patient. trip. desire love, invitations bored. TAURUS asks lifestyle, personality appearance. How influencing health decide gradually pushed asked loan. embarrassed no. bigger life, impossible resist urge beloved. devote checking account carefully gifts. GEMINI JUNE sweetie lasting. flit flirt strong, sexy, exotic stranger, current behave yourself. wheedle position grass greener, something. Slow yourself, Is Personal Signs noontime Year, pull tad purse strings, Gemini. CANCER JULY Novembers one-to-one relationships, Cancer. careful blow proportion obsessive. volatile across. Issues explode. completely. challenges you, kindly surface, daydream selective memory. doctor ordered. LEO AUGUST along, Leo involve meeting new. married, expecting arrival. Saturn Saturns tighten belt frivolities, savings account--or stash, Year air. VIRGO SEPTEMBER communication Octobers Mercury retrograde phase. Speak clearly. long-distance relationship, pen pal genuinely better. Someone thinks 101 720 weekend. care, word. Believe not, computer. universe hitch angel Santa Claus, assured Jupiter needs. Lucky LIBRA OCTOBER action, Libra. someones extravagance lasting memory, invest Protect heart, fun, flight yet first. Christmastime knack arranging cherished memories, overboard Day. Libra influential SCORPIO NOVEMBER antennae keen Anyone hide Warn bother lying. solve mysteries puzzles, drained break, Scorpio bills, spree Friday. finds fun-loving holidays. Budget 2015 catches mid-month, madly attracted. thinking careful--not SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER Over tunnel. conscience bothering clean, goodbyes eager conversations. endings beginnings quickly. tempted adventure admire. wise, humorous side. old-fashioned impressions important, physical opens, honestly earned CAPRICORN JANUARY attraction. energies reached eyeing afar. Who alone absolutely necessary--or sweetheart. groups crowd. occurring affect directly run. fills spirit. conflicts moderate, job, rejuvenated. desperate can, expense. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY alone, choice. conserve energy job ones. agreeing invest. rebellious basis. sales. Something revealed splainin. PISCES work-related frantic. comfortable spotlight, awards. retreat uninterrupted RR. overhaul Applying loan negotiating terms overdue lightheartedness front. donations charity Born identical twins, psychic birth. Named Worlds Greatest Psychics Citadel Press, spiritual healer readings worldwide. astrologer, counselor, healer, clairvoyant interprets dreams Dimension. Unsolved Mysteries, Chance, Psychic Detectives Get Psyched. new-visions appointment, 215-996-0646. 104 105 seaworthy celebration suntan lesson dancing. Chapter Tide. boots join celebrating culture. Uproot Hootenanny strum twangy tunes evening, dancers offisland Dixie Roadhouse teach bluegrass melodies. dancing appetite. mullet, hog barbecue, grits. Beverages separate bars. themed lasts following morning, Rodeo. Guests ages full-time son, Ralph Woodring, Children net-tossing tournament Woodrings cast net fishing. contest winners, attendees goodie bags tackle youth-oriented supplies, Ron Taverna, manager. Bruce Neill, PH.D. band, competitions Fest, --BRUCE NEILL, PH.D., SANCAP CHAIRMAN BOARD PRESIDENT CO-FOUNDER EXECUTIVE JEFF LYSIAKISLAND SUN NEWSPAPER BRUCE NEILL CRACKER FEST POISED EVENING CHEER, GENEROSITY SUPPORT. INVITE PLAY ROLE OUR ENVIRONMENTALLY SIGNIFICANT, IMPACTING FAR-REACHING 2014-2015 MISSION. Tide START. funding research, education restoration programs improve 107 Contestants coil nets rope grasp throw. GUESTS AGES INVITED CELEBRATE LIFE ESPERANZA WOODRING FAMILY, WHO TOGETHER FIRST FULL-TIME RESIDENTS SANIBEL. HER SON, RALPH WOODRING, OWNS FISHING HELD. heritage, raise awareness area--its waters host concerns tide algal blooms, Durley, organizer Seafood Savvy teamed weekends fund research related sustainable alternatives concerns. Durley hopefully aware.,, 239-472-8585. 108 BAIT BOX Rodeo, youngsters net-casting skills. 15. MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Publix Drive Thru Service Dry Cleaning - Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown Specialists M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Work Done Premises ACCENT PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Serving CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Recovery Management 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Termite Treatment Pest Control RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 College Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Vac Much ANNIES COLLISION 239.482.1446 2293 S.E. Bruner Lane Sean Snyder 1977 Trusted Depend 239.482.2213 239.574.8511 CULLIGAN Bottled Water Few Cents Culligan Aqua-Cleer system. fresh, sink, man JULYAUGUST 239.472.0700 4301 Sanibel-Captiva SAN-CAP MEDICAL Family Practice Walk-In 239.472.6188 Unit PHARMACY Locally Owned Friendly Faces Count Needs 239.395.1220 239.395.0958 2402 PAK N SHIP Call Scheduled Pick-up Fax 1Page, In-Out 830am-5pm 830am-330pm Sun Appointment Only SERVICE 239.472.2125 PeriwinkleWay Hour Towing Complete Mechanical Repairs ASE Certified CarWash Wax Car Rental 239.472.4160 888.527.7806 MyersSanibelCaptiva TAXI SanibelCaptiva Based Greater Prompt Courteous Airport Luggage Handled 239.437.7482 16681 206 ALTERATIONS RITA Quality Mon-Fri 111 1047 Finally--mangrove Debating Christmas. much. Dear Matlacha, pronounce Dreamed deserted, moonlight pajamas. gimlet. Note self Stick limes. Rumor pop conflicting whom. D, R Caf. Solved worlds problems. threw sweaters boated Cabbage feast. 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